Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – The Preceding Hero Gets Angry

*Yusa yusa* (Shake shake)

「……ugh…Five more, minutes………*Gukoh~* (Snore~)」

*Yassa yussa*! (Shake shake!)

「Nn~……Ten more, minutes……――」

*Goron!* (Bang)

*Dogosha!* (Crash)

「Nugah!? W, wh-wh-what’s going on!?」

When I thought of the sudden pain running on my face, for some reason I went from the top of my bed to the floor –degozaru.

What just happened? ……Could it be, I came to a new different world!?

As I fell into a panic from just waking up, she appears in my view.

『Yuu, good morning! Come~ on, go wash your face~.』

It would seem that this method of waking up was thanks to Lililuri-san. Actually, it’s similar to my mom’s way of waking me up……

As I got up and my vision got wider, I was able to see the whole body of that one child.

It was the figure of Lililuri wearing the adventure clothes that we bought yesterday.

Though the selling point was the ease of movement and the durability, with a coat that had a certain class that seemed to make the dress look cheap, in a knee length skirt and wearing black knee socks, she looked very lovely.

And then, she was carrying a bag that was a bit smaller than the modern randsell on her back.

It would seem that Lililuri’s preparations to leave were complete.

『Good morning.』

Wiping my face with the wet towel that Lililuri brought me, my awareness finally awakened.

『Thanks for waking me up.』

『……N~n! Its fine, it’s because Lililuri is Yuu’s partner! 』

My body was still heavy. Extending out my hand, as I pet Lililuri, she happily smiles.

『Yo~sh, I’m awake~! What did the landlady say about the food? 』

As I get up, I stretch.

Together with *boki boki* sound of my bones, I feel the sensation of my sleepiness flying away.

『She said that the food was almost ready!』

『I see~, I see~. Well then, go and give the landlady a hand. I’ll be swinging in the backyard.』

This inn that we have been staying at for the past two days called the “Puppy’s Cry” is the inn with the most normal price within the Imperial Capital.

Though the lodging facility is normal just like the price for it, in exchange, the food is delicious, and the amount is huge!

Cheap yet delicious, whether it be in the modern or different world, is supreme.

Lililuri, who had become a real favorite of the landlady here, depended on the good-natured Oba-san who had nerves of steel, and then took the initiative and got a job of helping her out.

『Un! I’ll make some delicious food for you! 』

『I’ll be looking forward to it.』

Lililuri happily left the room.

After seeing her off, my eyes faced the short spears that were leaning against the wall.

The short spears that I received from Jii-san yesterday were, as Jii-san said, products that made me groan.

There were seven short spears with each one being about 120 cm.

The story that Jii-san had was “it isn’t a loss so take them” and handed them to me, but all of them, in my eyes, could be called supremely excellent goods without a single hindrance.

The weight was also good and the adjusted center of gravity for throwing was also good.

They weren’t bending spears but rather, they were simply made to be hard. They were arms that I could satisfactorily go with.

Though they really aren’t magic spears, to have made them into such excellent items, that Jii-san is, in the truest sense, not your normal guy.

Taking one of them into my hand, I leave the room.

The second floor of the three-story inn. The inner most room that was located on that floor was the room that we were staying in.

*Gishi*. As I descended the lightly creaking wooden staircase, I greet the Puppy’s Cry’s landlord and landlady.

「Morning. Sorry about that, having you look after Lililuri for me.」

「That’s something that I should be thanking you for!

There aren’t many good girls like her, isn’t that right, Darling! 」


A talkative landlady with a good physique and a large built taciturn landlord. No matter how you look at it, they were well-matched.

「Once the food is ready, have Lililuri call me. Mind if I borrow the backyard? 」

「Yeah, that’s fine!

Oh, and while you’re there, it would really help if you could clip the weeds! 」

「You’re telling me to do it with a short spear?

Well, whatever. Leave it to me, Oba-chan. In exchange, can I ask that you make some delicious food? 」

Turning my back to the landlady that returned with an “Aiyo”, I went to the backyard of the Puppy’s Cry.

Although the backyard wasn’t all that big, for wielding a sword or a spear…… there wasn’t any problem in swinging it as a warm-up exercise.

A sky that still had the morning’s sunlight remaining.

I inhaled a deep breath and, simultaneously with the exhale, I swung the spear.

Hey everyone, it’s the hero that crawls into your bed, Yashiro Yuu.

From here on, it’s been two days since the fierce battle (of words) with my arch-enemy that is also a worthy rival, that Jii-san.

It’s become the day that we depart to subjugate the Basilisks.

Today, with my luck for the day being good, if I moved my body even a little bit, I would be drenched with sweat.

It’s not that I am just simply moving my body, but because I am trying to understand my body’s movements from the first person point of view, it isn’t so simple.

From the movement of my body’s joints to the expansion and contraction of the muscles from that movement, there was enough concentration that you could say I was paying attention to paying attention.

Thanks to that, I perspired a large amount of sweat that was more than I would perspire from running around.

I don’t really like doing this since the clothes that I wear become drenched in sweat.

However, if I don’t do this once every day, I get restless…………I’m in luck with such a habit.

Thrusting the short spear into the ground and hanging my clothes on it, I look at the weeds that I cut.

When I look at the weeds that I had cut at the root in an instant, I realize that, several years from now, this place will change into sterile earth (though it’s really something for the locals).

Since I’ve finished what the landlady asked me to do, I guess I’ll go eat. Just as I was thinking that, I hear the sound of sand being kicked up behind me.

『Yuu, food’s ready~!』

Lililuri, who had a bucket filled with water in her hand, rushed over.

As you would expect, this water isn’t the food she was talking about.

This water is meant to be used to wash my body.

『Ou, thanks.』

As I thanked her, I take out the towel that was in there, wring out the water, and wipe my body.

「Kuu~! It’s nice and cold! 」

『Ah, tell me when you’re done washing up, ‘kay?』

『No. Actually, you’re staring at me.』

『! N, no I’m not! Yuu, you baka! 』

While she was covering her face with her hands from me wiping my body, Lililuri was staring from in between the gaps of her fingers. When I pointed that out, the bucket of water was poured on me.

Well, since it felt good, I don’t really mind but was that my fault?

Though you could say I’m a splendidly dripping handsome man…………For now, I guess I should change my clothes.

Taking off the clothes that became sopping wet, I returned to the Puppy’s Cry.

While the Puppy’s Cry is an inn, the first floor, in the morning and afternoon, is a cheap restaurant and at night it’s open as a bar. It’s a place that is restaurant in addition to being an inn.

I’ve already said this but, this inn’s food has a motto of being cheap yet delicious, and riffraff come lured in by that but………,

「Lililuri-ch~an! Face this way~! 」

「So c-u-t-e!」

「Lililuri-chan is so charming, it’s hard to keep on living.」

「Li, Lililuri-chan is such a cutie. I wanna take her hom…――」

「As if I’d let you, dumbass! 」

Wh, what is with these rascals that are approaching Lililuri………

「Ah…! Yuu. Food…」

While I experienced a shudder at the other male guests, as I sit at the counter seat, wearing an apron, Lililuri rushes up to me with a pitter-patter with a tray with food placed on it.

「Oh, it looks delicious. Is there something in here that Lililuri made? 」

When I asked that, Lililuri’s face became red and she pointed to one of the side dishes that looked like pork fried with ginger.

「Hamu (Glomp)……   ……Ohh, this is delicious.

This is, how should I say this, within the sourness there’s a sweetness to it, or something? Well, either way, it’s delicious! Thank you, Lililuri.」

With a fork, as I try to eat that which Lililuri said that she made, the sauce that had covered the meat made a really good match with the meat itself and was delicious.

When I said my thanks, Lililuri became even more red and,

「Please, take your time, !」

pretended to be a waitress and left with a pitter-patter.

「…………Oi, you guys……what’re you looking at?」

The rascals that had released a bloodlust directed at me that was dense enough make me, who had a certain degree of resistance to bloodlust, lightly pull back were sparingly eating the food that Lililuri carried to them while muttering “Unforgivable, unforgivable”.

While shrinking back from the unexpected harmful effects of Lililuri’s popularity, I greedily consumed the food that Lililuri had made.

Finishing breakfast and after Lililuri finished her job of helping out, we departed.

I was told that the guild had rented one vehicle for us from a Carriage Rental shop that was said to be on this western main street of the town, so we went to go pick that up.

If you’re asking why we are using a carriage, of course it’s because of Lililuri’s existence.

Though you could say that she is able withstand the Hero Express, it’s not like she doesn’t get tired. I plan on using the carriage as a bed.

And if you are asking why I’m bringing Lililuri with me in the first place, it’s because she said some selfishness that was mostly unsaid.

Well, it’s not like I can’t protect her, so I gave her permission to accompany me.

「So this is it.」

「There are, lots of, horses.」

Seeing a pretty huge building that had the sign “Train Loan Barn” hanging on it, I confirmed that this was the loan barn that the guild had recommended.

Having found various types of horses in the pretty wide stable that was next to the building, Lililuri looked like an elementary school student that had come to the zoo.

Though it’s a bit different, it’s because of her carrying the bag that was like a randsell that I needlessly saw her like that.

「Come on, we’re going in.」


Recently, Lililuri has had a tendency to finish with the minimum reply in the Ishrel language.

Mumumu, should I scold at her or not…?

「Come on, going, in!」

「Ah, sorry, sorry.」

That’s right, coming to a stop while in deep thought isn’t good.

Having been reminded that by Lililuri, I pat her head while we entered the loan barn.

…………Huh? I feel like I’m forgetting something important?

「Hello there! Welcome to Train Loan Barn! What business do you have with us today? 」

……I thought that I’d be able to remember something important, but I had even forgotten to think about that.


Who could blame me for being unable to form words!

Isn’t this the first time I’ve experienced such a shock since I had drifted into this different world!?

「Ah, horse, ……san?」

That’s right. What was beyond where Lililuri had pointed, was a male whose face was a horse standing there.

But Lililuri, you shouldn’t point at people.

I’ll need to scold her afterwards.

「Ahh, it’s about my face, isn’t it? Please don’t worry. It’s one of those “being blessed with more than one deserves by the stable” things.」

I don’t know about being blessed with more than one deserves, but, for now, if this Ossan is fine with it, then that’s fine.

「I had heard that we’d be getting a rental from the guild………」

「Ahh, the guild’s…We’ve been waiting for you. Come now, right this way.」

The Horse Ossan, nodding with an “I see”, opened a door that connected the building to the outside and invited me and Lililuri.

「For you customers, the horse that we will be lending you is this child. A famed horse that is said to also be loved in the Luxeria Kingdom! A three year old “Lusterion” species horse. The “Lusterion” species is used for a wide variety of uses, from a war horse to an agricultural use horse. If you give it different training as a war horse, with a high stamina it――――」

「It, it’s fine! I’ll hear the horse trivia another time! 」

The Horse Ossan brought us to a splendid chestnut horse and, with an ecstasy filled expression on his face, started talking about the horse.

「Is, is that so?」

When I stopped him, he made an extremely depressed sigh.

That was close, real close. Probably, if I didn’t stop him there, he would have probably kept on talking forever, this Ossan.

「As for the carriage, since I had heard that three customers will be using it, it will be this smallish Conestoga over here.」

What the Ossan pointed at was a four wheeled carriage with a linen roof attached.

Would it be easier to understand if I said that it was a Drago○ Quest wagon?

……Huh? Isn’t something a bit strange?

「Ossan, did you say three people riding just now?」

That’s right. He naturally said it but he said three people.

Even though, with Lililuri included, we were only two people.

「Yes, I was told by the guild that it was three people but…――」

「Yeah. There’s no mistake that it’s three people! 」

Interrupting the horse-faced Ossan’s words, a voice was raised.

While also being reliable, this beautiful voice that could bewilder men anywhere was……!


「W, why are you turning your head before………No, you don’t have to say another word.」

As she shouted out while turning her head away, that brown-skinned beauty made a bitter smile.

「It’s because of love!」

「I thought you’d say that. ……Yuuya Shirou, I’ve become this time’s promotion quest’s examiner.」

Ignoring my once in a lifetime confession of love, Tre-san continued on by saying that.


「Yeah, I told the Guild Master.

I told them “At the very least, let me watch the examination.” Though they were awfully docile in accepting it……… Well, it’s not like our relationship isn’t known. I request you give me your best regards, Yuuya.」

Grasping the hand she held out, I, as if my heart’s throbbing was chiseling beats that were enough to burn me out, left my body and mind to the high tension and jumped up!

「An ero supervisor! Ktkr! 」

It was just like how the ten or so year old boys that had continued to aim to be the monster master jump to show off the times that they get a new comrade and then I howled.

I mean, come on!

Though the trip to the Corteollu Mountain Range that the Basilisks are said to be at on a carriage seems to take three days, it’ll be a total of six days of continuous shaking in the carriage going there and back, you know? Moreover, together with a child!

……It’s impossible!

For me who is at the age where my attachment to things ero is tremendous, to do something like not be able to come into contact with a big breasted beauty for six days, isn’t that exactly what hell is!?

And the one that appeared as if descending was Tre-san.

No, she is surely one that descended! For my sake!

「Ecchi, is, not allowed!」


What made me raise a cry like a crushed frog was, as I was currently clinging to Tre-san’s captivating waist, the moment that I took a chance to bury my face into that body’s legs.

「Oya, you sure are energetic.」

Lililuri jumped on my shoulders and pinched my nose.

Though I did lower my posture for a moment, something like jumping on someone’s shoulders is a pretty difficult thing.

Seeing that, Tre-san made a small giggle.

「Fugah! ………Hey, Lililuri! Doing something like jumping on a person, that isn’t proper behavior, you know? 」

「Being ecchi also, no good~!」

When I thought that she had finally let go of my nose, this time she grabbed my hair――

「Adadadada!? It, it may be as Lililuri-san says but for a boy of appropriate age such a thing absolutely necessary no don’t pull on iiiittt! My, my hair roots aaaarrrrreee――――Ah」

*Puchi puchi!* (Snap snap!)

This was supposed to be the Ero Ero Harem Story of me bringing along both the recently only being ferocious in regards to me kitty-chan, Lililuri and the ero equipped brown skinned, big breasted beauty, Tre-san,


Without even starting, not meeting with any particular events, we reached the foot……actually, more like the entrance of the Corteollu Mountain Range.

「Uwah~, that sure is an amazing fully gray mountain. There are hardly any trees, aren’t there? 」

What covered my vision was a mountain and sky that was dyed in grey.

If someone were to say that this place was connected to the Demon Fortress where the Demon Lord is, if it were me, I’d believe it.

Well, in actuality, it isn’t a grey place, but rather it was a blackish scenery. The monster army was lined up enough to cover the horizon, wriggling about.

If this is hell’s third district, then I guess you could say that the Demon Fortress is the final hell?

As I was gazing at the Corteollu Mountain Range and thinking that, from inside the carriage just like me, Lililuri, who had been gazing at the mountain range, was surveying the area.


「What’s wrong?」

Maybe Tre-san, who I had been alternating with in being the coachman of the carriage for these past three days, had also noticed, so she turned her head and called out from the coachman’s seat.


While ignoring not only Tre-san but my voice as well, Lililuri was looking from the state of outside of the carriage to the cracks of the carriage with a desperate face.

「Do you need to go pick some flowers or someth―――Hii! ……………Huh? 」

When I tried making fun at her, no matter how long I waited, the punishment never came.

Thinking there was a problem, when I looked at Lililuri’s condition, her face had become pale.

「Oi, Lililuri, what’s wrong?」

Of course not fooling around, I grabbed Lililuri’s shoulders, brought my face close to her and quietly asked.

Feeling a problem that caused you to take actions like you’re being vigilant of your surroundings, could it be something that you don’t want to be heard? That’s what I thought it was.

However, it was something completely different.

Things like being vigilant of her surroundings or the composure to have a secret talk, she had none of that.

Lililuri clung onto Yuu. Not embracing, being glued to the body, weakened due to fear.

The short, quick trembling of her shoulders, her terror had informed me of that.

Lililuri probably noticed “something”.

Something that could make a young girl like her tremble this much in fear, could it be “here” in these “surroundings”?

The answer to that momentary thought was, correct.

「Surrounded……Amazing amount…Scary…It’s scary, Yuu!」

Lililuri, shedding tears from her eyes, was terrified.

Faster than he could understand the true meaning of her words, Yashiro Yuu perceived it.



Embracing her, when we escaped by piercing through the roof of the carriage that was made of linen, the carriage was smashed by “something” the next moment!

「…………You sure do have some nerve, you lizards.」

*Shuta* Getting down on the ground, what was waiting for us was “dozens” of freaks of monsters.

「Come on and bring it. ……Scaring children, moreover, making them cry…… You bastards, don’t think that you’ll be going home scot free.」

While feeling the weight of the two’s lives in both of his arms, the preceding hero roared at the lizards surrounding him.

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