Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – The Preceding Hero Took a Blunder

The Basilisk is a peculiar dragon species whose staple food is things like the minerals that sleep in the ore veins and is actually a type of two-legged Wyvern.

There is also an idea that it’s not the minerals that they eat, but the miniscule amount of Maryoku that is included within the minerals that they eat but this idea hasn’t been proven.

Maybe due to eating things like minerals, the Basilisk’s body, on the surface of it, has grown hard crystals on it.

It’s said that by eating these minerals once again, they get purified into crystals of high purity within their bodies.

You can tell the difference between male and female Basilisks by the color of the body and characteristics of parts of the body. The ones that grow deep blue crystals on their bodies are female. Basilisk whose bodily crystals are bluish violet and have a large crystal crest are male. With this, they are an unusual dragon species that are easy to tell by appearance.

On the Basilisk’s body, in between the crystals, there exist fine thorns that look as if they were sewn in.

It’s been disputed over whether it’s a variety of a kind of body hair but when stabbed by it, the one that was stabbed gets ravished by poison.

A poison that leads to death, that it is not.

However, that poison is a strong, effective enough nerve poison that can even paralyze other dragon species.

If it’s a dragon species or a strong monster, it ends up at a level of being unable to move for several hours.

If it’s to run away, if they have around that amount of time, it would suffice.

However, when it hits a powerless human or a weak monster, the carried effect stays activated from a couple days to several weeks.

And then, the powerless ones get eaten by the Basilisk.

Though the poison and solid crystal armor are difficult opponents to handle, the battle ability of the Basilisk itself is low when compared to monsters of the same level.

While it is a dragon species, its wings have degenerated and become enveloped in minerals and it can’t use the dragon species’ characteristic Breath.

……However, there is only one ability that exists that is way too troublesome. “Glared” at by the golden Sable Eye, it’s said that those who meet eyes with it become, as the name says, petrified.

That name is “Wicked Eye of Petrification”.

Being a type of Charm Demon Eye, it’s said that it has an added effect of gathering others’ interest to the wicked eye.

Becoming unable to look away………is a case that was also born from that.

(If one has a high magic resistance, the charm effect will disappear, and the petrification will also end up at a level of feeling tremendously heavy and dull.)

Due to these unique abilities, the Basilisk had been recorded by the guild as an A rank monster.

Hey everyone. The only one in the house, it’s the strongest invincible Preceding Hero, Yashiro Yuu.

is what I would usually like to start off with, but the situation won’t let me.

We’re surrounded.

We’re surrounded by Basilisk.

「This isn’t anywhere like a pair, this is……!」

Tre-san, who I just put down, muttered as if groaning.

That’s right, this isn’t anywhere like a pair. In the first place, the magnitude is different.

Thinking there was going to be two……One, two, three………Umm, there are seventeen of them.

Oi oi, isn’t this different from what I was told?

Wasn’t it supposed to be a pair?

Ah, but the since the amount wasn’t specified………wouldn’t this make it not a mistake?

At any rate, it was probably intentionally devised, this situation………But just for what reason and by whose suggestion?

The Luxeria royal family? ……I wonder about that. I don’t know what Luxeria is thinking but, there would be no meaning to going as far as using the guild to create this situation. If they knew I was the preceding hero, they’d probably use me as the hero after all. ……It would be a different story if me being the preceding hero was an inconvenience but, if it was just as the princess said, they should have called on me from the beginning………

That would leave the guild, huh? This one, I know even less about. At first I thought that they made me take this promotion quest in order to secure war potential by throwing me into the war that was beginning nearby, but in this situation, that probably isn’t the case. If I weren’t the hero, in all certainty, I’d die by the first round.

……In other words, far from recruiting me, I see this as trying to kill me.

Is it ineptitude on the guild’s side? ……No, no, for argument’s sake, if this situation was due to the guild’s ineptitude, wouldn’t the guild’s creditability plummet?

Something like a Goblin nest being superseded by Orcs or other monsters is an everyday occurrence, but a high class monster’s “pair” and “group” is a huge concern. I’ve heard that a high class monster’s quest undergoes careful examination, but……, can you really call this a careful examination?

Furthermore, this place is a distance that can be reached in three days by carriage from the capital.

Supposing this Basilisk group sought food and headed for the capital, what would they do? They can’t declare that it definitely wouldn’t happen.

Seeing as how I’ve heard that the only AA rank around it Tre-san, what were they really planning to do?

If I hadn’t come here, not even the capital, not even the guild that took up residence in the capital would settle this without any damage――――

Thinking to this extent, my head stopped all thought.

Ignore it, the need for it disappeared.

*Kachiri* (Clink)

I guess you could say it was the sound of something gearing together with something else.

Together with that small sound ringing, the inside of my, Yashiro Yuu’s head became clear to the point that even I was surprised by it.

Just like how a model is made on top of a desk, how the desk, when in the middle of making it is disorderly with the utensils and materials, is tidied up of the utensils and the remaining materials when the making of the model is done and only the cleared desk (my head) and the completed model (arrived at answer) remain, the inside of my head became clear.

I see, I see. If things are going just as “Baba-chan” said three years ago, this situation can be explained. ……She said she’d search for “me” in the war, and yet, before that, she’d make me exterminate lizards. …………Ah~! Now that I get it, it’s pretty simple! Damn it, how mortifying.」

「Yu, Yuuya?」

Hn? Tre-san is looking at me with eyes that look like they are worrying about a lover?

……Fufu, if you stare at me like that, you’ll get burned, you know?

………Eh? Ah, yes. ……Now I see, I just let my voice out. ……Excuse me.

「Well, now that I know the answer, this make the story easy. I just beat these guys up and then I just have to file a complaint to “Baba-chan”.

That’s right, Tre-san. Could you hold on to her? It looks like she fainted.」

Having carried her under one arm, I hand the fainted Lililuri, whose face was still pale and her body trembling as if she were experiencing a scary nightmare, over to Tre-san, who was facing the Basilisk that were behind me and looked like she was about to start running.

「!……Th, this, is…! 」

「Don’t worry, Tre-san! Because, for both these guys behind me and your slave of love, Yashiro Yuu will put things in order and finish everything up! 」

*Niya* (Smile). As I interrupt Tre-san’s words with a pretty boy face (inside myself), I stick my hand into the fourth dimension waist pocket, and pull out the throwing spear.

「Ah~, ……For now, this is about the punishment for scaring Lililuri but……… half of you guys will be for “Baba-chan”, ‘kay?」

Me shouldering the short spear and the group of Basilisks coming to attack happened at the same time.


Making a cracking cry that a human couldn’t possibly imitate, the Basilisk, despite having a body whose size surpassed that of a lightweight truck, ran with a speed that even the eye couldn’t keep up with, jumped, and came attacking.

From the large wings that are a characteristic of the Wyvern species that had integrated with the arms extended large talons and in a large mouth that looked like it swallow a child whole was sharp teeth that made you think they were swords that could crunch even iron growing all close together.

There were seventeen of those monsters that had that appearance that looked like no ordinary human would be able to oppose it.

And all of them rushed to a certain single place.

In the bloodlust that was enough to make a young girl black out, in the picture of Hell that made a skilled female warrior only think about how to let only herself survive, he had, Yashiro Yuu had―――


Together with energy releasing voice, waved and threw a short spear.

――*Don!* (Bam!)

Making the sound of the atmosphere exploding, the next time that the short spear made impact, the ground, together with the four Basilisk that were in the vicinity, was literally blown off.

「Aso~re (Here we~ go)」

Cheerfully, he launched the second one.

That which he had thrown had, for an instant, left behind the sound, and made impact with the vicinity before the two aimed at Basilisks’ feet.

*Don!* (Bam!)

The Basilisks’ arms, legs, tail, neck, head, all of it became cut up pieces and flew.

Taking a violent impact, the blue and purple crystal fragments that had been smashed up in an instant danced in midair.

「Ayoisho (A-heave-ho)」

Turning around came the third thrown one. Faster than they could notice the strangeness of the matter, all at once, three Basilisk were blown apart.

「Soiya (Take that)」

Shifting from the line of fire fourth throw. Raising the question “Was that really a thrown spear?” the indispensable spear, in the moment that the tip shined with a sparkle, went and cut through right beside the Basilisks at a tremendous speed.

The moment he thought, “Did I miss?”, from the shot spear’s shock wave, the bodies of four Basilisks were smashed in an instant like they were minced meat and scattered into spots in the air altogether.

「Really close……S, safe, safe, that just now was safe!」

Already, without a yell, was the fifth thrown one.

He concentrated on the throw so that he wouldn’t miss his aim like the last throw, and two Basilisk were blown off together with the ground.

There were two Basilisk remaining.

The two stood atop the collected blood that was created by their group of comrades that were blown away in an instant.

The Basilisk that were considered to be sly yet brutal had a high intelligence, though it did fall behind that of humans and superior dragon species.

That Basilisk stopped thinking, and stood still.

The Basilisk that showed no sign of trying to run away, to him, was a suitable mark.

「I’ll, take it!」

With a relaxed attitude as if he were stealing the saved side dish of a friend, he jumped up and threw the spear.


The inhuman ominous style of the place up until now had concealed the sound, but the short spear properly pierced the Basilisk’s head and shot the Basilisk into the rocks.

If it were done in the same gist up until now, it would have definitely become cut up pieces of meat.

Two remaining spears and two remaining bodies. …………”Greed” had come out.

Not only the originally planned quest reward, but we also obtained the monster materials.

「This is your change, hurry up and take it!」

Together with a line that had entered his own “Deciding lines that I want to try saying at least once in my lifetime Best 10”, he flung the short spear high.

The thrown spear that drew a parabola while spinning passed over the place where the last remaining Basilisk was and, *fu*, suddenly appearing in the sky, the pommel was kicked by Yuu and the spear went right through the Basilisk’s crown, and just like that, it had sewn the Basilisk into the ground.

An instant.

It was literally an instant. Not even thirty seconds passing, the seventeen Basilisks that were there, without a single one remaining, were exterminated by him, by the preceding hero.

「How was that.」

Whoops, I reflexively spoke out what I was thinking.

But, how was that!

How was it, how was it!

Amazing, aren’t I? Overwhelming, aren’t I? Fallen for me, haven’t you?

Fuffu~n! This is that thing called my true ability.

That’s a cheat, you say? Of course it is, you blockhead. Even if it was temporary, I was a hero, you know? If I don’t show you at least this much, I’m not a hero! We carried the world on our backs. We wouldn’t “lose” even in spirit.

…………Though I say that to show off, I really do feel good. Ah~, that was refreshing.

While I was saving my strength in the real world, maybe because I was playing the part of a normal high school student for the past three years, but I probably built up something like stress. I also played around in the Orc nest, so it was probably because of that. It isn’t the collapse of my character!

Still, Jii-san’s spears sure are amazing. Even though I threw them pretty seriously, without breaking to the point of being crushed, it kept its original shape……


As I was being surprised by Jii-san’s spears, at some point, Tre-san who was sitting down was unsteadily stood up.

「Ah, Tre-san! How was I? ……W, was I, cool just now? 」

Though I thought it was immodest, it’s decided that I’d get tenderly and erotically praised by Tre-san and lock arms with her while she gives me a flirtatious look!


…………*Shi~n* (Long~ silence)

……Mu, a long silence. H, huh~…Tre-san, are you ignoring it?

But, even as you act magnificently, you’re still erotic!


Going “jya, jya”, Tre-san could only hear footsteps.

…………Ah~. I get it. ……Tre-san, you. You feel like tenderly embracing me and inserting me into your chest and erotically praise me, don’t you?

If that’s going to be how it is, please tell me beforehand!

Come on! You’re welcome into my arms―――――

「Behind you, Yuuya…」

She must’ve mustered all of her strength. Simultaneous to when I saw Tre-san’s pained face, I heard her feeble voice.


What was projected in my vision when I turned around was a “blood like red” crystal growing dragon’s large snake eye.

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