Purple River Chapter 05 Part 04

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Side story – Real Estate

“Sir Xiu, I heard you haven’t been reading the news lately, is that true?” Chang Chuan asked.

“Who told you that? I always keep myself updated with all the important state affairs. I made sure to read the latest issue of Playboy and Penthouse every day… But, why are you asking?”

“Oh, nothing, I just heard the technology stocks had plummeted, the currency devaluation rate is through the roof, even higher than Luo Ming Hai’s blood pressure, all the while the bank interest rate is at an all time low. The only thing retaining its value is the real estate! I’m wondering if you are interested, Sir?”

“Oh, I see… You have a point. So what do you recommend?”

“Well, Sir. You are in luck. I’m the perfect person to ask! Check this out; I just happen to be in possession of a lovely mansion, two hundred and eight square meters, a three story building. It is located in the heart of Locke, the provincial capital of Charo. Convenient transportation, beautiful neighbourhood, great prospects, it’s guaranteed to rise in value! Here, I have the brochure and the deed to the house.”

“Hmm, looks good. What will it cost? I don’t have that much money…”

“Sir. You are practically family to me. What do you take me for? Don’t worry about the money! But since you mentioned it, how about a pretty sum of twenty thousand as a token of my appreciation?”

ZiChuan Xiu laughed to himself; a house like this usually went for at least two million… Still, he pretended to be embarrassed: “Hmm, Chang Chuan… You know I’m like the poorest Officer out there. I barely have any savings. I don’t think I can come up with that kind of money… How about fifteen thousand?”

Chang Chuan hesitated, but finally relented, albeit unwillingly: “You are lucky that I’m in need of the money. Sigh… All right Sir. Let’s make the trade! Here is the deed, and…”

Chang Chuan’s eagerness gave ZiChuan Xiu a moment of pause. He made sure to double check the deed…”

Chang Chuan seemed insulted: “Sir, are you questioning my integrity and character? Here, look. The deed is issued by the City Hall of Locke. See? It even has the official seal on it… If you don’t trust me, then I will sell them to Luo Jie instead…”

“Hold on, wait. Fine, here is the money.” ZiChuan Xiu took out a stack of stinky bills from his shoe hidden underneath his bed, and counted them to Chang Chuan.”

“Ok then, the deal is made. Fair and square!” Both of them spoke the words at the same time and they both smiled the moment they turned their back to each other. The way they smiled, was pure evil.

Five minutes later, Luo Jie and Bai Chuan came to his room.

“Sir, I heard from Chang Chuan that you are interested in real estate. My family has a house in the City of Sha Jia in the Far East and I’m planning to sell it…”

“Sir, I got a house too I want to liquidate…”

ZiChuan Xiu double checked every page of their Property Documentation. They all seemed genuine. He wondered: “Why are you all selling your properties? Chang Chuan was the same…”

“Well, Sir, Chang Chuan got into some trouble with the law enforcement, and needed money to pay the fine.”

“Then, Luo Jie is…?”

“Luo Jie accumulated a huge gambling debt; he is being hunted by the loan sharks.”

“What reason do you have then, Bai Chuan?”

Bai Chuan robbed her eyes, pulled out her handkerchief and wiped her tears: “My mother’s aunt’s cousin’s fiancé’s brother’s neighbour was diagnosed of cancer, and is in need of a lot of money… I’m not rich, the pay being in the Army Reserve isn’t great either. My only choice is to sell my family’s estate.”

She burst out in tears.

ZiChuan Xiu felt really bad for her. It was his fault that she ended up in the Army Reserve; he even scammed her of all her hard earned savings by lying to her that he would use them to “pull some strings”…

The tiny bits of conscience still left in him screamed in agony – something like that had never happened before!

So he only talked them down to selling their properties to him for half price; he even paid them cash!


ZiChuan Ning came in to his room: “Brother, what are you laughing at while staring at a pile of paper?”

“Oh, Ning. Do you still remember when I told you I would buy you a pretty giant doll?”

“Of course. That was seven years ago! But you never came through! And all the perfume, dresses, make-ups you promised me… I even borrowed you a shit tons of money! Also, you haven’t paid a cent for the rent or the food, and…”

“Ning, haven’t I taught you? You are the next Headmaster of the House. You must learn to be generous! We are family. Don’t be so stingy eh? Anyways, forget all that. I will check out the flea-market tomorrow, and buy you a big giant doll! Once I re-sell all the properties…”

ZiChuan Ning took a closer look at the deeds.

“Ning, I suddenly realized I have a keen eye for business! Should I consider retirement and become a trader? It is not like I’m getting anywhere with this Deputy Commander job. Hey! Where are you going? I’m talking to you! This is important!”

ZiChuan Ning returned to the room with a stack of newspapers. She laid them open next to each other; each topic seemed to outshine the next:

–Rebellion of the Far East is spreading like a wildfire, City of Locke is in grave danger!–

–Alert! The rebels sacked the City of Locke! Provincial Governor, Red Banner Master Lin Wei died honourably in battle! Five thousand ZiChuan soldiers were killed!–

–The rebels razed the City of Locke to the ground! The rebels massacred the entire Human population!–

–Latest update! City of Sha Jia is surrounded by the rebels!–

–Urgent news! Large amount of rebels appeared all over the Far Eastern Region! Many cities have fallen!–

–Far Eastern Army – Red Banner Master – Li Ke has been appointed as the Commander for the anti-rebel army!–

–The five divisions of the anti-rebel army has met the rebels, victory will be ours!–

–The rebels are getting wiped out! – Li Ke has given the following statement in his interview.–

–Requiem of Blood! The story of anti-rebel army’s demise!–

–Loyalty beyond life! Sir Li Ke will live on in our hearts…–

–Special update: total humiliation! The defending garrison unit stationed in the Province of Yun has mutinied!–

–The province of Charo has fallen into the enemy’s hands. No human has survived the onslaught except one – Interview with the young banner warrior, Hu Hai who recently escaped death!–

–Kiss of the reaper – the adventure of Hu Hai!–

–Update: Garrison unit of province Minske has mutinied! The provincial capital has fallen!–

–Conservative estimate, the current number of the rebel army has reached three hundred thousand – Military Expert talks of the upheaval in the Far East!–

–High Command has given the order, in order to avoid mass panic, Capital News shall no longer report war news from the Far East!–

–From now on all our topics will be about “boy loves girl” or other innocent topics. Contributors are welcome!–

ZiChuan Xiu’s face instantly paled, from mere white to chalk, and from chalk to black…

“Brother, what is the matter? This is my uncle’s problem. Let him clean up his own mess!”


“Brother, you look… scary!”


“I never knew you cared so much about state affairs. I’m glad you have found a higher calling… Brother, where are you going in such a hurry? Did you eat something bad? The toilet doesn’t work!”


“Luo Jie, Chang Chuan, Bai Chuan! Get your ass in here now! How dare you trick me! I will feast on your tears tonight!”

“Where did you all go?”

“Those with the suitcases, guards, stop them!”

“Huh, Sir, you are mistaken… I’m not Luo Jie. I’m Luo Jie’s twin brother, Luo Kuang!”

“That is right, you seem familiar Sir. Have we met before? Let me introduce myself, I’m Bai Chuan’s sister, Bai Pi!”

“Huh, naturally I’m not Chang Chuan either! I’m Chang Chuan’s younger brother’s older brother! Is something wrong, Sir? Wait, stop. We are all gentlemen; we can talk about this! Help…”

“Ouch… not in my virgin ass!”



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