Invincible Saint – Chapter 77

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Chapter 077: The real mastermind and new problems

Translator: Tseirp


By the time I exited the labyrinth, the sun had already risen high in the sky.

At the same time, my stomach embarrassingly rumbled … but it seemed like everyone else was hungry too so we had breakfast together.


“Anyway, so there really was a door there?”

“Yeah. Looks like one cannot enter if they do not possess a blessing. I have the dragon’s blessing so I could see the door and enter it. The Flame Dragon said so, so it should be true.”

” … Flame Dragon?”

Lionel looked like he really wanted to fight with a dragon.

I laughed and answered.

“I didn’t really fight it anyway. I merely healed the suffering dragon.”

“I see…”


The others were waiting for people that can cook so I left to help. As I pondered that Lionel really was a battle maniac to want to fight with a dragon, I found out later that he had other things troubling him but he did not want to bother me at that moment.


Other than the few adventurers that stayed behind to take care of Fornoir and the horses, the others had already returned to the town of Ienith. How impatient~ … I thought as I made breakfast and invited the adventurers that stayed behind.


Breakfast was exceptionally delicious under the sunny sky.

It would be great if I could have a barbecue with my subordinates next time.

I thought.


After breakfast, once everybody had completed their preparations, I saddled Fornoir.

Everyone took their escort formation and we departed for the town of Ienith.


“You were sulking until just now but … does purification magic really feel that good?”

I stroked the nape of Fornoir’s neck as I asked.

There wasn’t any reply but I could feel that his mood was better so I was relieved.

Maybe he was irritated by his body odour after having been left alone for 5 days.

I talked to Fornoir who unknowingly had come to enjoy cleanliness as we travelled.


(Status open)


On the way to the labyrinth, I conversed with Jasuan-dono and it was a good way to kill time.

On the way back, I jested with Fornoir at the start but I soon became bored with the flat road and nobody came over to talk so I opened my status to kill some time.


Name: Luciel LV: 102 (100)
Job: Healer X (1) HP: 3020 (2160)
Holy Dragon Knight I MP: 2610 (2040)
Age: 18 ST: (Not Stated)
STR: 366 (222) INT: 422 (260)
VIT: 389 (222) MGI: 460 (274)
DEX: 351 (210) RMG: 454 (276)
AGI: 369 (236) SP: 205 (203)
「Proficiency Appraisal-」 「Parallel Thinking V」(1)
「Great luck-」 「Chant Shortening VII」(2)
「Taijutsu VI」 「Chant Termination V」(2)
「Magical Power Control X 」(1) 「No Chant II」(1)
「Magical Power Manipulation X」(1) 「Magic Circle IV」(1)
「Holy Magic X」(1) 「Sword Mastery V」(1)
「Meditation VIII」(1) 「Shield Mastery VI」(1)
「Concentration IX」(1) 「Spear Mastery IV」
「HP Recovery VIII」(1) 「Archery I」
「MP Recovery IX」(1) 「Presence Perception V」(Not Stated)
「Stamina Recovery VII」 「Twin Spear Sword Technique IV」(1)
「Throwing V」 「Trap Sensing II」
「Dismantling II」 「Trap Detection I」
「Danger Perception V」(1) 「Cartography IV」(1)
「Footwork VI」 「Magical Power Amplification III」
「Body Strengthening II」 「Thought Acceleration III」(1)
「HP Increased Rate of Growth IX」(1) 「MP Increased Rate of Growth IX」(1)
「ST Increased Rate of Growth VIII」(Not Stated) 「STR Increased Rate of Growth IX」(1)
「VIT Increased Rate of Growth IX」(1) 「DEX Increased Rate of Growth IX」(1)
「AGI Increased Rate of Growth IX」(1) 「INT Increased Rate of Growth IX」(1)
「MGI Increased Rate of Growth IX」(1) 「RMG Increased Rate of Growth IX」(1)
「Physical Ability Increased Rate of Growth III」(1)
「Poison Resistance IX」(1) 「Weakness Resistance IX」(1)
「Paralysis Resistance IX」(1) 「Magic Seal Resistance IX」(1)
「Petrification Resistance IX」(1) 「Disease Resistance IX」(1)
「Sleep Resistance IX」(1) 「Blunt Damage Resistance VI」
「Charm Resistance V」 「Daze Resistance VII」(1)
「Curse Resistance IX」(1) 「Mental Resistance IX」(1)
「Slash Resistance VII」(2) 「Pierce Resistance V」(1)
「Altered Destiny」 All status +10
「God of Destiny’s blessing」 Increased SP acquisition
「Blessing of the God of Healing」  Potency of Holy attribute healing magic increased by 1.5 times
「Divine Protection of the Holy Dragon」 Become a Holy Dragon Knight, increase in combat skills and status.It is now possible to converse with the dragon race
「Dragon (Oriental Dragon)Slayer」 Become stronger in attack and defence against dragons
「One who unleashed the seal」 Immune to the curse of the evil god.Capable of obtaining the power of sealed dragons
「Divine Protection of the Flame Dragon」 Become a Flame Dragon Knight, grants related attribute.Increase in combat skills and status.

It is now possible to converse with the dragon race

「Dragon (Japanese Dragon)Slayer」 Become stronger in attack and defence against dragons
「One guided by the Dragon God」 Relationship with the Dragon race and those who follow the dragons strengthens

(TL: For some reason the Stamina value and Stamina growth skill is gone. Not sure if typo or something significant as of now.)


I doubted the eyes. My level rose by 12 all of a sudden.

My status also rose by a considerable amount.

Furthermore, once I passed Lvl100 my SP rose by 3 instead of 2.


… So this level up was possible with the Flame Dragon.

So it’s possible to power level after all?

MP increases as I level up. If I can establish that…


There may be adverse effects to leveling so easily so it would be safer to talk to the Pope and the people from the Church Headquarters first and I switched gears.


Looking at the skills that did not rise as usual, I noticed something right before I closed the status page. (TL: Most likely the skill level ups you see above happened right before Luciel left the Church Headquarters and stopped drinking Object X.)


(I’m granted the attribute of the Flame Dragon? Without a proper explanation I don’t understand it at all?)




Maybe I wasn’t really paying attention to riding, Fornoir scolded me and I was jolted back to reality. I apologized and closed my status window. From then on, I enjoyed the horse riding experience until we reached Ienith.
“What is that?”

The first words that came out of my mouth when we arrived at Ienith were that.

The scene before me was an overflowing number of Ienith residents awaiting our return.


We … no, upon seeing my figure, the residents began cheering.


Looking at that spectacle, I felt like hugging my head.

Looks like that muscle-brained Jias-dono forgot about my clear instructions to not broadcast our actions.


I knew that it would have been seriously troublesome if I did not have everyone escorting me to keep the residents at bay.


Without answering to their cheers, I had a twitching smile on as we followed the human path leading not to the Healer’s Guild, but to Shaza’s mansion.


Kefin and the criminal slaves entered the mansion last and shut the door behind them.


” … Did you hear the cheers just now? They had eyes like they were looking at a hero from fairy tales. They shouted “Dragonslayer!” “Dragon-slaying Paladin!” “Apostle of the God of Healing!” “Strongest S-rank Healer!” “Dragon Slaying Healer!””

” … Well, it’s the truth so there’s no helping it.”

“He certainly did slay a dragon nya.”

“He mostly defeated it alone.”

“We were there just as supporting characters.”

“S-rank-sama was sturdy enough to receive the full brunt of the dragon’s attack without dying. I admire him as even the combat force from an attack that I dodged was enough to defeat me although I survived due to sheer luck.”

“I can imagine master’s concerns but with master around, the peace and security of the Healer’s Guild is assured.”


Beginning with Lionel, Naria concluded the conversation.

The other slaves chimed in as well but they were somehow delighted so I did not rain on their parade.


I walked towards Shaza’s mansion.


“Ooo! Luciel-dono … Luciel-sama? Did your blessing somehow become stronger? And why do you have such a scary look on your face?”

Feeling irritated from Jias-dono’s peppy voice, I held on to my resolute determination and told him.

“The blessing is because I defeated the Red Dragon. Rather than that, what’s with the triumphal parade?”

“Since you had such a grand accomplishment. To celebrate the arrival of a new hero, albeit a somewhat small scale one, it is to be expected.”

In front of that Jasuan-dono who was speaking proudly, I silently took out 2 cups of Object X from the barrel. (TL: The author suddenly changed from Jias-dono to Jasuan-dono. I have a feeling he meant Jasuan-dono for the whole chapter.)

“I see. If it was done in consideration for me then let us toast to it.”

I changed from an expressionless face to a grin as I approached Jasuan-dono.

“Lu, Lu, Luciel-sama? Ha, have I done something that displeases you?”

“… No, I merely wish to have a toast with you? Don’t tell me you don’t want to do so?”

” … ”

Jasuan-dono’s whole body was trembling violently, but I will not pardon him.

Nobody would be troubled even he faints here.

Moreover, there are no beastmen that would come to his aid.

Almost all the members are prostrating themselves on the ground so even if Jasuan-dono calls for help they can’t respond.

“Well then, cheers.”

I gulped down the Object X in one go and Jasuan-dono also opened his large mouth to drink it in one go … but the next instant his eyes rolled back and he fell backwards.

“Ah~ Now I feel refreshed. He stinks so I’ll cast 「Purification」 and 「Recover」 on him.”

I asked for someone to carry the fainted Jasuan-dono to somewhere he can rest and they quickly came rushing out to carry Jasuan-dono away.


“Well then, please describe to me what happened.”

I smiled slightly and they obediently informed me step-by-step.


Although this time the mastermind was the vice guild leader of the Herbalist Guild, the truth was that it was directed by the Elimasia Empire to dampen the national power of Ienith.


Various combat factions, including Shaza, received solicitations from the Elimasia Empire and were taught ways to silence the moderate factions.


And the reason why they could tie up the other races was because they did not sell medicine to specific races.


Because they were prevented from speaking with the adventurers chasing after them in the labyrinth, they did not hear about the recent happenings.


The reason why they could proceed so deep into the labyrinth was because they scattered things with the odour that monsters like and covered their own body with medication with an odour that monsters avoid, so they were fine.


It’s just like Object X~ I thought as I thought about the name of the mastermind – Elimasia Empire.


The name Elimasia Empire came up once again … I’ve been nothing but a hindrance to them right?

I wonder if I am hated by the empire because of all this?

No matter how much I thought about it I wouldn’t have an answer for it so I pushed it to the back of my head and tried asking what we should do hereafter.


How do you correct this incident that greatly shook the foundations of the country?

I was interested in that.


How will they tell the residents, how will they rise up and prosper? I wanted to use that as a reference for the Healer’s Guild.


“This time, the representative of this city Shaza-dono was, unfortunately, slain and you all may pursue the Herbalist Guild’s Gurohara-dono, but how would you all address this case as a country?”


The person who answered me was the previous previous representative, Shiela’s father.

” … We will first choose 8 representatives from the tribes. We will then vote on the individuals chosen from the Dog, Wolf, Cat, Tiger, Dragon, Fox, Bird and Rabbit, apart from the representative race chosen the previous term as well as me, to choose the new representative.”

“Okay. I’m listening.”

“As a penalty for this incident, the Tiger beastmen and Dragonewt beastmen will be deprived of their right to become Ienith’s representative for 5 terms.”

” … I see. But isn’t it too lenient with just that?”

“Yes. In addition, we have decided to have all the executives from those 2 races resign. We will also scrutinise their departments for any fraud.”


“I see. So at the end of the day, what do you plan to do?”

When I asked that, he adjusted his bearing and stared at me.


” … ”

” …? ”


Is there something on me? Just as I wanted to ask, he decisively performed a beautiful prostrated pose on the ground.

“For the remaining one year term of office, please lend us your power.”

Not only him, all the beastmen that welcomed us prostrated all together and called out.

『We beg of you.』

Is this some kind of period drama? I’m not wrong to have such thoughts right?



“What the beastmen need is a strong, kind leader that they can look up towards. Luciel-dono is the only person that can prevent Ienith from dividing.”

He’s saying that I have a unifying force, a sense of charisma? … Seems like the rumors were blown out of proportion. (TL: Thanks Anonymous 😀)


” … You mean you want to borrow my name?”

I would be troubled if the country declines after all … I don’t want to lend it but there’s no choice.


” … Just now, I sent an errand to ask the Pope from Saint Schull church to allow Luciel-dono to become the temporary representative for Ienith. If she agrees, we would like to, by all means, hear your methods to enrich Ienith. We will give our full efforts.”


” … Aren’t you being too willful? I have a mission to establish the Healer’s Guild and healer clinic in these lands as well? I also do not have any experience as a representative so there’s no way I can do it.”

I seriously hope they give me a break. Even now, I already have too much on my plate, any more is impossible.


“With regards to the Healer’s Guild and healer clinic, we have already advanced talks about constructing a healing district within Ienith. The Herbalist Guild has also acknowledged the synergistic nature of your work and we have arranged for a new construction site for you. Also, you can renovate the building so it is also possible for Luciel-sama to live in the Healer’s Guild. The ex-slums residents have also received work in the healing district so they are thankful towards Luciel-sama and the Healer’s Guild.”


After saying that enthusiastically, he once again rubbed his head against the floor to beg of me as my stomach began to hurt.


” … Please give me some time to think about it. It is not content that I can immediately decide on after all, and it is a heavy load so I have to discuss this with the Pope as well.”

I no longer wanted to remain there. So I returned.


“I hope you come to a favourable conclusion.”

『Please treat us favourably』


Thus, my refreshed feeling from Jasuan-dono did an 180 flip, I felt a heavy weight as I returned to the Healer’s Guild.


Exiting the door, the number of people have certainly decreased, but the young men and women remained and looked at me from afar.

I saw that their gazes were like those of admiration for heroes from stories.

I pondered about how to answer to this as I muttered on the way back to the Healer’s Guild.


“Not only Jasuan-dono, I’ll have to have the person who planned this all along, Gurohara, to drink plenty of Object X.”


The beastmen who heard my mutterings trembled in fear, but I did not notice as I was burning with anger at that time.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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