Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 1.5

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Chapter 1. I didn’t know back then. (5)

Hohoho… I cooked food with an injured hand.

Ha, they’re just devouring my food as if they don’t even remember what just happened… how carefree. Even while my left hand is screaming in pain! Well, I should just endure for now. I suppose I’ll look back at this in my retirement years and smile… let’s just be satisfied with that.

I created a fusion dish between this world’s cuisine, and earth’s cuisine and fed the children. The taste? Hoho… my skills were accepted in the Organization’s kitchen back in the old days. Of course the dish is tasty! I’m planning on making the kids like me more by giving them good food.

Even the young noble girl who came here a long time ago to spy on us became all tsundere-like after eating my dish, saying “Hmph! I’m just using you because I like your dish, not because I need you or anything, alright?” Well, that girl wasn’t dere at all though. She was just tsun.
The kids began to eat like starved beggars once they came in contact with my food. No, actually…

“…Do you have more?”

Hoho, look at this wicked child. 46, who has a hole in her hand just like me, looks up and me and asks for more food. Hah… Whose fault is it that I have a hole in my hand in the first place?! I want to say that, but… this is for my future.

“If it’s food, I can always give more.”

The kid went into the kitchen, brought more food, and continued to eat. The two other kids did so as well.
What the… did they come here because they got hungry? Occasionally we do get kids like that, and they seem to be one of those kids. Eat, eat. If you’re hungry, you can always eat some more.

And about ten minutes later.


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