Invincible Saint – Chapter 29

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Chapter 029: Training outcome? Battle with the 30th floor boss

Translator: Tseirp

I woke up, stretched and had my breakfast with Object X before getting pumped up and resuming my labyrinth capture.

I learned the orthodox method of using a sword and shield from Specter Knight-sensei, and fought with large crowds in the 10th floor boss room to eliminate my wasteful movements and promote the improvement of my judgements.

I also handled the continuous attacks from ghouls, mummies, ghosts, skeleton swordsman and skeleton archers until the 30th floor.

In this manner I spent 3 months of my time. (TL: This is the same 3 months mentioned in the previous chapter.)

People can adapt to their environments. In the beginning, although I received quite a number of wounds but I could heal them. I also defeated the opponents before suffering mortal injuries so that I could leisurely heal myself.

Also my efforts were small each time, I believe that it accumulates and turns into experience.


Although I did not complain about having no progress for 3 months, but not advancing my goal of steadily clearing the game started to cause my heart to ache looking at my acquired cheat items.

“Haaaa, naive, eat this!”

With my ultra-aggressive dual sword spear style, regular sword and shield style, plus currently my kicks was also a great weapon, even if I got surrounded in the 30th floor I would at most suffer light injuries.

The largest reasons for victory were that the undead attacks are all executed in a linear manner, and if my attacks hit them squarely, they would disappear like fog and turn into magic stones.


I had accumulated a large amount of P from diving. During a regular restock of weapons, I’ve heard that the dwarfs could manufacture made-to-order weapons for me in exchange for P.

Furthermore, I could purchase a good performance magic robe which costs 10 white gold coins made from materials with higher magic resistance compared to the robe I received from the headquarters with just 2 million P?

I had that in consideration when I bought it but until now I had not been hit by any magic so in reality I had no idea if there was any difference.


Although I’ve never met the dwarfs, I heard all this from Katria-san. Apparently they were willing to do so because they thought it was interesting that I’m a close combat healer but my true feelings were that I hope no strange rumours begin circulating without my knowledge.


“Well there are people who are cheering for me and I think I have become slightly stronger but within the span of 3 months I had not levelled up so there wasn’t any large leaps. Although Instructor Broad told me to not be manipulated by my status.”

However, I was thankful with respect to this training that allowed me to attack all I want without danger to my mental condition compared to when slashing living monsters or bandits.


While having such worries, 3 days later I carried out my final preparations in front of the 30th floor boss room.

“Weapons, good. Armour, good. Magic bag, good. Applied magic, good. Object X, good.”

I gulped down Object X in one breath.

“Puuuu. Well then let’s go.”

I slowly opened the door to the 30th floor boss room.


I entered while remaining vigilant towards the darkness. After the door was shut, the light let up and although the size was the same compared to the other boss rooms, instead of a square-shape room, the room was cone-shaped.

However, I currently did not room to consider such things.

That was because …

“Seriously.” I muttered at the sight caught in my eyes.

Within the boss room, 3 Wights and 5 Specter Knights with flashing red eyes glared at my direction, waiting and poised to strike.


I made the first move.

I chanted purification magic while taking some distance by running along the bank of the cone-shaped room in order to avoid being surrounded by all of them, together with the intent to fend off concentrated attacks.

I casted purification magic and further weaved in another cast of purification magic, but the setting wasn’t so easy that one of them would disappear with just that.


However, after casting their bodies became rigid and stopped. At that moment I threw daggers with magic channelled into them hoping that I could reduce their numbers.

It pierced the head of the Specter Knights but those aimed towards the Wights were deflected by the shields of the Specter Knights.


Each of the Wights chanted magic using their canes but because I was constantly on the move they did not hit. In order to protect the Wights, the Specter Knights also couldn’t move from the center of the room. Because of that no large scale magic was used.

Although I began with the strategy to not get surrounded, surely my luck … no Great Luck-sensei was invoked.


After casting purification magic for a total of 5 times, I felt that the miasma spread within the room weakened. Wanting to try it once, I strengthened my body and while casting the 6th purification magic, I plunged into the group of monsters clustered in the center of the room.


The monsters caught me but because purification magic was in place none of them launched a suicide attack at me.

I believed that divine protection from the god of fate boosted my 「Great Luck」.

The 3 Wights each shot magic from the center and the Specter Knights only readied their shields.

The great magic barrier on my robe and paladin armour did a good job.

Instead of large scale magic, black water, wind and earth spears were cast towards me but I paid no heed to them and I began my assault while relying on my shield to prevent fatal injuries.


When I closed the distance, this time instead of magic, the Specter Knights attacked with physical attacks but I had comparatively more room to relax with this.

Deflecting the second attack with my shield, all the monsters had entered my magic’s range.

【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish using my magical power as sustenance become the breath of an angel, shelter everything and heal everyone, Area High Heal.】

The magic that I wanted to try was 「Area High Heal」.


Compared to purification magic, it’s effect was terrific.

The monsters all screamed in agony.

With canes, swords and shields dropped, their screaming appearance looked as if I was torturing them. Although I felt unpleasant, I did not throw away the greatest opportunity given to me.

While chanting 「Area High Heal」again, I approached the Wights and channelled magical power into my sword to sever its head, before swinging my sword in a straight line, splitting it in half.

I repeated this 3 times, before once again casting 「Area High Heal」.  I buried the Specter Knights in one breath … or specifically, without me cutting them, the Specter Knights all screamed even louder before forcefully melting and leaving behind their magic stones and items.


“HaaHaaHaa. Wasn’t that pretty much a complete victory?”

While I regained my breath, I drank a magic potion and immediately cast purification magic on the dropped items.

“It would be bad if that dark purple smoke from when they disappear is miasma. However, it’s really great that I could finally use the Holy attribute magic 「Area High Heal」. If not I would have died from the very beginning.”

This time the battle was a complete victory because everything proceeded in the best direction. I told myself that.

“Indeed, if I normally face this number of opponents, it would most likely be game over.”

I collected all the weapons, armours, accessories and magic stones.

After doing so, as per usual the door leading downwards opened and a flight of stairs appeared.


“However, I understood from this battle that the Specter Knights found in the labyrinth passageways are rookie soldiers and the boss room ones are the real thing or I mean veteran knights. So even Specter Knights have ranks?” I murmured such carefree stuff.


“For the time being I’ve reached until here. The setting was that in the past the church’s knight team usually also reached here as well. I think they said that after this dangerous monsters appear? I wonder if there are treasure chests or key items?”


While I still continued thinking of it as a game, “Somehow after coming to this world, I have been living a life like a monk in training fighting evil spirits.” While muttering so, I began eating from my bento.

After finishing my meal I went to the 31st floor and got surprised by the appearance of different coloured ghouls with increased agility. Taking the stairs back to the boss room, there were 5 Specter Knights present.


Thus with the number of Specter Knight-sensei with abilities equal to or greater than mine, I decided to make this my training field from today onward and as I exited the labyrinth my stomach clock rang.

Challenging the labyrinth, I had successfully subjugated the 30th floor boss on the 128th day.


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