Invincible Saint – Chapter 38

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Chapter 038: S-class healer-cum-exorcist, Luciel’s declaration

Translator: Tseirp


Do you know the feeling? Of getting commended?

Do you know the feeling? To be placed among people who practically do not know you and are hostile towards you?

Do you know the feeling? The pressure from those older than you that feels like blood thirst when you became successful when you are young?

In my previous life I also gave a speech when I got promoted.

It begins with a set of phrases to thank your superiors, followed by words of gratitude to those around you who supported you. And then you can either narrate the road to your success in an interesting way, or you can describe the hard work you had put in. Following that you declare your next goal, before ending off by thanking everyone once again.

Well in my case my superior is Granhart-dono, who interrogated me and gave me my magic-driven elevator card and robe distributed to all guild headquarter’s staffs.

Also, Jordo-dono showed me how to defeat monsters using purification magic in actual combat, and I found out that he had not entered the 10th floor boss room before so he did not have any obligation to give advice to me.

The Valkyrie Paladin Corps led by Lumina-san let me join their training but that is pretty much all I can say about them. She was a strict ally but I would like to thank Katria-san for her advice and also Obachan for the bentos.

After that would be the cheat items, magic bag and Angel’s Pillow, from the Pope. Without them I would not be in this position.

I would also add on a word of gratitude for the omnipresent guidance from Object X-sama and Great Luck-sensei.


I came to this world because I wanted to be successful. That part is fine.

But, even though I put in effort so that I wouldn’t die, I have no idea why my battles became more and more intense.

I calculated that if I stood with strong individuals, I would not die.

I calculated that if I had more close friends, I would be able to walk a path distanced from death.

Even though, I had calculated that if I stayed in contact with Instructor Broad whom I respect and Grulga-san and others such a life would naturally happen and that such a life would not be so bad …

Maybe the God of Destiny was angered that I had grasped a calculated secure lifestyle, and chose to place me in a place with no allies this time around.

This time I no longer tried to be calculative … That’s my plan.

People who cherish me appeared as I progressed into the labyrinth and gave treatment in the Adventurer’s Guild.

Just like in my previous life, I performed virtuous deeds not solely for the sake of others.

That’s why I used charity work as a front to save those without money. I believe that my kindness would be returned someday.

I poured my heart and soul into my work. In the beginning I didn’t do so … but that is how it normally should be.

And yet, God, why is this place with so many enemies in front of me, my workplace?


“The activity of the long-existing labyrinth has been stopped. That is because the exorcist healer Luciel here broke through to the deepest part of the labyrinth. In the mean time, the accumulated demonic essence within the labyrinth would still cause monsters to appear, but one day monsters would stop spawning. From today onwards, the Knight Corps would oversee the periodic subjugation of the labyrinth. I hope that each of you will work hard daily to brainstorm methods to do so. Well then, for the reward for this achievement, I appoint Luciel as a S-rank healer, with the position to give guidance within and outside the church headquarters, and have the same rank as a bishop. Also, in addition to the right to refuse any command from anybody other than me, I reward him with the opportunity to use my name, Fluna Aryudeli de Schull, for a declaration. So S-rank healer Luciel, a word please.”


Your Holiness, why are you giving me a gaze that looks like you are expecting something? Ha~ … my stomach hurts. I want to stay in the sky in an airship forever to prevent from getting assassinated. Although there isn’t airships in this world …

Do you know the feeling? My feeling of having no choice but to say something now. No idea? Guess so.

… Great Luck-sensei, I wish for a safe life.


“As introduced, entrusted with the great task of S-rank healer, I am the S-rank healer-cum-exorcist Luciel. I am still a fledgling so I am not an interesting existence to everyone. That is natural because my only achievement is to have captured the labyrinth. But, this uninteresting fledgling wants to say something uninteresting here. I have only become a healer for 3 and a half years but the authority of the church is already on the brink of collapse.”

The audience became noisy and the thirst for blood was amazing. The Pope, Katria-san and the Valkyrie Paladin Corps answered with a smile. Was this what you all were plotting for? Well then where shall I step in to continue.


“The reason why we are at the brink of collapse, is firstly because of the treatment policy set by arrogant healers. I heard that when the Healer’s Guild was first established, treatment could be paid for using food and other items instead of only using money. That’s right. It was a wonderful guild founded by a saintly gentleman. However, those with the profession of healers would never be able to live in abundance like that. With patients who complain about the treatment after it is done, nobody would consent to becoming a healer. Just as I have described, I do not have any problems with regards to healers charging money for treatment. There are many who have high aspirations and earnestly provide healing among all of you present here and among those who are active around the world. But then why are healers believed to be greedy? Because there has not been any progress in the establishment of a law. Hence, I hereby declare the creation of a guideline for treatment charges, in hopes that it would deal a crippling blow to the impression that the healer’s clinics are only in it to make money. I have gained the consent of the Pope and all 10 archbishops. Subsequently, with regards to the paladins and priest knights, there will be an investigation done if any cases of corruption is found to have happened. In addition to dismissal from employment, this act is a breach of trust towards the job bestowed by the Chief God Kureiya-sama, so the person involved will be demoted into a knight. Hereafter, I hope everyone will brainstorm methods to resurrect the church’s prestige, so that the church can one day stand on its own authority. I will also do so for the sake of the church. I hereby pledge my commitment to this lifetime goal. Thank you very much for your kind attention.”


“Thank you for the speech. Originally the celebration for the S-rank healer Luciel would end here, but today I would also like to announce a new personnel. I will now dissolve Katria from her current appointment and declare that she will be reinstated as the Knight Corps captain Catherine Freya. The reason why I reinstate Catherine is unrelated to everyone here, but just in case there are some of you who do not know the reason why, we have already scrutinized all the injustice and corruption that had been rampant within the church, and have punished all those who were involved. From today onward we will expand the scope of investigation so I hope that you all will work together with us to make the church prosper once again. I beg of you.”


Although the Pope is never supposed to lower her head to others, everyone present in the ceremony saluted all at once.

Thus my promotion? rise in rank? to S-rank was decided. I prayed to the Chief God Kureiya, the God of Destiny, the God of Healing and my ancestors that this place full of my enemies improves for the better.


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