Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – The Glard Wasteland Battle [5]

「Damn, he’s fast!」

「I’m saying that you’re stubborn, human!!」

The sickle of wind and the dragon’s Magic Sword cross with each other.

The Body Strengthening Magic casted on him Kaito and the wind governing Mazoku Wintos competed with each other with speed.

「”Gehhyou” (Moon Ice)!!」

「Guh, Leo, n, hartttt!!」

In the midst of that, while falling one level behind their speed, the azure sky knight slashed at Wintos.

The hit that was tinged with Ice Maryoku was fired riding on a rotation that would give one the impression of a round moon.

His body receiving the freezing ice fang, Wintos faced his expression of anger towards the knight of the azure sky.

「”Ryuusou Dragon Claw”!!」

It was a slashing attack of flames that boasted a heat equivalent to the flames released from a fire dragon.

His movements slowed by the freezing that was spreading from the opening of the wound, three scars that looked like a claw were carved onto Wintos.

「Guh, gaaaaah!!」

Receiving attacks that surpassed the lethal amount, as expected, even one of the top that possess a court rank, would raise an anguished howl.

「Kuh…However, in the end, it’s just buying time.」

While gazing at that spectacle, Leonhart muttered as if he were spitting it out.

Within a moment, taking in the wind, the body was regenerating. Even if a direct hit was made, if they regenerate, there’s no meaning to it.

「In that case, it’s fine if we don’t give him the leisure of being able to regenerate!」

Twisting the Dragon’s Magic Sword, he took a stance as if it were a cane.


(I don’t understand it……The true words of dragons that ordinary men cannot understand, so this is Drago Lore!!)

Once, having assembled the special requirements to cancel the lack of Maryoku, it was a great magic that the most prominent magician, Norn, had shown.


*Girori* (Glare). Kaito’s eyes caught Wintos.

That body, it had already finished regenerating.

「Drago Lore, is it? ……What the heck, if you have that, use it earlier! 」

While spreading out Kamaitachi into the surroundings, Wintos raised the sickle of wind over his head. At that stance, Leonhart shuddered. Having seen a fight from before, this was Wintos’ prided technique.

Gathering wind, it was a Secret Technique that was fired together with the slashing attack.

The wind would cut through everything like a Kamaitachi, and that Kamaitachi would whirl as if it were a storm.

If one were to receive that, without any difficulty at all, it would end.

『My ancestor that is the Ice Spirit Glasdine, in place of that name, manifest――』

Jumping upon the black Kulkel that had just come running, Leonhart drew the Magic Sword Glaselat, and he came dancing in front of Wintos and Kaito.

「”Ice Wall”!!」

What was fired was a wall of ice. The rampart of ice that spread out with Leonhart in the center isolated Wintos and Leonhart.

「You’re too slow, “Fuuga Renzan” (Wind Fang Continuous Slash)!!」

The wind that was collected at the sickle was released at the same time he swung down.

The storm of slashes that rolled with the sickle as the starting point cut and shaved the rampart of ice, destroying it in an instant.

(To have gone through my Ice Wall so easily…In that case!)

At the nearing Kamaitachi, Leonhart sheathed his sword into the scabbard.

「Hah, have you given up!?」

Seeing the katana that Leonhart put away, Wintos ridiculed him, and then, he changed to an expression of shock.

「…………It couldn’t, be…」

「It’s exactly that, -desuyo!」

Lowering his waist and twisting his body, his hand extended towards the hilt.

If it were seen by the modern Japanese person, they should understand it to be the “iai’s” stance.

「His secret technique, though it took three years, I’ve also grasped it –desu.」

Leonhart showed a refreshing smile that was enough to make any woman nearly swoon if they saw it.

In an instant, a sword flash ran.

「”Zetsuei” (Severing Shadow)……Oya, I have missed.」


The storm of Kamaitachi that touched the sword flash dispersed, and right at Wintos’ feet, there was the traces of the sword tearing the earth.

The high-speed slash that was fired from the iai became a slashing wave, and could be said to have skimmed and flew right beside Wintos.

Wintos got angry, and that’s how it should’ve been. The slashing wave just now went right to the limit of not hitting Wintos.

Thinking that he had gone easy on him, Wintos showed a face of anger and the wind around him whirled.

「I can’t cut you down with the equipment I have now after all. ……Well, it does seem that he has a move though.」

If one saw behind Leonhart, what was there was the figure of Kaito who had finished an aria.

「”Dragon Armament Dragonic Rage”!!」

His eyes that hid anger had become redder than blood, and gleamed.

With Terakio driven off, the soldiers in the area that saw were excited.

Even though there were still Mazoku around, they stood restlessly.

「Tsk, I stood out too much. ……Sylvia, could you calm them down.」

「Ah, right. ……Sir Doltani! 」

As Sylvia shouted, an armor wearing middle aged giant appeared riding a warhorse. It was a person that I also knew, Viscount Doltani Macaltolton.



Shouting with a volume that could make the ears go strange for a moment, Sir Doltani glanced at the soldiers that looked like they formed a line in a panic and then he came down from the warhorse.

「It sure has been a while, Yashiro-dono.」

My figure was technically supposed to be concealed but, what’s with you getting the person inside right as if it were a matter of fact?

「It sure has, Dol-san. How did you know it was me? 」

「Hahah, it has also been three years since I last hear you say that.

From the fighting style from earlier, and then from her Highness’ heated looks, I noticed.」

While the good-natured Ossan knight laughed with a smile, he dropped a bomb.

「Wha!? …I, I didn’t do…」

「Ah~…In that case, guess there’s no helping it.」

「Th, there’s no not helping it.」

Seeing the face turning red Sylvia, the corners of my mouth naturally turned upward.

*Kui, kui* (Tug, tug.)

……No, it’s being pulled.

The thin fingers extending from my back pinched my face and lightly pulled it.


As I looked back at Lililuri while my face was still being pulled, Lililuri frightfully made a serious face.

「Lililuri, ……”what are you looking at?”」

「A really, really strong person is coming. ……Yuu, it looks like you’ll lose to her! 」

Although she isn’t as frightened as she was as the time with the Basilisks, she “saw” the future where I lose and became worried.

「Makes it look like I’ll lose……In other words, they’re at Terakio standard………Glakiesta, huh.」

I took Lililuri down from my back. Maybe because she understood what I was trying to say, she made a deep nod.

「Sylvie, I’m sure there a lot that you want to ask, and there’s a lot that I want explained, but we’ll leave that for later.」

「That’s, true. ……Then, come to Leezelion’s tent. There, we’ll talk.」

「Ou. ……Then ……please, take her and run.」


I draw the twin swords.

If the “current” Lililuri says they’ll come, they’ll definitely come.

「……W, wait, what’s going on? In the first place, that Elf maiden is…―――」

「She’s master’s, “Norn’s” disciple.」


Sylvia’s large emerald eyes, opened even wider.

「She’s……”the Witch of Time’s”?」

Sylvia glared at Lililuri with a sharp look.

As if she were frightened by that glare, Lililuri hid behind me.

「Hey, don’t glare. You’re a beauty so there’s an intensity to it.」

That’s right. She probably didn’t intend to glare. But, when the slightly upturned eyed Sylvia’s appearance is coupled with her eyes narrowing, just by looking at the other person it looks like she’s glaring at them.

「B, beauty!?………」

Seeming to have gotten excited by my words, Sylvia’s face turned red. No, aren’t you snapping a bit too much just from me telling you not to glare?

Well, putting that aside, Lililuri, as Baba-chan’s disciple, satisfied the minimum requirements.

An extraordinary sense towards crisis, in other words, a sixth sense.

Baba-chan’s story of the sixth sense was that it’s a future prediction, and a future prediction was a warning send from the future self to the past self.

In regards to that sixth sense, Lililuri possessed that enough of that ability that the Witch of Time that was Norn gave her the stamp of approval.

For the time with Basilisks, since her brain couldn’t withstand the bewilderment of her own ability beginning to awaken and the fear of the hopeless situation at the time, she fainted.

But, having finished “several years” of study in only a few days, Lililuri knew the time of the “Witch of Time” ………in other words, the rudiments of “Time Magic”, and for Lililuri, who became the “Apprentice Magician of Time”, similar to something being right beside her, the future became a familiar existence to her.

「Lililuri “saw” it. Glakiesta is coming.」

Digesting the short words I said, Sylvia nodded.

「Sir Doltani, use the Magic Corps. Turn the whole army around, take a sufficient distance, and take the preparations for the invocation of wide area magic.」

「At your will. ……And what of Her Highness? 」

At Dol-san’s words, Sylvia replied with a high-pitched whistle.

『Apologies for the delay, Princess.』

Maybe coming on the dependence of Sylvia’s whistle, the white type Kulkel came up running.

「If it’s an Ice user, I also have the advantage. ……Leo and I are of the Spirit Glasdine’s lineage. Though not as much as Leo, even I should be able to be of some help.」

The minute she said that, Sylvia straddled the white type Kulkel, Schwarz.

「My ancestor is Ifride. ……The King of the Flame Spirits.」

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