Invincible Saint – Chapter 13

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Chapter 013: The work at the guild headquarters?

Translator: Tseirp


After exiting a long corridor, we entered a new building and further climbed another flight of stairs before finally stopping in front of a corner room.

“Here is Lumina-sama’s private room. I shall take my leave then.”

“Thank you for guiding me here.”

After saying my thanks to Granhart-san’s attendant who lead me here, I took in a deep breath.

For some reason whenever you visit a woman’s room, you’ll become slightly nervous.

I took another deep breath and knocked.


After knocking on the door I voiced out.

“Lumina-sama, it is Luciel who you met earlier. Please allow me to visit you.”

After I said that, “It is okay to come in.” came from within. When I opened the door I noticed that it was a simple ordinary room.

Although I was surprised for a moment, I convinced myself that the torture and interrogation rooms just now was Granhart’s hobby.


“Is something the matter?”

Maybe my thoughts appeared in my attitude, she questioned me with a questioning look.


“I just came from a room together with Granhart-dono before coming to Lumina-sama’s room … The gap stunned me for a moment.”

I smiled lightly and shrugged my shoulders.


“Fufufu. No wonder. It can’t be helped if you came from that room.”

Apparently the misunderstanding was resolved and she gave me a smile.


“Do you know the reason why I was transferred to this place … to this church headquarters?”

“Yup. In short, to receive a warning from Granhart-dono.”

“I see. Thank you very much for both this time and when in Meratoni.”

“It’s fine. I had already received your thanks earlier. At the same time I’m bad with the formalities. Please be at ease.”

No no, I am the one that’s bad with those formal phrases. While speaking in my mind, I did not realise when I met this person previously, but now I felt that she’s definitely not a healer.


“If you insist. By the way … ”

When I was saying until there, I was interrupted by a hand.


“First, have some tea and sit on that chair over there.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you.”

The structure of the room was 10 tatami mat sized with a floor plan of 2 by 5 tatami mats.


[It’s pretty stark huh~]

“You feel that it’s stark right?”

I was surprised by the question from Lumina-san who brought tea over fairly quickly.

“I’m sorry.”

“No it’s fine. This is only a place for me to do paperwork and sleep. I’m not here the majority of time.”

“Come to think of it, I was able to learn 「Heal」 a week after we met in Meratoni. When I asked the guild for Lumina-sama’s whereabouts to express my thanks, I was surprised when I heard that you had already returned to the headquarters.”

“In the end my job is one that requires me to move around quite a bit. Instead of that, this time were you summoned by Granhart? Or did you transfer over?”

“This time I received a letter of appointment for transfer signed with the Pope’s name.”

“To be from Fluna-sama, it seems like Luciel-kun is considerably excellent.”

“No, it’s a little different. Actually … ”

I briefly explained the events that happened in Meratoni.


I also included the conversation I had with Granhart-san just now.


“Hmm. I see … Certainly.”

While nodding, Lumina-san posed a question to me with an inquisitive face.

“And so, what would you do now?”

“Hmm … Regarding that. The truth is, although I came over for the transfer, I completely have no idea what I am supposed to do now.”


“Most likely it’s up to you. You be carefree … Speaking of which, you mentioned that just now Granhart-dono called out to you.”

“Yes. It seems like Granhart-san was called out due to the Pope’s name.”

“If that’s the case, Luciel-kun’s work might involve a little risk.”

” … Really?”

“Yeah. However, there’s no doubt that you can expect to be promoted.”


“While practicing magic, I do not want to travel. Isn’t there somewhere safe that needs Holy magic … ?”


“You should give up on that. Do you know the purification magic 「Purification」?

“Ah, yes. I am now able to use that.”

” … I see. If that’s the case, there’s a place where you can safely level and become a priest.”

“Somewhere where you don’t get slashed by swords, stabbed by spears and suddenly thrown … If it’s a place safer than that I think I can work hard.”

“What kind of hell is that? … Well never mind. Actually, in the basement of the old building of the guild headquarters, the cemetery where the founders were enshrined became a labyrinth several decades ago.”

“A labyrinth?”

“Oh. A labyrinth is a place where it is easy to accumulate magic but as the magic accumulates, the hatred and desires of the living is absorbed, giving rise to treasures and monsters. It is a nest for adventurer’s who dream of striking a fortune.”

“I’m surprised. Weren’t you supposed to be ignorant?”

“I studied. Just in case you’re wondering, now I know the names of the cities and villages.” (TL: She believed that he was ignorant when they first met because he didn’t know the name of the village he lived in. XD)

“Kukuku. Now that I think about it, it was like that huh. Going back to the topic, it is going to be a job to prevent monsters from crawling out of the labyrinth by keeping a lookout and thinning out the monsters.”

” … By the way, what monsters appear there?”

“As expected of a graveyard, only undead-type monsters like skeletons, zombies and ghosts appear. Once you use 「Purification」,  they will disappear all at once leaving only the magic stone. Because of that the money you get isn’t small pocket change but nobody wants to do this job.”

“That’s why people from the outside are roped in to do the job?”

“Yeah. Normally healers do not train in matters such as combat and the majority of current healers rose up in ranks using gold.”

” … Are there any merits?”

“There are. Anything you pick up in the dungeon belongs to you and you can sell the magic stones. Nobody would complain about you and nobody will snatch from you.”

“Ooo. There’s also a place to become stronger here.”

“If your luck is good you can obtain treasures as well. By selling the magic stones, it is also possible to buy the expert-level spell books. (TL: Spell book ranks for now are beginner intermediate advanced expert)

“If I get bitten by a zombie, would I turn into one as well?”

“What kind of nonsense is that? You might get poisoned but I’ve never heard of zombification.”

“I’m relieved to hear that. … Seriously.”

“The demerit is that the labyrinth is exceptionally smelly. Inconceivably smelly. The smell of the labyrinth clings on to clothes so people will make a disgusted face if you come near them.”


“Eh? Something like that is not a problem at all.”

Yeah. It’s the same as after drinking Object X. Whenever I try to approach Instructor Broad he would say “It stinks” and he would either disappear or hit me.


” … Are you really all right with that?”

“Yes it’s fine.”

It’s an excellent opportunity for me either way.


“Well it’s up to Granhart-dono to decide.”


“Oh I’m sorry but it’s about time.”

“Oh, somehow I’ve bothered you for such a long time.”

“No it’s fine. Is anybody there?”

A few seconds after she called out somebody replied.

“How may I be of service?”

“Take Luciel-dono to Granhart-dono.”

“Understood. This way please.”

“Thank you for today. There’s one thing on my mind, Lumina-sama is not a healer right?”

“You noticed?”

“Yeah, only vaguely though.”

“My profession is a paladin.”

“That sounds cool.”

“Fufufu. Well kind of.”

“Well then, if I have the chance I’ll come visit again.”

“I’ll look forward to that.”

I left the room.


“Who on earth are you?”

The attendant asked after walking away from Lumina-san’s room for a bit.

“What do you mean?”

“Usually Lumina-sama is not the kind of person to laugh nor does she converse for so long.”

“I see. Maybe in Lumina-sama’s eyes, I’m like a stray dog that she picked up.”

“Stray dog?”

“Yeah. Two years ago on the day I became a healer, I left the countryside without any personal identification. Just when I was denied entry into Meratoni city, Lumina-sama came over and guided me to the Healer’s Guild.”


“So that’s why. … Wait, you are still seventeen years old?”

“Yes. I’m a seventeen year old greenhorn. I’ve been transferred to the headquarters so if you see me around please call out to me.”

“Okay got it. Oh, I’m Lucy. I’m something like an attendant to Lumina-sama.”

“I’m Luciel.”

“If there’s anything you don’t know, you can rely on me.”

“Thank you for that. And it’s nice to meet you.”

“And so why did you come to the headquarters …”

While we talked about official matters regarding my transfer to the headquarters, somehow we arrived at the topic of Holy Attribute Magic skill level and she complimented me saying “Luciel is amazing.”


“Oh, here’s Granhart-sama’s room. So I guess I’ll go now.

“Thank you Lucy-san.”

“No problem. See you.”

She returned towards the direction of Lumina-sama’s room.


『Kon Kon Kon』

“This is Luciel who you met earlier.”

“Ah … enter.”

What was with the ‘Ah’? Don’t tell me he’s already forgotten about me.

“Pardon my intrusion.”

I switched my mood and turned the doorknob. Once inside I saw a pale faced Granhart-san that looked like he was going to be buried under documents.


“Thank you for your time earlier. I have returned from meeting Lumina-sama.”

“Okay. Oh, this is your written appointment. I’ll have someone guide you to your room after you’re done.”


Letter of Appointment

Assigned to the exorcism combat unit, Saint Schull’s church Healer’s Guild Headquarters.

In consideration of your current A rank, you are ordered to concurrently serve as both a cleric and an exorcist.


“What does this mean?”

“Luciel-dono will be tasked with exorcising undead from a certain place from tomorrow onwards. Your salary will be 20 gold coins every month.”

“Hah? 20 gold coins?”

A monthly income of 20 million yen? Is this heaven?


“Yes. Tomorrow is your first day so go to sleep early today. Oh, before that I’ll have someone guide you to the dining hall and your room.”

“May I request for someone who could guide me to the training field and Adventurer’s Guild as well?”

” … Today you will only be guided to the dining hall and your room.”


Thus I was guided to the dining hall and my personal room. I placed my luggage in the room built the same as Granhart-san and Lumina-san’s room.


Later, after muscle training I went to the dining hall. The chef served me my meal even though he was shocked and exclaimed “You’ve still have not eaten?”. When I returned to my room I took a barrel out from my magic bag and transferred the little remaining Object X into a cup and drank it, and slept after doing some magic training.


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