Invincible Saint – Chapter 53

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Chapter 053: The weight of words, New target

Translator: Tseirp


The dining hall in Meratoni Adventurer’s Guild was unusually closed.

Luciel, Broad, Garba, Grulga were gathered and drinking alcohol together.

“It’s quick isn’t it. In the blink of an eye, after you return to the headquarters you will set off to rebuild Ienith’s Healer Guild?”

“That’s right. I’ll work hard to reproduce the recipes I received from you, Grulga-san.”

“You can always seek refuge here if needed. I’ll help as long as your hands are not stained with evil. Well, I think that you wouldn’t do something like that anyway.”

“Of course. Although I don’t want to die, I won’t do anything that would make Shisho and you all lose face.”

“Keh, you got released halfway through my training yet again.”

“Broad-shisho, please properly show your feelings.”

“Well, I understand Broad’s feelings. Even though there’s no way you can rapidly advance, the more we hit you the more you will gradually grow. I believe with 10 years of training you could even reach close to my level.”

” … Even if I try my best, 10 years is impossible. To feel no presence even when he is in front of me, for him to circle around my back in an instant, crushing the blade of all my swords with his slashes and dissecting me with his sword, it is clearly beyond the realm of human.”

“I think that Luciel’s healing magic is sufficiently beyond the realm of human too.”

“I finally reach level X for my Holy attribute magic the other day, but I still have a long way to go. For Botacyl’s case, I can’t say that I handled it perfectly, I felt sick in my stomach and regret, that I could have done more. Magic can treat external wounds but it can’t treat wounds to the heart and diseases.”

“But Luciel-kun, I heard that in the end Botacyl converted the healer clinic into an orphanage and that arrogant personality vanished like it was a lie.”

“Yes. But that was not achieved using my strength. In the end, the archbishop-sama melted his heart by continuing to sincerely persuade him. This time, I was forced to reflect on my mistaken view on my authority.”

“That’s to be expected. Our generation who are more than double your age can only see the words said by a kid like you who had not lived for more than 20 years as childish words. If you really persuaded him, you wouldn’t need to consult us and properly take notes to improve on your persuasiveness. That is why only the upper management have that ability.”


“I guess you’re right. Youngsters are prone to failing, but not all of them are so innocent as to mistakenly believe that everything will proceed smoothly. Luciel-kun has also grown slightly thanks to this experience.”


“The significance of those words differs depending on the way the person wants to live his life. That is why, there is no need to stiffen your shoulders, but just don’t do anything that would make you ashamed of when meeting God. And go try your best to live and struggle and grow. It is fine if you reach a standstill as well. You can rely on us when that time comes. It is impossible for humans to be perfect in everything. Different people think differently as well. You can’t advance when you are lost on your own. The final deciding factor is if you can embark on what was discussed. If you feel your nature turn rotten even just a bit, I will beat it out of you. That’s why don’t feel that you are alone.”

Ah~ah, this person, these people are great.


“That’s that. Then, please try your best to taste my new work, Object X Doria.”(TL: Doria = Roasted pilaf)

“Ugh such an amazing stench, wait why is everyone going so far away?”

“Luciel-kun hurry up and eat it and cast purification magic.”

“Idiot disciple. If you don’t quickly eat it I’ll cut you on purpose later during training.”

“It’s definitely going to taste bad but I’ll do my best. In exchange, give me that legendary secret sauce recipe.”


I knew that no matter how much time passes, the 3 of them would never become my enemies as I ate the Object X Doria.

It had the most disgusting taste out of all of them …


In the end, Botacyl sold everything that had asset value and requested for the church to compensate the individuals that he had bought as slaves. Subsequently, the healer clinic was left in the custody of the church and Botacyl, left with himself as his only asset, was placed as the director of the orphanage.

In addition, due to his expertise as a healer, he now receives the payment for treatment from patients in accordance with the guidelines for living expenses, for the orphanage operation cost, for alms to the Healer’s Guild and for payment to the Healer’s Guild for the other slaves.

I also heard that he had widened his range of work and had opened courses for newbies.


I didn’t think that I would be mentally exhausted from taking notice and understanding a person’s heart. Then there was such an incident.

Once, when I went to the orphanage to meet with Botacyl who built it, he showed me a bright smile and bowed.

For some reason, my tears welled up. Even though it is just the person I hurt from my worthless and shallow actions smiling and bowing to me …


He has walked onto the grey path close to darkness.

But I must think deeper into these cases from now and furthermore, to continue thinking about them.

There’s surely many more correct answers to them.

I’ve decided. In addition to not dying within my lifespan, I will also, within my capabilities, live in this world by saving as many people suffering from the same fate as possible.


And so months and days flowed by, the healer guidelines and legislation were adopted by Saint Schull church headquarters, and they were distributed to the Healer’s Guild of every country and every branch and transmitted to every healer clinic.


I was now in the Pope’s room.

“You’ve done well until today in your efforts for the church and Healer’s Guild.”

That mysterious voice of the Pope resounded in the room.

“Yes! I am unworthy of your praise.”

As usual, I was on one knee with my head bowed down.


“You spent 3 years in the church headquarters, truly contributing to significant matters by first clearing the labyrinth that I had given up on, and now you’ve created the guidelines and made the framework for the legislation, as well as instructed for the inspection of healer clinics within the Saint Schull Allied Nations.”

Yeah. I didn’t have the intention to do so much. That was also the reason why Jordo-san and the others ran away. I have no idea how many times lightning struck them.

“Thank you very much. Until now I still believe that the labyrinth capture was only due to luck. And for the other matters, I wasn’t the only person who contributed. Many church personnel and Healer’s Guild personnel had the same feelings as me. I still have much to learn before I lead the initiative.”

“Umu. Even so. When I was assigned to lead the church I was still my father’s daughter as well.”

Then, the Pope got off the chair that was hidden from my view and walked over.

The Pope had Blond hair and discerning eyes, there are such people? Her countenance was like a delicate doll made by the gods. (TL: 慧眼, can be either discerning eyes, or the wisdom eye in Buddhist term.)

Clad in divine aura, I was mesmerized when I saw her smile … not in the sense of getting charmed, but of just admiring beauty.


“Father intentionally placed the headquarters in the center of the continent, in Saint Schull Allied Nations’ Saint Schull Holy City. He wished for people’s salvation and that even if I get caught in between a war, there will be countries that would come together to form a united front.”

Was the person she’s been talking about since just now Sir Rainstar? … How old is the Pope exactly?

“That expression looks like it is wondering how old I am? That’s how it feels like to me. I am already 322 years old.”

” … In my common sense, one would usually be dead by then?”

“Yes. It is related to the fact that my mother was a high elf.”

“Did Rainstar-san have more than 1 wife?”

“No, I am certain that his only wife was Rizaria-sama. She had a gentle character that hated to lose. She always played with me. He was close to my mother as well but she appealed to father to hug her once. And then I was born.”

“I remember that it was written in a book that it was difficult to have children between different races, so it must have been a real miracle.”

“Well, it’s because father and mother were both weird people.”

The Pope turned her sight to the outside as if yearning for something.


“Is that the reason why Your Holiness hide your face?”

“Umu. The negative impression of halves has continued to this day since long ago. My ears are not as pointed and not as round so I don’t really look like a half-elf, but it is also a strategy to make people think that I have God’s blessing as I don’t grow old and to see me as sacred.”

I had so much that I wanted to Tsukkomi. But I have other things that I want to hear about.

” … So why are you telling me this?”

“I wish to work hard to revive the will and authority of the church and Healer’s Guild created by father but I cannot do so if I always have to hide my face.”

“I am delighted that you think so highly of me.”

“Umu. I do not know what will happen if you stick with the church … but I will be cheering you on.”

” … ? Yes. I plan to advance while doing whatever is within my capabilities as I travel around the country.”

“Engrave it within your heart to contact us without fail via letters or the magic communication bead I passed to you the other day. I order you to journey to Ienith.”

“Yes! I shall depart to Ienith and vow to put in my best efforts.”

“I will pray for your good luck from the bottom of my heart.”



The next morning, my subordinates and I departed for Ienith. After that, we will run through the healing guidelines and legislation from Saint Schull church headquarters with all the Healer’s Guild in the whole world.

As the result, the world will know the S-rank healer, Luciel’s name. It has been exactly 5 years since Luciel came to this world.


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