Godly Hunter Chapter 26

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First Contact

Slime Poison: A special drug made from the bodily fluids of a Slime. Effective against all Slimes and counters all Slime effects on a player. Each attack deals a powerful poison damage. Drug effects last for 30 mins.

This is it!

After reading the item attributes, Chen Mo knew right away that the Slime Poison was what made the Slime King mutate!

He had over-thought it. The Slime King did not mutate because of some hidden condition – it was this drug! It’s effective on all Slimes so that included the Slime King too. If one tries to go up against the Slime King after drinking it, the Slime King will mutate and become stronger!

If the Wild Wolf Valley hadn’t been taken over by the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf, resulting in players being unable to complete the beggar’s quest, the Slime Poison would be an easy item to obtain. Just spend a little more money to get a bottle and killing the Slime King would be no problem.

So his initial assumption was totally wrong and it wasn’t so complicated after all. The system just wanted to make it tougher to kill the Slime King.

But Chen Mo knew that his methods and reasoning were not wrong. He would not have arrived at his discovery if he hasn’t gone through his process.

Now, how did those two people make the Slime King Mutate?

Use it within its aggro range?

No, those two were trying to kill themselves when they went looking for the Slime King. They must have used the Slime Poison to kill the smaller Slimes, then gone to the Slime King while the drug was still in effect, resulting in the Slime King’s Mutation!

After analysing this, Chen Mo downed the drug without hesitation.

A faint green-black light flashed from his body. The colour of his equipment and crossbow changed too.

Chen Mo found some nearby Slimes. Time to test the effects of the drug.

The first to get attacked was the defence-heavy Black Slime.


A crossbow bolt hit the Black Slime in the head and Chen Mo exclaimed in surprise.

-2! -10!

His attack did only 2 DMG, but after the red -2 was a higher, green -10 poison DMG!

The Black Slime had only 60HP. Chen Mo hit it a few more times and killed it!

“Let’s try something else!”

The Slime Poison effect was great! If it had the same effectiveness on the other Slimes, they would be no problem to deal with and no stronger than the other monsters in other maps!

“It works on all the Slimes! Every one of them received additional damage!”

Chen Mo tested the power of the drug and found that all ordinary attacks he did on a Slime could generate an additional 40 to 60 poison DMG. This increased his damage output by quite a margin.

Chen Mo’s eyes twinkled in merriment. If the Slime King really did mutate because of the Slime Poison, then it must also have quite an effect on it, otherwise it wouldn’t need to mutate to counter it!

He stopped attacking and made his move. He was going to the Slime King.

Slime King spawn grounds.
“Hahaha! I’m coming, Slime King!”

“Die and drop loot for us!”

A group of Level 10 players had come to offer their lives to the Slime King. They knew they were going to die but were fearless; they laughed in the face of danger.

The Slime King was about to lunge at this group of intruders when it felt a prickle in its Slime-senses.

Anger flashed in its round, black eyes. Someone had killed its people and defiled the flesh of its children by refining the flesh into a devious concoction to use against it!


With a great roar, the Slime King’s body expanded and its colour changed rapidly!

“Mutated Slime King! Shit! The Slime King mutated!”

“Quick! Record a video! I remember this guy got rich on the forums by posting a video of the Mutated Slime King. He got over a million yuan!”

The group was frozen in shock. One of them came to his senses and yelled.

However, they were just too close. The Slime King gave them no chance to record a video once it mutated!


The Mutated Slime King’s body shook and fist-sized marble-like crystal balls emerged from its body. The crystal balls ricocheted towards the group of players.




…            …            …
Frightening damage numbers floated one after the other above the heads of the players. They were all insta-killed in the blink of an eye!

After the group died, the Mutated Slime King’s eyes narrowed at a person in the distance!

That adventurer was the cause of its ire!

“This bastard did have more skills!”

Chen Mo was surprised at the Mutated Slime King’s move.

There was not much data on the Mutated Slime King. Chen Mo had come close earlier but deliberately waited for a group of players to get closer to the Slime King before getting into its range and triggering its mutation.

He did not expect that this little experiment would reveal this ranged skill which was high damage and dealt group damage too!

Chen Mo hurriedly set a Basic Trap on the ground and turned to flee.

“This fat bastard! It doesn’t have legs but it’s still a BOSS. It’s hopping so quickly! My maximum speed now is 11points – 13 with the Degenerate title. This bastard’s speed is at least 17 points, maybe 18. If I don’t buy a good pair of shoes, I’ll never be able to outrun it even with a Speed Drug!”

Chen Mo took note of the Mutated Slime King’s speed as he ran. He discovered that the Mutated Slime King was impossible to outrun at his current speed!


The Mutated Slime King set off Chen Mo’s trap and it exploded!

-48! -50!

Two damage numbers floated above the Mutated Slime King’s head. One was from the trap and the other was from the Slime Poison effect.

The Slime Poison’s effects were powerful indeed!

The Mutated Slime King was fast. Chen Mo kept running. He equipped the Degenerate title. He drank one of his two remaining Low-Level Speed Drugs.

The drug increased his speed by 3 points. Chen Mo’s Speed was at 16 points. He was still a little slower than the Mutated Slime King though and it was only a matter of time before it caught up with him.

However, Chen Mo could set traps as he ran. After calculating the Mutated Slime King’s speed, he knew that it would not be so easy for it to catch him. If he was lucky, escaping from the Mutated Slime King’s range of attack was not impossible.

He quickly threw a Quake Trap and it landed behind him.


The Mutated Slime King landed on the Quake Trap and its huge body stopped moving!

Not only that – it was also thrown 1m backwards!


Chen Mo was cheered by the sight. The Quake Trap worked on the Mutated Slime King!

The Mutated Slime King chased and Chen Mo ran. This went on for several minutes more.

The Mutated Slime King did not manage to catch up to Chen Mo in the end. It glared at him as it gave up its murderous chase.

“This distance… Should be enough…”

Chen Mo stopped running. He did not look back at the Mutated Slime King but lowered his head to think and calculate the distance he had just run from the Mutated Slime King.

“Now I just need to buy a pair of excellent shoes, then try that method again. It’s not impossible to kill the Mutated Slime King one-on-one!”

Chen Mo used the data he had collected and came up with a plan after thinking for a while. His eyes were alight with excitement.

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