Invincible Saint – Chapter 71

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Chapter 071: Capture that went too smoothly

Translator: Tseirp


After our meal, I retrieved the maps, from a beastman of each respective squad, that I had requested to have drawn.

I retrieved a table and chair from my magic bag and drew an easy-to-understand map.

Yesterday, I selected a few members who could draw maps and had them draw maps the same way as me. I recorded down whatever differences or variations I saw in the copied maps I retrieved.


There were traps as well but they were safely disarmed. However, I was surprised because even the type of traps was noted down.


By the time I had finished consolidating all the maps, they have all had plenty of rest and were already ready and waiting for me.


I stored the table and chair in my magic bag and spoke out.


“Thank you for your hard work this morning. We will now aim for the 30th floor. There will be more traps from here on out and the monsters will become stronger so safety first and let’s reach the 30th floor by today~!”



Even though the voices were disorganized, the uniform reply made it not as disorganized. As I had that thought, I applied 「Area Barrier」 on all the squads before setting off.


Beginning from the 21st floor, the Red XX named monsters became Fire XX monsters.


Fire attribute monsters like Fire Rats, Fire Snakes, Fire Bats and Fire Rabbits began appearing.


They are supposed to be formidable enemies that are clad in fire, use fire magic or fire breaths, but the labyrinth capture proceeded smoothly.


There are traps and the monsters are supposed to be stronger, but each floor takes only about 30 minutes to advance through.


“Is it okay to advance at such a quick pace?”

I did say that it was fine to go a bit crazy, but aren’t we getting carried away?


“I’ll tell you this, those 2 escorts are abnormally strong and we are not so weak as well.”

Said the assailant leader Kefin.


Despite being a beastman, as a halfling, he had little authority in the organization, but he desperately trained in combat skills and thievery skills and managed to gather together such a group.


“Moreover, this time, even if we screw up slightly, we can be healed as long as we are alive.”

Kefin said with laughter and led his squad in tow.


” … Because of Luciel-dono’s strong barrier magic, even if we receive any attack, it would only be to the extent of getting grazed, so I think they also know that they are not going to be used and thrown away.”

Lionel added and walked ahead.


Since entering the labyrinth, other than casting 「Area Barrier」 and a couple of 「Heal」, I have not done anything. I have not even defeated any monsters. I merely recovered the magic stones collected by each of the squads at the end of each floor.


The interior of the labyrinth was gradually getting warmer, but I haven’t had any problem due to my equipment.


I had complex feelings at the moment because I was not feeling any stress currently, compared to the time I’ve had since arriving at Ienith, as we advanced deeper into the labyrinth.


“I see it! That seems to be the 30th floor boss room, since the base is located in front of it.”

Prompted by Lionel’s voice, I looked forward intently and saw that there were indeed people gathered there.


“However, why didn’t they wait within the boss room? It should be safer there right?”

“I’ll ask them for the details.”

“Okay. I will start treatment if there are any injured individuals, if not, I’ll begin preparing food. We might have to raid the boss room depending on the situation, so I intend to have plenty of food and rest to recover our strength for tomorrow’s exploration.”

Not only to Lionel, I said it to the surrounding others as well and we all arrived at the base.


“Are there any injured people or those with abnormal statuses? Don’t reserve yourself and call out even if it is mild. If there are multiple injured, I will chant an 「Area Heal」 to heal everybody.”


There were about 15 members in the base, but some of them had injuries so I treated them. As I once again realize that my slaves have greater proficiency, Lionel’s poked his face in.


“Apparently it differs among labyrinths, but as long as somebody is within a boss room, the door to go back in the boss room of other floors do not open. Seems like this is basic manners taught within the Adventurer’s Guild.”


The instant I heard that, I recalled the incident that happened to me on the 40th floor in the Labyrinth of Tribulations where I could not return.


Due to that, I only gave Lionel a half-hearted “Ah” reply.


If only I listened properly when I was registering in Meratoni’s Adventurer’s Guild, I might have been able to return after my battle with the Specter Knight King.


I could infer that it was definitely because the Valkyrie Paladin Corps dived in to rescue me that I could not open the door.

However, I put a stop to my negative thinking at this point.


Such misfortune despite the presence of Great Luck-sensei? … Impossible.

I bet that it was because I cannot break through the labyrinth without clearing that section.

I apologized to the worried people around me for spacing out as I endured the feeling of wanting some restful sleep. We spent a night at that base … Or not.


Kefin and squad advised quietly that it would be better to rest in the 30th floor boss room.

“S-rank-sama, we should rest within.”

The other slaves also gave the same recommendation.

I felt that the eyes of each and every one of them showed concern and worry for impending danger.



“Sorry but we will be resting inside. After getting a few hours of sleep we will be advancing forward so I’m sorry but we’ll be entering.”

I said as Lionel and others entered the 30th floor boss room.


I cast 「Area Barrier」 roughly around the same time as we entered and asked.

“I trust you all have a reason for this?”

“Yeah. They are the type of adventurers with ill behaviours so we usually avoid them. The truth is, they are the labyrinth clean up squad. They try to get closer to you and either mix poison into your food or gather monsters using monster baiting drugs.”

” … Isn’t that illegal?”

“Anything can happen within a labyrinth.”

Said Kefin.


” … Ha~. Let’s quickly defeat it, have our dinner and get some sleep.”



The 30th floor boss room was made up of a Fire Bear, 5 Fire Wolves and 3 Fire Birds, but as expected the combat ended immediately.


Lionel led the battle, smiling as he stopped the strong arm attack from the Fire Bear with his large shield, before using his greatsword to bisect it into 2. Cathy weakened the herd of Fire Wolves by hit-and-run tactics and Naria dropped the Fire Birds using her throwing daggers.

At that point, Kefin and the slaves cooperated with them and dealt the final blows.


Multiple members had light burn wounds, but we didn’t face any trouble at all.


After applying purification to the boss room and having our meal, I let everyone pass their time whichever way they wanted.


Dolan and Paula inspected weapons and armour, Cathy and Naria prepared tomorrow’s meal, while Lionel chatted with the slaves.


After I finished drawing the maps, I announced that there were no issues and practiced some magic training before sleeping using the Angel’s Pillow.


“Asleep huh. What a seriously nonsensical healer.”

Said Lionel as he laughed.


“Old man, you are this S-rank’s slave right?”

Asked Kefin.


“Yeah. Although it slips my mind sometimes.”

“So the S-rank really does treat the slaves that naively after all?”

“That’s right. He feeds us, gives us satisfactory equipment and doesn’t make us do unreasonable tasks.”

“I’ve never dreamed that he would tell us to come back alive.”

Kefin laughed and the surrounding slaves began laughing as well.


“Old man, you are a military personnel right? Moreover one of considerable standing.”

“Hou. Why do you think so?”

“Because you act while grasping the movement of the whole troop during combat. That’s something ingrained. Well, apart from when you were fighting with the Fire Bear.”

“Because there was a need to test to what extent the barrier could function.”

” … That magic is abnormal. Even after receiving an attack that would originally cause a deep wound, all I got was a slight scratch.”

Kefin touched his body and replied.


“Don’t be reckless. Desperately sharpen your fangs. If you do that, I’m sure Luciel-dono would not forsake you all.”

“What about you old man? You look like you have an ambition within your heart.”

When Kefin asked that, Lionel answered with a laugh.


“It is my long-cherished ambition to live as a warrior. To me, it is agonizing to have to stand above others.” (TL: ie. to command others)

“Old man, if you actively tried, you can release yourself from slavery right?”

“Luciel-sama’s enemies are not limited to those this time. He would surely get caught up in other incidents. It would be amusing to have a bout with strong individuals that he comes across. Moreover, S-rank healer-sama’s legend would be told one day. When that day comes, it would be a warrior’s honour to be enshrined as the strongest fighter that supported him.”

Lionel stifled his laughter.


Looking at Lionel act that way, Kefin continued watching Lionel, envious of a certain aspect.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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