Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – The Woman Warrior Falls in Terror

Yuuya Shirou.

A black haired boy that one day suddenly appeared at the Luxeria guild.

If I remember correctly, he said that his age was 16. His height was a bit short for his age, and he had an unremarkable face. Though there wasn’t anything bad about it, there wasn’t anything good about it either.

And yet, my interest in his nature was stronger than the rest,

He was that kind of boy.

Having a rare item, High Medicinal Plant, that was said to have received the Fairies’ Divine Protection, mixed in the large amount of medicinal plants that he collected for the Medicinal Plant Collecting Quest, deriving an accurate answer only from the guild’s atmosphere and a bit of information, having annihilated an Orc nest single handedly, I thought that he wasn’t just your average guy.

But, within me, he was just a child that thought of erotic things as he pleased. However, how should I put it, more than feeling disgusted, he was in a position of a ticklish reminder of an ero-brat that you just couldn’t hate.

Thinking that since I’m superior and that it would be pitiable if he were to be crushed in a place like this, I thought I’d lend him various help in the Basilisk subjugation.

However, I didn’t think that it would become this abnormal.

A maelstrom of absolute despair. Yuuya showed me that he cut through it with only some short spears.

I, who predicted death from being surrounded by Basilisks, tried to run away.

Deserting Yuuya, and the Elf maiden, I tried to run away.

How shameful. What AA……

However, when I had fallen in to such fear, I was called out by a gentle voice.

In Yuuya’s arms, Lililuri was sleeping. Handing her over to me, I desperately tried to make excuses, but, in the next instant, I saw something that I had never seen before.

It was a trampling.

From Yuuya, in regards to the Basilisk, it was a one-sided trampling.

A person that would normally be in the reversed position, with only seven spears, was trampling down those monsters.

It was an instant.

He finished up in an instant.

I had thought that my own head had gone mad.

I had thought that I had seen an illusion.

My waist had given out from the battle style that seemed like it were the return of a legendary or mythical hero.

And then, from the person himself that had done such an incredible feat turned towards me, and came as if saying “Praise me, praise me” like a spoilt child.

Yeah, it was cool.

I had thought of honestly laughing and saying that, but……my voice, wouldn’t come out.

An attacking overwhelming prediction of death.

Having been glared at by that, I thought I had died there once.

Not having the usual color, it was a stupidly huge Basilisk.

The top of the harem.

Clad in a red crystal armor that looked like it were sucking up blood, a monster.

That, was at Yuuya’s back.

It opened its golden eye, “The Wicked Eye of Petrification”.

――……It’s no good, I can’t turn away.

As I was about to be petrified, I froze in fear.

But, not even throwing a glance of consideration towards me, it got closer to Yuuya.

Slowly, slowly. Surprisingly, with a large build, it got closer while killing its presence. Though I had thought the question of how could it do such a thing with a large build that was several times bigger than the other Basilisk, but I, not being able to even mutter the question, gazed at that appearance while trembling.

I could do nothing, but gaze at it!

If I move, I’d immediately die.

Such words spinning around in my head, my teeth chattered.

My body shivered as if it were broken, from my mouth a small squeezed voice that even I myself couldn’t catch.

Unable to move due to fear, a voice resounded in my head.

「It’s going to be fine. Just watch. Yuuya is a powerful enough person that could easily kill that thing. You could kill that? Are you an idiot? You aren’t even worth worrying over.」

From that voice, I honestly felt relieved.

Yeah, that’s right. He’s that strong. By acting like he was thinking of perverted things like a fool was just to deceive his surroundings. I was actually deceived. Even now, he’s only pretending to have not noticed that thing that is coming up from behind him.

In my head that had fixated on that idea, someone shouted.

「What if, this is only a what if case……what if Yuuya really hasn’t noticed it? Yuuya will, be eaten by that monster!?」

Yeah, that’s right. What if he completely hasn’t noticed it? …………What if, no matter how amazing he is, his body is still soft? What if, his whole body was eaten?

「……He’ll die…Just like, that time!」

What I remember is, from several years ago, the figure of my brother, that was eaten by a monster.

He was an idiot, and saw his actual sister as a woman, but, somewhere, I couldn’t hate him……Like that, he was a brat that was just like Yuuya.

Am I……again, going to lose him?

If Yuuya is going to be killed. Thinking that, a feeling of nihility attacks my chest.

Am I going to taste that, that empty sensation just like last time?

I don’t want that…!!

Desperately standing up, I try to let Yuuya know of the danger.

Yuuya, please notice!

My voice shaking, cracking, it can’t reach him.

The moment my strained voice finally reached him,

Yuuya was smashed to pieces.

Taking the Wicked Eye of Petrification and petrifying in an instant, he was crunched by its fangs.

Having become like a stone statue, only Yuuya’s lower half remained there.

Y, you’re kidding, right?

……Did Yuuya, just die?


It, looked over here.

The Wicked Eye of Petrification wasn’t invoked. That itself conversely stirred up fear.

It intends to eat me…!

It, which had turned Yuuya into stone and definitely killed him, probably thought of eating “us”.

We’d be torn apart by those fangs, chewed up, and die in the middle of the pain.

I experienced a fear that the fear from before couldn’t compare to.

The legs that I barely stood on collapsed along with my waist.

Desperately, I tried to stand and run away but, my waist had given out and I couldn’t stand up.

That thing, as if playing with its cornered prey, slowly, slowly came closer.


The fear grew stronger.

From my crotch, something hot was overflowing, but this wasn’t the time to be ashamed by that. That thing is getting closer, I need to get away.

Desperately behind me, I desperately tried to draw back behind me. Maybe it enjoyed seeing that, the Basilisk would slow down and speed up its pace to add to the emergency and played as if enjoying my situation.

And then, suddenly opening its large mouth, it came.

I can’t run away…!

The moment I thought that, I heard the maiden’s sleep talk.

「……N, ……Yuu…」

Right away, I held her, Lililuri, in my arms.

The young girl that was having a nightmare.

At the very least, to let that child pass away in peace.

As I remember the past where I was gently comforted by my mother, I tightly embrace her.

Without being able to see the moment we would be eaten by the Basilisk, I shut my eyes.

The pain, isn’t coming?

No matter how much time passes, the pain doesn’t come. Just what is happening?

Is the Basilisk playing with me once again? Does it want to see my dread stricken face?

That’s a complete low-life idea, right there.

Within my heart that had been taken over by fear, I thought of such a thing.

Unexpectedly, I experience a shaking sensation at my feet.

It felt similar to the times when some really large thing is defeated――――


The first thing that I saw when I opened my eyes was a head. Severed from the base of the head, the red Basilisk’s head.

And then, what I saw next was, standing on top of the headless red Basilisk’s body, holding a one swing aurora, the boy’s figure.

As if imprisoning the radiance of a star, a glimmering sword.

And then, holding that, was Yuuya’s figure.


His clothes are probably torn apart. Naked from the waist up, he made a serious face that I had not seen until now.

「…………I’m very sorry, Tre-san.」

Yuuya had, looking apologetic, looking unbelievably vexed, looking like he’d cry at any moment, like he was about to groan, came apologizing.

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