MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Just what is her motive?

Even though he was already prepared, Ouyang Tao still nearly fell into the trap. As he laid at the sofa to rest, he anxiously awaited Zhao Yuecheng’s return —— Because he was worried Liu Xinya who had escaped would return to attack his sister and Annie and hence sent Zhao Yuecheng to protect them in secret.

Approximately half an hour had past, Zhao Yue Chen had brought back Ouyang Xue and Annie, Ouyang Tao finally relaxed a bit.

Looking at Ouyang Tao beaten black and blue, Ouyang Xue was naturally shocked: “Ah! Big Brother, what happened to you? Who did this to you?”

While Annie’s first reaction was to run to the room: “Ah! I’ll go get the medicine box!”

“No need.” Ouyang Tao’s face swelled. Even though talking was very painful, he still endured the pain and said: “Your medicine box was definitely tampered… ugh…”

“Impossible?!” Annie showed a disbelieving expression and rushed to her room.

Hearing this exchange, Ouyang Xue became even more worried. She absolutely never imagined that an accident would appear: “Big brother, what really happened?”

“It was Liu Xinya… ouch…” The one he was worried about the most was his sister. “Explaining it would take too long… Ah Xue, you and Annie must immediately leave this place and return to the academy, afterwards…”

Ouyang Tao hadn’t finished speaking, when they heard Annie’s wail from next door “Waaa, how could it be like this! My medicine——!”

Just as Ouyang Tao thought, Liu Xinya had tampered Annie’s medicine box. He guessed that this was not the first time. Whenever Annie had a mission, something always goes wrong. This was definitely done by Liu Xinya.

“Why is it like this… Who actually did this… Wuwuwu…” Annie lifted her medicine box appeared again while crying continuously “All of the medicine had been mixed with something else. My medicine… it’s all finished… wuwuwu…”

Ouyang Xue was not an idiot. When she was the situation, she immediately understood something and barraged Ouyang Tao with questions: “How could it be like this? Big Brother, did you know about this already? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Could it be that there is danger in this operation?”

“That… I…” Ouyang Tao wanted to speak but it was just too painful.

At this moment, Zhao Yuecheng spoke: “Young ladies, let big brother rest for a bit. Instead, allow me to explain the first half of this matter.”

Originally, Ouyang Tao because of the matter with the Dimensional Scroll, Ouyang Tao held suspicions against Liu Xinya. As a result, he remained vigilant on the whole journey.

The reason we did not disclose this was because Ouyang Tao felt that Liu Xinya’s actions only stemmed from a selfish objective. In a lighter sense, Ouyang Tao thought that it was only a slightly vile mischief. As long as nothing big happens, he can just find the appropriate time to teach her a lesson and there should be no more problems——This was the first half.

Regarding Ouyang Tao’s narration of the latter half, nobody could have imagined it.

It was truly hard to believe. Liu Xinya, the quiet and elegant girl, actually possessed such a dangerous motive. Moreover, she seemed to be part of an organization with plans to infiltrate Augustus Academy. Ouyang Tao himself almost lost his life in her hands.

“Liu Xinya…How… she was obviously a kind senior.”

“Could it be… From the beginning, she intentionally played tricks on me… wuu wuu… why…“

It’s not surprising that Ouyang Xue and Annie felt that this situation was hard to believe, even Ouyang Tao himself still did not dare believe up till now. Such a deep darkness unexpectedly lied beneath Liu Xinya’s elegance and beauty.

At this moment, Zhao Yuecheng uneasily shook his head: “Big brother, after hearing what you just said, I feel that the situation is still far from good. The situation probably got worse…”

“I know… Liu Xinya would definitely not give up.” Ouyang Tao also understood. If they returned to the academy, Liu Xinya’s matter would inevitably be exposed and stop her hidden and damaging actions.

So, Liu Xinya only has two paths ahead of her. One was to give up and the other was to attack Ouyang Tao, when he leaves. Moreover, this attack would be fiercer and more thorough.

However, after experiencing it once, Ouyang Tao felt that he had the strength to withstand Liu Xinya. If Zhao Yuecheng also helped, there should be no problems.

Summing up the situation, Ouyang Tao believed that the best course of action was to: “We should not stay here for a long time. Let us retreat and report it to the academy.”

“Is it truly so simple, big brother?” However, Zhao Yuecheng did not think like this, “Although immediately returning is the most optimal solution, don’t you feel that you’re forgetting something?”


“Ah——!” Ouyang Tao immediately opened his mouth. He did not say anything else—— he finally understood Liu Xinya’s main objective.

He was definitely not Liu Xinya’s main objective, at most he was only a secondary objective. From the course of events, by following Liu Xinya’s actions, she simply never expected Ouyang Tao to be a hard egg to crack.

The conclusion was very obvious…

Tia and Rem were already moving towards the objective. Inside the auto-piloting vehicle, the pair of lovers have entered their own world.

Because the main assignment was already finished and they were with each other, their mood became relaxed——Only if she was with Rem would she relax like this.

In the eyes of many, Tia was a bright and beautiful noble. She was the number one expert in the mechanical engineering department of Augustus Academy. As a result, she was an existence highly respected and above others.

However, maintaining this kind of image was very very tiring… Tia had wanted to throw away this part of herself and be her true self. However, she could not, she could only become what others see of her…

Tia would become a normal girl only when she is beside Rem. She would snuggle up on her lover’s chest, exchange romantic words of love, dreaming of a blessed life.

Just like now, Tia would lightly lean on Rem. Her face blushed with happiness: “Rem, you are already a General in the Magician’s Army. You have also attained the title of baron. I feel that there is no need to wait any longer.”

“Although it went smoother than my expectations, I still need at least one more year to fulfill my military service.” Rem gently stroke Tia’s beautiful hair. His face carried a bitter smile, “Let’s wait a bit more, didn’t we agree on it?”

“Don’t! Don’t say another year, I can’t wait for another day anymore!” Tia grabbed Rem’s collar and spoke with deep feelings, “After this mission, let us get engaged! About you term in military service, my father will deal with it! Rem, I don’t want to be separated from you anymore!”

Tia was serious, very serious, because she already cannot endure this torture.

Not only because her yearning linger in her heart, but also because her lover was after all in the army, Tia constantly worried for his safety. With these kinds of thoughts and worry, she lived with incomparable pain everyday.

The only way to keep her lover from leaving her was to set the engagement.

“This…“ Rem slightly hesitated. His expression became blank.

“Rem, answer me. I want you to answer me right now.” Tia stubbornly asked. She must get an answer.


Just at this moment, a voice that should not be there echoed. Soon after, a teleportation circle appeared inside the vehicle. Liu Xinya appeared wearing her exotic yet revealing purple armor: “He won’t be able to answer you!”

“You are… what are you doing here?” Seeing Liu Xinya sudden appearance and attitude, Tia immediately went on guard.

“Aiya, I almost went beyond the teleportation range, but this is just right.” Liu Xinya did not answer her and only talked to herself. Afterward she ordered the other person in the car: “Capture her!”

“Wh… eh…” Without waiting for Tia to respond, her hands were already restrained by Rem. He kicked her back knee, making her kneel on the floor, “Rem, what are you doing!”

However, Liu Xinya only sneered and said: “How regretful, your Rem is already gone. Obediently go to sleep, hehe…”

Soon, a purple mist filled the air. Tia’s sight and consciousness gradually became fuzzy.

On the other hand, Tia’s communication crystal continued to ring…

(Last: It seems that Ouyang Tao will really have Tia in his harem.)

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