Interview with Nanaera

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Hi guys, this is just a short announcement post by the Author that was kind of interesting so I translated it. Interestingly, he wrote it like a mock-interview session with Nanaera-san. I think he’s planning to do one for Instructor Broad as well.

Anyway, volume 1 is out on Amazon Japan and the link can be found here or in the Invincible Saint ToC page 🙂 Do support the author if you are able to as well😀 Thank you and enjoy! (Read til the end for the official sketch of Nanaera)

Interview with Nanaera-san

Translator: Tseirp

Thank you as always for reading Invincible Saint.

Today, I have invited Nanaera-san as our guest.

Author: Well then, since Broad-san is in a bad mood, today we have the receptionist in the Adventurer’s Guild, Nanaera-san with us. Welcome.

Nanaera: Thank you for having me.

Author: Firstly, with the first volume of Invincible Saint going up for sales on the 30th of this month, what are your thoughts about it?

Nanaera: Yeah. Thanks to the hard work of the editor Mr. I, my number of appearances increased.

Author: Erm … the author also did his best to increase it you know?

Nanaera: Thank you for that.

Author: Don’t mention it … then, for your debut scene, are there any differences with the web version?

Nanaera: Yes. In various ways /// (TL: Indicates blushing)

Author: Then, which scene in particular left you with the strongest impression?

Nanaera: The scene of the weakened Luciel-kun. (TL: I’m guessing she meant the moment when Luciel found out the labyrinth was real xD)

Author: I see. Finally, please leave a word to all the readers.

Nanaera: I feel that with the efforts of Mr I-sama, unlike the web version, in the book, I did not fade into the background so please get one by all means.

Author: Tha, thank you. Today’s guest was Nanaera-san.



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