Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 2.6

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Chapter 2. Uhh… Mm… What’s that? Scary… (6)

2.5 Their Story

[2.75]A Certain Organization’s Story: Dangerous.


In a dark room, a few people were gathered around a table.


“Too dangerous.”



Everyone made a worried face as they stared at a single document.


“Even if it’s restricted, Sutr…”

“A demon symbolizing the end of the world. A contract with that…”

“…Too dangerous.”


Demons were all extremely dangerous beings. And Sutr was one of the most dangerous of these demons, as the being who killed gods and ended the world.


The demon that rules Muspelheim, and burned the world.

His accomplishments were enough to outshine even the strongest of the demons.

While the organization technically earned themselves immense power…


“Why did instructor Naruan summon something like that for the direct descendant of the Nermia Family?”


The problem was, the one who made the contract with the demon was the descendent of the Nermia Family, who the organization was currently on as an enemy. It was more likely that the demon would work to destroy the organization rather than help it.


“It really is like instructor Naruan, but…”

“Does he have an ulterior motive? 2 of the 3 he took in were in the blacklist.”

“No, instructor Naruan usually takes in those that are in the blacklist.”


Everyone’s gaze pointed to a single person. It was a woman with silver hair, and red eyes. The woman felt the gaze, covered her mouth, and smiled.


“Hoho… teacher does have some strange preferences.”


This woman was one of the 10 top rookies that Naruan trained, and an elite that took the second spot of the information department of the organization.


“I know that you handed out the information that the two children that came in were in the blacklist.”

“Yes, of course. We stole several things from the Raina Family and the Nermia Family in the past. There’s no way we wouldn’t know about their descendants.”


This would be something that would make Naruan go, “I never heard of something like that though?!”, but everyone in the room saw this as in obvious fact.


“How high is the likelihood that Naruan is planning on betraying us?”

“He may be my teacher, but… it’s not like there’s no chance. After all, he’s… not someone befitting of a villain.”


This would be something that would make Sutr become enraged, but no one in the room disagreed with the statement.


“Right… but it’s not like he’s a hero, either.”

“It’s not that he has no reason to betray us, though. If there is justice, there is no evil. If there is evil, there is no justice. He does not approve of justice, but he does not approve of evil, either. To a man with a grey worldview, he may be in the world of black, but he may be in the world of white as well.”

“…Well, that’s what teacher is like.”


After a while of talking, Naruan was marked as a potential target like his students.

And when the meeting was adjourned, the silver haired woman quietly smiled.

“Hoho… I can monitor him freely now, right?”

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