Disciple – Chapter 355

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Chapter 355: Realm Escaping Godly Artifact

Sesame was really depressed. It clearly did not like Gong Lan, yet when it saw her return the dimensional space that its mother had given her and then leave without a single shred of hesitation, its heart felt numbed, sour, and it even ached a little.

It completely did not understand this situation at all, not to mention it had no experience on this either. It thus decided to seek Zhu Yao, its mistress who had abundant experience, for guidance. However, its mistress, who had always been considerably kind and reasonable, was looking at it with scornful eyes. For a short while, her glare made the hair all around its beastly body to stand. She then chuckled with an ambiguous smile, and patted strongly on its head. With a solemn voice, she said. “Sesame, male chauvinism is a disease which must be cured!”

What is male chauvinism? Why are mistress’s words always so deep and profound? I can’t understand at all, hey!

Zhu Yao sighed. Looking at how Sesame wouldn’t understand even if it scratched its head off, she said. “Let’s put it this way then. Why don’t you want to marry her?”

“Naturally, it’s because our races are different. How can we…”

“Speak the truth!” Zhu Yao interrupted it. Don’t even think about using the matter of having two legs and four legs to fool me. Even the Demon King doesn’t believe such words, alright?

Sesame lowered its head, and after a while, it said with a low voice. “I’m… I’m a little… afraid of her.”

“Afraid?” Now this is fresh and new.

“You don’t know how scary she can be.” Sesame complained. “When my mother picked her up, she scratched and tore my face. Because she was a rank higher than me, she bullied me since we were young. When I was young, I was always beaten and injured by her. After that, when I finally managed to ascend, the moment I make a mistake, she would still beat me up. Just because her cultivation is higher than mine, she thinks she’s incredible! Hmph! I don’t want to marry a female beastie like that!”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. You can’t even beat a woman, and you’re trying to reason with it?

“Then she doesn’t have anything good points?” Zhu Yao felt doubtful. “Has she never helped you?”

“Never!” He said angrily. “She would only complain about me in front of my old man, and then they would beat me up together. Yet, both father and mother like her, and pays more attention to her. She’s simply sinister, sly, and shameless…”

“Are you certain?”

“I’m certain!” Sesame gritted its teeth. Suddenly, as though it had thought of something, it muttered. “Unless… her preventing others from beating me counts as a good point.”

“Others? What do you mean?” Oh, juicy details. Let’s take out a chair.

“In any case… In any case, not only does she beat me up, she beat up other beasts too. She doesn’t allow other beasts to cause trouble for me either.” He frowned and said. “She made everyone afraid of her, and I end up not having a single friend, no matter if it was in the Higher Realm or the Lower Realm. It’s all her fault.”

Zhu Yao sized Sesame up for a moment, as though this was her first time seeing such a wonderful piece of work.



“Do you have a brain?” That was clearly a protective behaviour, alright? Didn’t he know how cruel the world of demonic beasts in the Lower Realm was? Because of the lack of sentience, beasties would always fight each other for territories and power. With just the slightest bit of discord, it would be a fight to the death, alright? Yet it still wanted to make friends with other beasts. You’re an idiot, aren’t you?

You have a good girl that protects you wherever you are, and you still have the face to despise her?

“Sesame, I think we should just cancel our pact! I’m afraid that a beastie like you will influence my intelligence.”

“Mistress…” Sesame made a distressed look. “This one is truly pitiful.”

“Scram.” Trash, don’t infect my master. “Aren’t we going to the south to find your friend?” She diverted the topic.

“Mn.” He helplessly responded.

“You can’t figure out this matter within a short time, and when it comes to feelings and relationships, outsiders can’t interfere. Why don’t we instead make a move while you think things through?” Zhu Yao looked at it and said. “But you must figure it out yourself. Do you really hate that Gong Lan that much? To the point where you don’t want to see her at all? You need to understand this… There are some things that can’t be found again after missing it once.”

She did not know about Sesame’s thoughts, but that handsome woman earlier did not look like a beast that would treat feelings that casually. She must actually liked Sesame very much, which was why she wanted to marry Sesame. However, with its continual rejections of their marriage, Zhu Yao was afraid that it had already harmed her deeply. One’s heart was not invulnerable after all, it could not endure damages over and over again. If Sesame were to miss this opportunity, even if it were to turn back in the future, it would most likely be too late.

Sesame was silent for a while, and then, as though to evade the topic, it turned away its eyes. “Mistress’s matters are more important. Let us head south.” As it said that, it turned into its original form and lowered one of its wings, hinting her to climb onto its back.

Zhu Yao sighed and climbed up. Right after, Sesame rose into the air. However, it was clearly a little absent-minded this time. Though it did not slow down, it had clearly activated auto-pilot mode.

“Sesame, there’s a stone wall in front. If you continue in this direction, we will crash.”

“Sesame, there are lightning clouds up front. Do you want to be fried?”

“Sesame, there’s a Demonic Immortal ahead. Do you want to be involved in a car crash?”


Even with her constant reminders, it could not stop its death-courting heart. Fortunately, she still had the concealment hack which prevented her from being discovered by the Demonic Immortals. Otherwise, she would have long been caught several times over. Sesame was absent-minded the entire journey, stumbling towards their destination.

She wondered just how incredible its friend was, but in the end, they stopped next to a straw cottage. There was a courtyard in front, and it was entirely empty. Not even a single strand of weed could be seen either. The door of the straw cottage creaked as the wind blew, and the word “poor” could only be used to describe the place.

Though the surroundings were surrounded by mountains and rivers, divine energy was in abundance as well. The environment was pretty decent.

Sesame landed on the ground and took up its human form. It then directly pushed the door open and entered. Zhu Yao followed behind it, but the house was empty without a single figure in sight.

“He’s not here.” Sesame looked around, a little disappointed. However, when it turned its head, it saw a black club on the table. “Eh? This is… Mistress, mistress. Come and take a look.” It suddenly said with an excited look. “With this, you will be able to cross the Realm Tide and return to the Deity Continent.”

“What is this?” Zhu Yao glanced at the object in its hand. It was metallic and had a cylindrical shape, however, it did not have any divine energy circulating around it. It did not look like a divine artifact, and was rather normal without anything unique about it.

“This is an ancient mechanism formation.” Sesame glanced at the club as it focused its senses on it. It then made a few creaking sounds, as though something had been activated. With a swoosh, the cylindrical object that was still just an arm length earlier, suddenly began to pull open. In just a few moments, it wrapped Sesame up.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao was shocked.

“I’m fine.” It responded. The creaking noises sounded once more, and then, that black sheet once again returned to its cylindrical shape. “Mistress, with this, the wind blades of the Realm Tide can be shielded against, and we can return to the Deity Continent.”

“How do you know that this object is useful?” Sesame sized up the club for a moment. It sure looked like a mechanism technique and not constructed by divine arts. It was no wonder it did not have any divine energy.

“I saw my friend use it once.” Sesame explained. “This thing is really sturdy, the wind blades basically aren’t able to damage it at all. Also, it’s not a divine artifact, so it wouldn’t be dispelled by the Presenceless wind blades.”

It sounded really incredible. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

Zhu Yao pulled Sesame out of the door.

Eh! Wait a minute.

“It’s not good to just take it away like this, right?” Why did she feel a little guilty as though she had stolen something?

“It’s fine!” Sesame patted on its chest and guaranteed. “In any case, he has a lot of things, so he won’t mind.”

“…” To actually make friends with someone like Sesame, it sure is that person’s three lives’ worth of misfortune!

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