Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 1.6

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Chapter 1. I didn’t know back then. (6)

1.75 Their story.

[2] 102’s story.

I am the direct descendant of the Karuan Empire’s Royal family, and I am also 17th in line for the next throne. If I were to speak simply, I was the 7th child of the current emperor’s little brother.
Why am I here? Peasants often think that those in the royal family live a good life, but in reality, the peasants are the ones who have it easy.

They teach you a bunch of stuff just because you have royal blood, people starts forming factions in my name when I don’t even want them to, and when I decided to run away from everything, they say I’m just hiding to grow in power and try to kill me…

If I were to just say the conclusion as to why I’m here, I lost in the faction war, basically.

Wait, I didn’t have any faction behind me in the first place, so why’d I lose in a faction war? I don’t get it. Whatever, this was what happened, so I guess I’ll just live with it.

The nobles were unable to kill me because of my royal blood, and instead gave me a great mission to infiltrate into the Evil Organization of the empire.

Hahaha… the hell? Do they think I age tens of times faster than people just because I have royal blood? What are they expecting from a fourteen year old like me?

The Evil Organization probably knows about me as well, if they aren’t brainless idiots. No, perhaps the faction that sent me here told them about it?

Ah, but apparently that plan to destroy the Evil Association was for real. When the time comes, the Evil Organization’s probably going to use me as a hostage, then the faction would kill me off and call me an honorable sacrifice.

I don’t have any desire to die though! The ones who should die are the oldies who sent me here in the first place!

…There was a time when I thought that, but now, things are different.
I only think about a single thing nowadays.

“I can’t loooossee!”

I run like there’s no tomorrow. I run, and I run again.

The instructor gave us a nonsensical mission. And the punishment for being unable to fulfill that mission was cruel. Breakfast was extremely tasty, while lunch and dinner was dull. But what, no breakfast? Are you kidding me?

Well, it’s not like he’s making us starve. But white porridge? What the hell? It’s not tasty, nor is it nutritious! But see, you have to make someone else fail other than you to not eat that thing.

For the first few days, I restrained myself and ran leisurely.

I tried to be patient at first.
I tried to be patient when the second time rolled around as well.
It was becoming hard to be patient by the third time.
When the fourth time came, I could see myself running like there was no tomorrow.
By the fifth time, I could see that 17 was beginning to slow.

It looked like the girl had quite good stamina for a wizard, but a wizard was still a wizard. By the next day, it was possible to see her get even slower.

But I failed to realize that she was only doing this in preparation for the next day.


I thought I heard wrong.

But when I saw 46 fall over in front of me, I looked back with a shocked face.

“What the hell! What’s up with that staff, damn it!”

But instead of replying, she,


Cast a spell.


Once the floor became slippery, I tried to balance myself, but it failed! My butt hurt quite a bit, but I felt a sense of treachery even more in my chest.

“…This is training as well.”
“Liar! Your eyes are completely dead! You look like you’re not understanding at all what you’re doing here?”

She simply ran even as she heard my screams. And every now and then,


She’d say that and make traps.
In an instant, the field turned into an obstacle field.

“…Can’t lose.”

At the same time, 46 jumped over the holes and the walls, and chased 17.

“Crazy. They’re all crazy.”

That’s what I thought at the time. 3 days was enough to change my thought, though.


I cut down the sand wall in front of me. Holes? Run over them! The frozen floor? Use the sword to skate over them! Why? For food!

And perhaps this was just an illusion, but at some point, I could feel the ice cold instructor stare at us with an extremely evil face. Mm… after checking again, it seemed to be an illusion.

That instructor was definitely a demon. How is it that he stayed calm even after he put us in such a situation?!
A month has passed like so. And now, I was thinking of food more than anything else in my life.

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