Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 2.7

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Chapter 2. Uhh… Mm… What’s that? Scary… (7)

What the, a chill ran down my spine for a second…


Then, I realized… I was finally old now!


Aah… it feels sad knowing that I am old.


32 years in my previous life, and 41 in this life. In total, it’s 73… Hoho, I’m old now… but this damn job doesn’t even get me pension… NO, before that, there’d be about 10 disciples of mine that would cause a mutiny if I retire… So scary. I can’t retire that way. Phew… come to think of it, I didn’t even train 20 students yet, so doesn’t that make it so that most of my students would cause a mutiny if I retire?!




I can see a little girl look at me with a tilted head below me. She seems quite cute like this, but… She’s the most dangerous out of all of them! And now that she ate quite a bit, she looks healthier than before. That means that she’s stronger than before?!


What am I talking about, you ask? Why would she be stronger when she eats?


It would be good if your mental strength was strong in this world, but it can only be strong if your body was strong to a degree as well.


How should I say it, if your body is healthy, your mind is healthy? If I were to put it different, let’s say you have a really good mp3 file. But if your music player is crap, you would end up listening to shit music.


It’s the same for this thing. Her mind was powerful, but her body was weak. And right now, 46 was at tip top condition!


It’s now the perfect time to teach her my sword arts, but I’m pretty scared. This girl is the type of person who would try to kill me with my own sword arts.


How do I know that? There was a person like this before. Super scary. She listens to me well, but she always looks for a chance. She always grasps one of my arms when walking, and keeps trying to get my guard down by saying that she likes me.


Mn? You think she might actually like me? Think a bit, then. How would you like someone that beat you every day? What the hell, is she an M? What? Isn’t that scarier?! Pervert!


Mm… Anyway, the biggest proof would be the fact that the third generation of my disciples was the generation with the most amount of mutinies After all, that generation was the one where the metal bat appeared.




I made up my mind as I looked at 46.


“I will teach you how to use the sword from now.”



…Ok, from today on, I’m putting a steel plate on my stomach for insurance!


2.5 Their Story


[3]Mirua: …Amazing.


“I will teach you how to use the sword from now.”


With that, I began to learn how to use the sword.


The training where we ran around the field continued, but after breakfast, I stopped training with the other kids.


While the instructor taught the other kids personally, we would go through self training. Of course, if you play… the feared club would come out.


When we first fought the instructor, I became afraid of death, but I still did not cry. But when I got hit by the club… I threw away my last pride as I hid in a corner and cried.


What should I say… that thing’s a demonic weapon. Not even the strongest demonic weapon is as powerful as that thing. Instant death is better than eternal pain, after all.


I’d rather die than feel that pain ever again.

And after learning sword arts for a few days, I realized something.


This man… is an unsurpassable wall.


The sword arts that he taught was simple. There was no change in it. But there was no weakness in it either.

A sword arts of one hit, one kill. Nothing else is needed. Not even power, nor profound movements can beat that simpleness.


Once I realized this, I became afraid.


Can I… Can I achieve my vengeance here? If just the instructor was this strong, how much can I damage the organization?


Unlike my thoughts, my body carefully executes the sword moves that I have been taught. An evil art that only aimed to kill. But it was also something more beautiful than anything else I had seen before.


It was something that was simple, but that simpleness only served to make this sword arts harder to use. It was a perfect example that showed that simple things were the most profound things in the world. I became entranced in the moves that the instructor had shown me, and began to follow them carefully.


The hell… these kids are scary…


My body’s executing the moves that I had practiced in the past, but my head is on full alert.

Did I… think wrongly? Did this girl get blessed by gods and demons alike? How the hell is she getting into a trance already?!


I was just farming when I was her age, you know? They say children absorb knowledge like sponge, but how the hell is that girl following my moves with a sword that’s too heavy for her? She’s stealing my Battle Sword Arts that I developed through the course of 20 years!

I might actually be sucked dry at this rate?!


Of course, the Battle Sword Arts, which was something commonly called the Life-Death Sword Arts by the mercenaries, was simple. Whenever a person who never learned high class sword arts somehow survived in battle, and when this experience stacks, you become knowledgable in how to kill. The sword art that is compiled from these experiences is called the Life-Death Sword Arts, and when I came into the organization, I compiled all those random sword arts into one art known as the Battle Sword Arts.


But… the sword arts that I made after a shitload of research is?! The one thing I relied on to protect myself is?! W, what do I do? I have to train these kids for 5 years. I thought I’d be stronger than them till the end… I might actually be killed before the end?! Holy shit, scary!


And after a few training sessions, I became confident in the fact that… I, I might actually die!


I thought the girl got a fortuitous event or something at first, but… the next day, she seemed extremely comfortable when it came to using the sword.


Right. In the end, this sword arts was a Life-Death Sword Arts! It required a person to know the arts by heart. But that girl got in a trance every day, and ended up trying to modify it to fit her more.


…In conclusion, I got sucked dry. I got sucked dry! One of my 7 life insurances is gone!!


Calm down, calm down… It wasn’t my retirement insurance anyway… I just got robbed of my method of protection… Ah… I’m depressed…


Anyway… what’s up with kids these days? I have nothing to teach. They just fall into a trance the moment I begin to teach them.


This was something that famous swordsmen did every once in a while though? Do they have meds for something like this nowadays?

Back then, I didn’t know. I didn’t know that these kids were monsters. Once I realized that, it was too late.


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