Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – The Glard Wasteland Battle [3]

At the human side’s encampment, Luxeria’s Princess, Valanshel’s Second Imperial Prince, and Sylvia, who was Leezelion’s Empress, were mounted, standing in a row.

「With the four Heroes at the top of the list, Knight Leonhart. Thanks to releasing him as well as my foolish older brother and Ulgaro, the force has become no less considered to be three times the difference. ……Even for the people of the Luxeria Guild, their strangely dressed pairs of men and women soldiers seem to have raised the military gains that is in no way inferior to them. If it keeps going at this rate, our victory is most likely certain.」

The glasses wearing intellectual red-haired man turned his eyes towards the Princess that was straddling a grey horse and the Empress of the large magic country.

Mounted on a rare bird that runs on the ground, a Kulkel that possessed pure white wings, Sylvia made a wry smile.

「Leonhart aside, the Heroes certainly are strong. Especially that young boy…Amagi Kaito, traversing the “Labyrinth of Time” on foot that the Witch of Time had opened and grasping the Drago Lore directly from the Elder Dragon. ……I hear that different from the preceding one that had no Maryoku, this one possesses an enormous Maryoku, but………. From hearing that military gain, it must be true. And also, your brother is called the “Fist Emperor”. Running through the battlefield while being the crown prince is gallant. ……I also wished to fight but those other than Leonhart had stopped me……」

Seeing the Empress make what looked like a forced smile, the Luxeria Princess made a small giggle.

「Though you may be the Princess Knight-sama that ran through the battlefield with the Preceding Hero-sama, but, as I thought, we couldn’t possibly allow the Her Majesty the current Emperor on to the battlefield.」

The countries’ top were speaking in a mild mood, or maybe the top were close people, however, within their minds, they were being cautious of the other two at the maximum level.

The great magic country Leezelion’s current Emperor Sylvia, being the Empress that defeated the Demon Lord together with the Hero, if she were to put her own power into the humans’ categories, she would be in the higher positions.

Luxeria’s Princess Iris possessed the strongest war potential called the Heroes, and she was a talented woman that comprehended a secret art that the former King, who had passed away due to an illness, had taken ten years to master in only a few years. From being known as the country that summoned the Heroes, it strengthened its rights to speak in regards to other countries.

Being Valanshel’s Second Imperial Prince, Luzrashil was a remarkable character that could manage his unprecedented older brother.

This little brother that surpassed the older brother as a government person called that older brother King while also calling him foolish.

While being cautious in their speech and conduct with the people that would be difficult to deal with if they became enemies, they thought about the battlefield.

Sylvia thought about Leonhart who was her retainer and her countries soldiers, as well as the four boys and girls that were probably of the same town as the preceding Hero.

Luzrashil struck his older brother with abusive language while being respectful, and

Luxeria’s Princess thought about the Heroes’ “next stage”.

The war was happening in the Glard Wasteland, and a few hours had already passed.

Hesitating from having their total being approximately a three times difference at the beginning, the human side, seeing the figures of those fighting in the foremost line, greatly raised their morale.

Amagi Kaito, who was a present age Hero, also was in the foremost line, crossing swords with many enemies.



If he swung his sword that was like a bundle of light, the monsters would get torn to pieces and spray blood.

「”Fire Bolt”!」

For the monsters that he didn’t cut, he presented them a flaming shot and immediately tore the next monster to pieces.

「……I can do it. I, am fighting! 」

With his enormous Maryoku as a premise, while usually using the Body Strengthening Magic, not only low ranking monsters but even high ranking monsters couldn’t react in time to his high speed fighting and the monsters’ corpses were building up.

“Magic Clad Sword” This technique that makes a blade of Maryoku on a sword and rapidly extends its sharpness and reach is a magic that the preceding Hero was said to have come up with.

Originally done by etching black magic letters onto the weapon and invoking it while taking in Maryoku from the surroundings, he activated it with an aria and, by investing his own Maryoku, he greatly increased the sharpness of it.

「Take this――『Flaming Sword』!」

And then, in great difference to what was originally the Magic Clad Sword, he could grant an attribute to that blade of Maryoku.


Not striking them down, he dashed while making shallow cuts at the opponents’ vitals.


And then, at the time he cut the last body, from the slits of the shallow cuts that he made, flames rose, and exploded.

Not only was it the monsters that exploded, but also the other monsters that got dragged into that explosion. All at once, many monsters became corpses.

「……Don’t, get in my…」

Taking a stance with the red shining Magic Clad Sword, he once again started to run.

In the path that he went through, the scattered monsters tumbled.

「―――”Lightning Swift Sword”!」

The flame sword showed a change in color in an instant.


What was put on the swung sword was lightning.

The purple lightning clad sword cut through the enemies that possessed a solid defense and bisected them.

The gigantic bear monster whose whole body was ice, made a sound and collapsed.

「Don’t think……that you can stop me with something of this level!」

With there being no meaning in the small fries, he determined the landmark that was the big framed dragon where the Duke class waited.

「Well then, let me show you that I can stop you!」


In the next moment that the voice was returned, shockwaves that were enough to be annoying to count attacked Kaito.

「”Dragon Scale”!」

What was invoked in an instant was a defense magic that Drago Lore boasted of.

The barrier that had a scale-like development took the impact!

「Fuumu, can you show me that you can withstand my attack?」

When the shockwaves ended, a single figure of a person came and stood in front of Kaito.

「What…are you!」

When Kaito shouted, that man smiled with a grin.

「I, as a Mazoku of the Count Class, am called Deilameth of the “Fist Style.”」

That man that possessed a large body that could be said to surpass two meters had bluish-white skin and possessed four arms.


「Fufu, so you’re a Hero that violates manners for not naming yourself in return to an opponent that gave their name!」


Deilameth showed that he could offset the attack Kaito made from swinging his Magic Sword with an attack of his own.

「……Fufu, however, you’re not as much of a fiend as the preceding one. He was a barbarian that would attack up before we could name ourselves――Gah!?」

The words of Deilameth, who had a gentleman-like attitude that didn’t match his large build, were interrupted by an explosion that suddenly attacked Deilameth.

「It is just as he said. ……There’s no reason to answer to their reasoning. Besides, accommodating to something like their pride would only be a waste of time.」


When Kaito turned around, the figure of a young man clad in indigo blue knight armor and helmet straddling a black bird that looked like a chick that grew huge was there.

「I am called Leonhart Clasion. Pleased to make your acquaintance.」

With the reins in one hand and a long sword in the other hand, he showed a smile that looked like it could even charm those of the same sex, and replied.

「―――…I thought that he had severed them but, your arms!」

「You’re Leonhart…! ……How dare you interfere with our duel! 」

「You attacked before you commenced with the duel!  More importantly, what’s with those arms? Did you grow them? 」

「I just regenerated them! ――…The resentment that was once towards the Hero, shall I overturn it towards you!?」

「That certainly is troublesome――Present one, Drago Lore once more –desu!」

「Uwah!? Wh, what are you doing! 」

Seeing Deilameth raise four fists above his head, getting the bird to hold the nearby Kaito with its mouth, Leonhart attacked.

「”Demon General’s Thousand Fierce Fists”!!」

「Now –desu!」

「You’re just replacing me as a shield!? Damn it, “Dragon Scale”!!」

The countless fist attacks that were released by Deilameth, who had an angered expression, were held back by the layered barrier!



The thrust from the long sword that was fired in a gap of the attack, went through Deilameth’s heart.

「Guh…You, and the Hero…You damned―――」

「This is a present, you should hold onto it!」

Because Leonhart was pursuit attack at Deilameth who tried to get away in order to heal his wound, his swung sword lopped off Deilameth’s four arms.

*Boto* (Plop). At the time the arms fell, Deilameth’s figure had disappeared.

「Fuu. ……Those guys fundamentally won’t die. But, they will retreat in order to heal their wounds. ……Seeing as how we can’t kill them anyway, it would be better to increase the time they need to heal their injuries. Even among the Duke Class, only one portion of them possesses a complete immortal characteristic so it’s roughly effective against all of them –desu.」

「Those guys, their undefeatable!? ……That’s not it, let me go! 」

「There is a way to defeat them but, it’s a bit special. ……I don’t mind letting you go but, you stand out too much by yourself. Let’s understand the thing called cooperation.」

Leonhart made the rare bird run while holding Kaito in its mouth.

「I would lose to that guy just now……Is that what you want to say!?」

「No, I do not think that at all. Even among the Count Class, he is one of the superior ones, but even someone like me can defeat him like I did just now using wisdom and courage.

However, as I thought, with all of them together, time is precious. Therefore, defeating them as fast as possible together with our surrounding comrades, we can bring out the best results –desu.」

As Leonhart lightly stroked the side of the bird’s neck, the bird tossed Kaito up.


「If you expend time on something of that level, it would only expend it and there would be a loss soldiers. ……That is the only thing that we must avoid.」

*Dosu* (Thud). Seeing Kaito fall on top of the bird over his shoulder, Leonhart said this.

「Look at the big picture. ……These are the words, that were once said by the Hero’s master. If you’re also a Hero, please save many soldiers……no, nations.」

At Leonhart’s earnest look and those words, Kaito silently nodded.

「……Fufu. ……Well then, let’s go. You can relax, you won’t feel as sick on a Kulkel as you would on top of a person’s shoulders and its fast.」

「No, it’s not like you’d get sick from a piggyback…」

「You mustn’t underestimate the piggyback! ……You’ll die, you know…? 」

「No, you wouldn’t die…」

Riding the bird ……the Kulkel, the two charged towards the enemy camp.

「Weiß, can you make it quick?」

『To where』

「It, it talked!?」

The Kulkel called Weiß answered Leonhart in a meaninglessly dandy voice.

Looking closely, there was a large cut on the right eye. This was also a meaningless style.

「If he’s against Glakiesta, there’s a chance of victory.」

『Yosh, in that case………No, it doesn’t look like it will go that way, my friend.』

As the Kulkel called Weiß said that, a squall attacked Kaito and Leonhart.

「Shoot! So he got his eyes on us before we did! 」

「This wind…There’s Maryoku contained within it!?」

Kaito jumped up from the black Kulkel as if he were repelled, and swung the blade of Maryoku.

「……Ahahaha! Glakiesta doesn’t have any luck, does she! Looks like I’m the one who pulled the winning ticket! 」


The sword of light was held back right in front of the Mazoku child’s eyes. As if it were stopped by several piled up layers, the blade of Maryoku wouldn’t go forward.

「You’re the new Hero that Agniera was talking about, right? Ahahaha! Relax. I won’t do something as terrible as burning you to death or encasing you in ice. ……I’ll slice you to pieces! 」

The Mazoku that was clad in wind, with ecstasy affixed on his face, appeared.

「What amazing power………This is, Duke Class!」

The staff carrying young boy was defending against the attacking blizzard with a huge barrier.

「Haa…, what the hell is up with her…… Being strong in close combat, and her magic being as strong as Akira’s……! Even though I need to go after Kaito! 」

Inside the barrier that developed into something like a dome, with cuts made on her cheeks and arms as well as her clothes being torn in several places, Akane hatefully glared at Glakiesta.

「No, she’s still not at full power……That’s probably the appropriate way we should be thinking of it.」

Sakuya had abandoned her torn kimono. With a figure that could be called a black, sleeveless, turtleneck hakama, although she wasn’t injured, Sakuya breathed with her shoulders.

「It’s probably just as Sakuya-san says. This technique is probably something meant to shave down our Maryoku…….」

Akira responded while looking at the freezing monster that was floating in the sky.

「……If we could at least get her to the ground, in one attack we could…」

Akane’s regretful muttering and a giant man with red hair knocking Glakiesta down to the ground from the “sky”, happened approximately simultaneously.


Together with that, the blizzard that the three were in the middle of vanished, and Glakiesta blew away the cloud of sand with a shockwave.

「So a frail being had………brought me to the ground…?」

While taking a bloodlust that had even stopped Akane and the others in their tracks for a moment, the Crown Prince that landed making a thunderous roar fearlessly laughed.

「Something of that degree is naïve, Duke Class. ……Among my friends, there’s a guy that could send out a dreadful bloodlust that is several times that, you know? Well, that might’ve been a level that could make a maid go “he~h”.」

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