Disciple – Chapter 356

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Chapter 356: Go and Seek Abuse, Young Man!

The two returned to the borders of the realm, the wind blades there were still slicing the air resoundingly. Before this, she did not feel anything unique about the wind. This time, she unconsciously released her divine sense, only to realize that her divine sense would scatter automatically the moment it were to make contact with the wind blades. As expected of the all-purpose DEL key.

“Let’s go.” Zhu Yao stepped towards Sesame, signalling it to activate that strange machine in its hand.

After waiting a short while, she realized there wasn’t any response. When Zhu Yao turned back to look, it was actually in a daze. This restless idiot could actually be in a daze too!

She had no choice but to knock her fist onto its head. “What are you doing? Open it!” After all, she recalled that there were two guards, one red and one yellow, nearby. What if they were discovered if they dragged this out?

Sesame choked from her knock, as though it had only regained senses just now. “Ah!? Ou!” It responded and then twisted the black tube in its hand. With a few swooshes, a black metallic ball instantly appeared around them, enveloping them inside.

Zhu Yao thought that it would be really dark inside, but unexpectedly, it was actually transparent when looking out from inside. Everything in the surroundings could be clearly seen. She could not help but poke the fabric, and its sturdiness was comparable to scales. In Sesame’s hand, what remained was a black square block, similar to a small toy block.

“This is the formation core. Pressing on it will revert everything back to its original form.” Sesame explained.

“Ou.” Zhu Yao nodded. She did not say much, and simply continued to walk forward. Sesame immediately caught up to her. As they moved, the entire defensive cover moved forward as well. It was rather intuitive. Zhu Yao became a little excited. After all, this was advanced technology! It was a little similar to the technology used in the modern era. It seemed like ancient mechanisms were not limited to just sudoku and gomoku!

They walked directly into the Realm Tide and realized that this defensive cover was really functional. When the wind blades struck it, they would immediately scatter without even making a single echo. Occasionally there would be strong winds, but all they result to were soft and dull thuds.

Zhu Yao’s cautiousness instantly dissipated. She did not know how long the Realm Tide was, and she wanted to get back as fast as possible, but she realized that a certain beastie holding onto the switch was walking slower by the minute. Occasionally, it would turn its head to the back, and then back to the front right after, looking as though it was hesitating about something. Their hurrying pace turned into a light walk, and then finally, comparable to a turtle’s crawl.

Zhu Yao decided to simply stop and let out a deep sigh. “Sesame!”


“Come over here.” Zhu Yao picked up the person next to her, turned around and walked back towards the direction they came from. When they walked out of the Realm Tide and arrived at their starting point, she grabbed the switch from its hand and had it return to its cylindrical shape. She then pointed in the direction of the Demonic Immortal Palace and said. “Go back. I will head to Lightning Divine Palace on my own.”

“Mistress…” Sesame was stunned for a moment, and then immediately showed a pitiful look. “Are you going to abandon beastie again?”

“Scram!” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “If you’re unwilling to let her go, then go back to her on your own and admit your mistake. It’s fine even if you have to shed off your thick skin, after all, you specialize in it. If you like her, then go f**king woo her back! With how you’re being so wishy-washy and hesitant over here, can you still call yourself a man?”

“Of course not!” Sesame said with a serious look. “I’m not a man, I’m a male beastie.”

“…” The hell! “”Is this the time to mind such details? This old lady here wants you to make a decision, don’t divert the topic here. You’re making my head hurt. Just tell me if you like Gong Lan or not?”

Sesame’s entire face crumpled, looking sad and confused. “I… I don’t know either. I… really hate her.”

“Just because she’s stronger than you, and she bullied you when you were young?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes.

“Mn.” Sesame’s head lowered even further, and a moment later, it replied with a solemn voice. “Even after we’re older, the bullying didn’t end…”

Zhu Yao let out a deep sigh. This idiot with low EQ. “Sesame, have you ever wondered why you’re so mindful about her treatment towards you?”

It was stunned for a moment, and then it raised its head.

Zhu Yao said with a sunken voice. “You’re a demonic beast. In order to become a Demonic Immortal, you will definitely have to experience a large number of fights and slaughter. She’s not the only one who has been beating you up, right? Why do you solely hate her then?”

“That’s different.” Sesame argued.

“What’s different?”

“I’m not familiar with other beasties, so I don’t even care about hating them. Furthermore, in the end, I’m the one who ended up beating them up later on.”

“Then what about me?” Zhu Yao looked at it. “I’m stronger than you too, and I beat you up a lot as well. Do you hate me?”

“That doesn’t count, you’re my mistress! We have a contract.”

“Fine!” Zhu Yao nodded. “Then how about my master? He utterly abuses you whenever he sees you, do you hate him?”

“I do hate him!”

Zhu Yao sent a slap towards it. “This old lady here is being serious.”

Sesame pitifully rubbed its head. It was being serious though?

“Then let me put it another way.” Zhu Yao said with a low voice. “Gong Lan girly is indeed stronger than you, but it’s not like you can’t catch up to her cultivation level. If there comes a day where your cultivation surpasses hers, what are you going to do?”

“Of course it’s to beat her.” Sesame’s eyes shone.

“And then?”

“And then…” Sesame frowned. After pondering for a moment, it said. “And then… And then, I will do everything she had once done to me.”


“Like snatching away her enemies and chasing away all of her opponents, so that she won’t ever get the opportunity to make a move again. Then, I will chase away all the male beasties that approach her! How dare they often show off their might in front of me. Everyday, they would stare at her, and whenever she encounter some trouble, they would immediately charge out, not giving her any opportunity to enjoy the limelight. Then I will…” He then stopped halfway through, as though he sensed something was amiss with his words. His face blanked.

Zhu Yao smiled, as she directly lay its thoughts bare. “You want to protect her.”

“…” Its eyes suddenly widened, its face was filled with utter disbelief. How’s that possible? I’m not…

“Have you ever seriously thought about why you’re specifically treating Gong Lan so differently?” Zhu Yao continued. “You said that you hated how she would always charge right out in front of you, hated how she stole your limelight, and hated how her cultivation level is higher than yours. These reasons were all due to your cultivation being weaker than hers. If your cultivation level is higher, then you would do the same for her. You’re just dissatisfied that the person charging right at the front isn’t you. You don’t dislike her, you just dislike the feeling of hiding behind her. Sesame, you actually don’t hate her. You just hate the powerless you, right?”

“…” It turned silent, looking absent-minded as though it had sunk into a daze.

When it came to such a dense person, Zhu Yao had no choice but to throw another piece of wood into the fire. “But, you don’t have to worry about it now. She has already decided to draw a clear line between the both of you. In the future, no one else will charge out in front of you, no one else will steal your limeline, and no one will beat you up again… Oh, of course.” She smiled and continued. “She might do it again in the future, but… the beastie behind her will no longer be you.”

“No!” Sesame looked anxious.

“Why not? The number of female beasties among the Demonic Immortals is very few. Without you, she still has a lot more choices. Most likely, she can find one that’s stronger than you, and in the future, there will be someone else protecting her.”

“I can too!” Sesame anxiously argued. “My cultivation had long caught up to hers. But because I had been going down to the Lower Realm… As long as I recover…”

“So what if you recover? She doesn’t care anymore.”

“…” Its face instantly paled.

“Sesame…” Zhu Yao patted on its shoulders. After all, it was still her family’s beastie, so she could not endure seeing it stay single for life. “Admit it! What you hate isn’t her, but the distance between the two of you! You’re afraid that she’s too far out of your reach, where you can’t catch up to her. What you hate is merely you who hide behind her back, you’re afraid of not being worthy of her. However, have you ever thought that she might’ve just been waiting for you all this while, and that she’s standing at a spot where you can reach as long as you turn around? Don’t let your self-esteem become the weapon that harms your relationship with her. Once the cut is deep, even she will feel hurt.”

“Mistress…” Sesame raised its head, looking even more confused with those teary eyes. “The things you said… I don’t understand any of them at all!”

“The hell!” Zhu Yao wanted to pinch it to death. The chicken soup that she had boiled for so long had all gone down the drain.

“Mistress, what should I do?” Sesame looked like it was about to cry. “What if she really find someone else to bully? The moment I imagine such a thing happening… my heart will feel weird… She’s so violent, other beasties might not be able to take her blows. Only I can… I don’t want her to bully other beasties.”

Great, it still could be salvaged!

“Then go and snatch her back.” Zhu Yao said. “Go back and hug her thighs. Just do all those shameless things that you had done before to Gong Lan.”

“Will that stop her form bullying other beasties?”

Zhu Yao nodded. After pondering for a moment, she however shook her head. This stupid beast that could not make any turns still needed another push. “That’s still not enough. You must have an well-known identity in order to remove all future troubles forever.”

“What identity?”

“Marry her!”



Sesame was silent for a moment, but its eyes had grown clearer. As though it had understood something, it immediately reverted back to its original form. “Mistress, I can’t accompany you back to Lightning Divine Palace anymore.”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded as she waved her hand. Go and seek abuse, young man!

Sesame flew a circle in the sky. Suddenly, it thought of something and turned back. A gigantic egg instantly appeared in front of Zhu Yao. “Mistress, I will give you this egg then.”

As it said that, it flapped it wings and hurriedly returned. In an instant, its figure disappeared into the distance.

Zhu Yao: “…” Do I look like a warehouse?


Zhu Yao turned and looked at the egg next to her. As though she had just figured out something, her expression darkened and she deeply frowned. She looked at the mechanism in her hand, and immediately switched it on. She did not look at the egg behind her and immediately walked into the Realm Tide.

Only when Zhu Yao’s figure was about to disappear into the wind blades did the white egg suddenly move. It hurriedly rolled after her, and then, after reaching about three steps away from her, it steadily followed her pace.

Zhu Yao naturally heard the noises behind her, but did not care about it, nor did she even turn around to look at it. She increased her pace into the Realm Tide, but the frown her face had grown even deeper.

As I thought…

The Realm Tide was very wide. Adding that she could not cast any arts nor fly on her sword, Zhu Yao walked for exactly six hours before she was able to see green spots in front of her. She was finally reaching the other end, and she heaved a sigh of relief. Increasing her pace, she walked out and arrived a familiar yet foreign forest.

She walked a short distance away from the Realm Tide before releasing the defensive cover and have it return to its cylindrical shape. That white egg came rolling out of the Realm Tide as well, stopping about three steps away from here still.

Zhu Yao simply felt a little irritated in the depths of her heart. As she could not fly on a sword, she cast an art and sped into the forest. However, no matter how fast or slow she went, the egg still continued to follow her while keeping the same distance between them, without letting up a single bit.

Finally, Zhu Yao could not endure it any longer and stop at the exit of the forest. Letting out a long sigh, she said. “Just how long are you going to follow me…” She turned around and looked at the egg. “Yue Ying.”

The egg stiffened for a moment, stopping in its track.

A moment later, a black light flashed in Zhu Yao’s hand, as that cylindrical mechanism turned into a ray of black light and entered the egg. The initially white egg slowly turned black and the egg that merely had a soft aura earlier suddenly began to contain the essence of life. Lines of cracks grew along the shell while making creaking sounds, and a pitch-black Phoenix appeared from it right after.

In the next moment, that black Phoenix turned into a familiar young boy. Dressed in black clothes, he was extremely skinny, as though he was that Yue Ying who had just gotten out of the iceberg for the first time, while at the same time, he looked similar to the Shao Bai who walked out of the place that was filled with devillic energy. He opened his mouth, as though he wanted to say something.

However, Zhu Yao did not want to hear it. She did not feel bothered to care, simply turning around and going on her way.

Yue Ying lowered his eyes with slight disappointment. He did not voice out his sadness, yet he did not dare to fall behind, following after her from afar. If she hurried, he would too, and if she slowed down, he would slow down by the same pace, as though he did not existed.

Zhu Yao intentionally chose the hardest paths to walk. From flipping over large rocks to stepping across swamps. In the end, she was the only one who tired herself, while a certain someone was still keeping pace with her. Yet, she could not vent out the fury in her heart, and merely chose to ignore him.

She walked for a day and a night, before finally spotting a small town in front of her. She instantly heaved a sigh of relief. She decided to find a transportation tool, and even if she couldn’t fly on her own, she should still make a call… Ah pui, she meant using a voice transmission talisman to inform her master to pick her up.

The town was pitifully small, with only about four stalls set up on the street. There wasn’t one that sold voice transmission talismans, though there was one that was selling divine artifacts. She chose the weakest first rank divine sword, and when she touched her pocket, she realized she was a poor beggar.

“Dear senior.” The stall owner was an Earth Deity, and he was rather courteous. “It’s fine if you don’t have any divine stones, you can exchange it with something of similar value.”

“Exchange?” They actually offered exchange services.

“Heheh, this is a small business after all.” The stall owner had a wonderful thought in his mind. As his customer was a Profound Deity, someone who was a rank higher than he was, she definitely must have a couple of good items. He might even be able to make a profit. “I’ve just opened the stall today. As long as senior has something to trade, anything can be exchanged.”

A true poor beggar – Zhu Yao! She touched all around her body, yet she couldn’t even take out a single piece of hair. Did she really have to walk back to Lightning Divine Palace on foot? Her legs would break, right? She turned around and glanced at the “tail” behind her. Frowning, she once again confirmed with him. “Can I really exchange anything?”

“Of course!” The stall owner patted on his chest and guaranteed.

“Alright then!” Zhu Yao turned around and walked towards the tail behind her. While the stall owner had an excited glow in his eyes, she hugged the tail up and placed it on the stall table. “I shall exchange it with this child then. In any case, we’re not blood-related.”

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