Invincible Saint – Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Chance Encounter

Translator: Tseirp


The next morning, Grand-san and Dolan-san had a terrible hangover.

According to Paula, dwarves enjoy liquor with high alcoholic content that humans find hard to drink and they certainly are heavy drinkers but it doesn’t look like their race is spared from having hangovers.

“They should accept their punishments for over drinking.”

Paula declared and returned to her own workshop.


“Luciel-dono, show mercy, please cast status recovery magic.” (Grand)

“Luciel-sama, there’s some truth in Paula’s words but please.” (Dolan)

The 2 old man crawling on the floor with poor complexions like they were about to die was certainly pitiful so I complied with 「Recover」.


“Oh man~ We drank way too much.” (Grand)

“I thought of getting a morning drink to get rid of the hangover but physically … I would have to go through something terrible if I mixed it poorly.” (Dolan)

The 2 of them returned to how they normally were after I applied recovery magic on them.

“By the way, I don’t really like hearing you call me Dolan-san so it’s fine if you just call me Dolan as usual. Our age difference doesn’t matter so please leave behind the honorifics.” (Dolan)

” … Then, you can call me Luciel as well.” (Luciel)

“Muu, I’ll try.” (Dolan)

“Come to think of it, Grand-san, Toretto-san isn’t with you?” (Luciel)

“Yeah. He seemed to have gotten into a slump lately and before he disappeared he mentioned that he was going to a place that might give him a lot of inspiration.” (Grand)

“So he also experiences slumps as well.” (Luciel)

“Rather than calling it a slump, it’s more like delusions … oh well. Well then, we’ll start measuring the 3 of them so you can call them over.” (Grand)

“Yeah. The 2 of them … are most likely looking forward to their new armor.” (Luciel)

“I see. We’ll be starting then Dolan.” (Grand)

“Yes, Elder brother Grand.” (Dolan)


After that, the 2 of them showed serious expressions that gave off the vibes of first-rate blacksmiths and even Lionel seemed overwhelmed by their power.


I had nothing to do so I thought of touring around Rockford.


“It’s dangerous so I’ll tag along.” (Paula)

Paula stopped me saying that it would be dangerous alone.

“I also wish to come along.” (Rician)

Then, Rician raised her hand and conveyed that she also wanted to come along.

Well, she’s now a resident of this place so it’s better if she comes along.

I thought so and agreed to their company.

Incidentally, I’ve already dispelled her slave contract.

“The 3 of us will go together then. But, what’s the danger?” (Luciel)

“There are various gimmicks set up. Furthermore, your magical power have not been authorized yet.” (Paula)

“Oh. Those things we passed through yesterday huh … well then Paula, I’ll leave it to you to guide us.” (Luciel)

“I’ll entrust it to you.” (Rician)

“Sure.” (Paula)


After leaving a message at Dolan’s workshop, we left Dolan’s house.


The streets were a mix of beautiful cobbled stones and bare ground, they did not lay cobble stones on top of where there were underground workshops.

In the vicinity of the workshops, sounds like the hitting of iron and the grinding of metal could be heard and there were a large number of places with smoke plumes rising up.


Looking up into the sky, I saw the pseudo-sun made by Sir Rainstar floating in the sky and pondered.

“Is the pseudo-sun floating up in the sky similar to the one made by Paula?”

“The one here is exactly the same as outside, it rises in the morning and sinks in the evening. It always maintains the same temperature and humidity.”

” … If that’s the case, then it’s as if the whole Rockford is covered by a huge magical tool?”

“Yeah. Furthermore, it absorbs magic in the air so it can continue operating semi-permanently.”

“It’s as if the inside of a labyrinth.”

“He most likely used a similar technique.”

” …… ”

I had a slightly bad feeling when I heard that.


Did Sir Rainstar intercept a place that was going to become a labyrinth with the help of the spirits?

Which is why instead of a labyrinth, there are rumors that the dragon sleeps within the mine … I could not help but think of that possibility.


A ranch was spread out across the back and there was a small plantation there as well.

What caught my eye was the abundance of wells.

I don’t understand why so many wells were dug but Rician asked Paula something then.

“This town feels so unbalanced. Workshops and this ranch do not feel like they belong in the same town.” (Rician)

“I’ve heard that it’s the hometown of Sir Rainstar.” (Paula)

“So he was formerly a farmer?” (Luciel)

“Yeah. But various things happened and he lost it.” (Paula)

I see.

None of that was written in the book that I read.

“Is that so.” (Rician)

Rician had a slightly dark look after she heard that.


“It’s good that there are peaceful locations as well. That’s right. I thought we were going to get our magical powers authorized?” (Luciel)

“We can register it in the town hall at the center of the town.” (Paula)

… So there are government offices in this world as well huh.


I had that thought in my mind as we headed toward the town hall.

Then, we reached the reception desk but the receptionist wasn’t human.

To define it further, it wasn’t even a life form.

To define it even further, it was something like an ATM at a bank.


“All you have to do is stand there and answer the voice that comes out. You’ll be sent to the entrance of the town if you lie.”

” … Is that similar to the magic circles in labyrinths?”


Was Sir Rainstar a physicist? Or could he even use space-time magic?

Either way, he’s too amazing …


“Is Paula able to develop teleporting technology as well?”

” … I should be able to establish the theory and technology right before I die. However, I don’t have the magic stones needed to make that.”

“The attribute as usual … is it not possible to ignore that?”

“I’ve never seen space-time magic stones. I can’t begin thinking about what I should do for something that I’ve never seen before. And the people who hold space-time attribute are only those who have exceeded the space-time.”

Paula rapidly talked with a sorrowful expression … so the people who can acquire space-time attribute are only the reincarnated individuals or those associated with them?

I feel sorry for Paula but I set my mind to not acquire it.


【Please state your full name.】

【I will measure your magical power pattern.】

【Please state your profession.】

It’s full of harmless questions.

However, the last question was a huge problem.

【Are you a reincarnated individual, transferred individual or possessed individual?】 (TL: Basically the 3 usual ways for an otherworld novel, reincarnated as a baby, teleported into the world or mentally transferred into another person)

Paula and Rician were behind me.

If I answer no, the fact that I’m a reincarnated individual will certainly be exposed.

Seriously what a souvenir to leave behind!!

I answered using my last resort.

“Ja” (TL: He said yes in German.)

It seemed like it could hear my answer even though I answered differently in German so I somehow weathered through the situation.

【Registration has been completed.】


I was relieved when I heard that voice.

I was just about to praise myself for coming up with the solution by answering in German to safely ride out the situation but the next instant, my consciousness receded.


When I came to, there was a young man in front of me.

“Here is?”

I was seated on a sofa and the young man was also seated on a sofa with a table in between us.

“This is something like an astral space I created.”

He deliberately drew his finger and a black tea set appeared.

“I mimicked a butler for numerous years so I’m familiar with making tea.”

The young man said with a smile.

I already understood who that young man was.

“You’re Sir Rainstar Gustard right.”

“Yeah. You’re … Luciel-kun right. You’re the 5th visitor I’ve met.”

The young man … Sir Rainstar is a handsome man who wears a gentle smile.

In addition to the abilities mentioned in his biography, his ability to create a space like this is likely to be the reason why the world could not leave him alone.

Why was I brought here? Rather than that, I’m more curious about the other 4 visitors.

“Luciel-kun, are you a reincarnated individual?”

“Yeah. I received a 15-year-old body and was reincarnated into Galdardia.”

“I see. I’m Japanese and a sinkhole suddenly appeared when I was going home after work and before I knew it, I was reincarnated by God Kuraiya into a baby.”

“You were from Japan? Then were you from the Edo or Meiji era?”

“No, the year I died was the year 20xx.”

“Is that so? It was year 20xo for me.”

The time warp is quite significantly different.

A mere few years became more than 300 years here.

“The fact that you’re here means that Philosopher-kun wants to prevent the revival of the demon lord.” (Rainstar)

Demon lord sounds ultra-dangerous though …

” … Apparently, a new hero would be born 40 years later and fight with the demon lord.” (Luciel)

“You sure are well-informed … ” (Rainstar)

The moment he spun those words, I felt magical power.

“What are you doing?” (Luciel)


“Yup. I appraised you. Even though your profession is a healer, it’s admirable that you trained to this extent in just 6 years. Your high abnormal condition resistance is especially fantastic.” (Rainstar)

“Why the talk as if you’re looking from above?” (Luciel)


“Well it’s since I’m the founder of the healer church … so, have there been any changes to the church?” (Rainstar)


“Yeah. It’s due to the passing of time but …” (Luciel)

I briefly talked about the problem with healer’s charges, the labyrinth under the church and the incident in Ienith.

” … Something along those lines. Oh right, the fact that the Pope is your daughter was indeed surprising.” (Luciel)


“I won’t give you my daughter.” (Rainstar)

“Even if you simply wish to say something you had always wanted to say as a father with a daughter, I do not remember having such a relationship with the Pope.” (Luciel)

“Are you not interested in my daughter?” (Rainstar)

” … It’s a hassle so I’d like to continue with the talk, the reincarnation dragons were sealed by the evil god but I’ve released the holy and flame dragon so it’ll somehow be alright right?” (Luciel)


I felt that it was not funny even as a joke so I returned the talk to the main point.

” … You’ll lose with just that. No matter what method you use the most you can do is achieve a draw.”

“Why do you say that?”

” … The main god and the evil god cannot coexist. Similarly, the hero of the light and the hero of the darkness cannot coexist.”


“The space-time dragon exists but this time, it doesn’t matter. Because the space-time dragon is the temporary appearance of Main God Kuraiya.”

“It’s similar to RPGs where the information comes to light near the end.”

“This is reality … or not but you will be returning to reality. Rather than that, if the hero does not release the reincarnation dragons, the hero can only use the light attribute while the demon lord can use magic from all attributes except for light and space-time.”

” … So by releasing them the hero’s attributes increases while the demon lord’s attributes decreases?”

“That’s right. During my time I possessed all the attributes so defeating the demon lord was easier than defeating the evil dragon but conversely, it would have been difficult even with the help of the spirits.”

… This guy, only now does he reveal that he was the hero and he killed the demon lord.

“You were the hero? But that was not written in your biography though?”

“I only knew much later that the one I defeated was the demon lord and furthermore, I had a dream.”


“I wanted to create a city in the sky. I was able to use flight magic before I became an adult due to the help from the spirits. I wanted to share with others that excitement.”

” …… ”

“After the holy and flame dragons, I hope that at the very least you release the basic attributes water, wind, and earth dragons. If you do so, the demon lord should only be able to use thunder, gravity, and poison so it should be fine.”

What do you mean by fine, I totally do not get your meaning.

“I no longer want to expose myself to any more danger than I had already faced so by no means am I going to dive into the labyrinths that give me flashbacks of death to release the seals on the reincarnation dragon or dance to the tune of the spirits.”

That’s right.

Survival is my priority so that should be fine.

Fortunately I have money as well, is it not fine if I live my life peacefully?


” … I don’t know the current status of the world but it’s most likely tougher than I can imagine.”

“Yeah. I’m weak enough to almost immediately die when fighting with normal monsters … this time, the evil god is involved as well so …”

“Evil god huh … ah, time’s up. I wanted to talk a bit more but the next time you’re able to come here would be a couple of years later at the earliest.

Which is why for now, if you pass through Rockford’s small gate and touch the large gate, you should be able to meet the earth dragon.

Also, if you visit the city in the sky Nelldal, call out … to the central fountain.”


“If you do so, they should definitely become your strength.” (TL: There wasn’t any pronoun given so it can be he/she/they.)

“Wait a minute.”


The moment I reached out with my hand, my consciousness once again receded and I was at the town hall when I came to.

“Luciel-sama? What are you waiting for?”

“You look pale?”

Even though we talked so much, it was as if the clock stopped.

Was it because he used space-time magic?

This land might not be a labyrinth but I found out that the earth dragon is indeed here.

Even though it doesn’t seem like there’s a need to clear a labyrinth …

Does the fact that there were a lot of ant monsters around this area mean that there’s a greater possibility that a lot more ant monsters would appear?

And if I release the earth dragon, the monsters will become weaker?

… I can’t make a decision immediately.


Rician and I finished our magical power authorisation.

We had planned to tour around the town after that but Paula and Rician were worried about my poor complexion so we returned to Dolan’s workshop.


But, on the way back, I was made painfully aware that in life, one is not given the time to think.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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