Godly Hunter Chapter 27

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Shoes of the Storm

Chen Mo had already come up with some ideas on how to kill the Mutated Slime King BOSS while he was gathering information on its mutation process. However, the priority now was to get a pair of excellent shoes.

He had only one bottle of Low Level Speed Drug left and its effects last 10 minutes. He would have to spend a few minutes luring the Mutated Slime King away or else he would not be able to kill it in peace. There were too many players approaching the Slime King.

The Mutated Slime King had a long HP bar. If he didn’t finish the job himself in 10 minutes, the speed drug would wear off and he’d definitely die.

However, Chen Mo was sceptical of his chance of purchasing the shoes he wanted in Ayr Town.

He was already wearing Goblin Shoes, which added 1 point to Speed. The Low Level Speed Drug added another 3, so that meant he needed to buy a pair that added 4 to speed.

Other attributes, give or take a few points, would not affect the price much but Speed was different. The price multiplied by the number of points it increased. +3 Speed Shoes were rare in the beginner village. A pair of +4 Speed Shoes? Unicorn-rare!

No matter how difficult it was, he had to get a pair. If it came down to it, he could go to one of the 3 Main Cities to buy them, then commit suicide and restart. He couldn’t go back to the beginner village after leaving unless he had some sort of special quest.

He still had the Degenerate title equipped so he couldn’t enter Ayr Town. However, it only restricted his entry. He could still hang around outside without the town guards bothering him.

“Selling Low Level HP Drugs! Limited stock! Hurry, get it before it’s gone!”

“Selling many pieces of equipment for Level 5 and above! White grade and above! Price negotiable!”

“Chopper Group – one more member needed for the Slime Plains!”

… … …

Shouts from inside Ayr Town could be heard. Many players stood within a few metres’ radius of the entrance touting their wares. The area was bustling. There were things being sold and bought and various requests to form parties or to join groups.

“REAL WORLD CASH for Speed Shoes! +4 or higher! Private Message if you have what I want!”

Chen Mo stood near the entrance and began yelling.

Quite a few people looked over when they heard the words ‘real world cash’ but they lost interest after hearing ‘Speed Shoes +4 or higher’.

Chen Mo went on yelling for a while. Only a few curious players PMed to ask how much he was willing to pay but they did not have the shoes he wanted.

He was not in a rush; Chen Mo was a patient man. He did not expect it to be easy to find excellent shoes.

Seated outside the town entrance, Chen Mo yelled his lines every once in a while. In little over an hour, the entire beginner village knew that there was a guy looking to buy +4 Speed Shoes.

The sky had darkened. In the Man-eating Flower spawn area, an assassin girl who looked about 16 or 17 and her priest friend were killing Man-eating Flowers in a party.

The assassin girl was in no danger since her friend healed her as she killed.

“Fei Fei, did you hear? Someone at the town entrance is buying +4 Speed Shoes,” the priest girl said in a small, excited voice as she healed her friend.

“Do you really want to sell these shoes, Xiao Yun?” Hua Fei Fei stroked the Shoes of the Storm. Wearing these +4 Speed Shoes of the Storm while running was like flying.

She wanted to tell Xiao Yun to sell the shoes to her but she held her tongue.

Hua Fei Fei’s family was wealthy. Xiao Yun, on the other hand, was from a single-parent family with an ailing mother, a younger brother and a younger sister. She had heavy responsibilities. Xiao Yun wanted to play GENESIS to try her luck after hearing how lucrative it could be but could not afford the cost of the helmet. Hua Fei Fei told Xiao Yun that she had bought two and intended to give one to her cousin but the cousin had already bought one herself so she could lend the extra helmet to her.

The two of them were good friends and never talked about money. Mu Xiao Yun had no idea Hua Fei Fei’s family was rich and Hua Fei Fei never mentioned it. She had never had many friends. If Mu Xiao Yun knew that there was such a disparity between them, they might not be friends anymore.

Mu Xiao Yun was a cheerful and optimistic girl. Other than being a little shy, she was a great person. Hua Fei Fei did not really think that Mu Xiao Yun would distance herself after finding out she was a rich man’s daughter but she had seen too many issues which revolved around money while growing up and did not want to risk it.

“I’m sorry, Fei Fei. My mother is sick again.” Mu Xiao Yun looked at Fei Fei apologetically.

“Auntie’s health comes first. It’s also good to sell it early – it won’t be worth as much once levels go up.” Hua Fei Fei soothed her friend.

She had thought about it too. It was no big deal for her to spend some cash and buy some better shoes so Xiao Yun can earn some income. She could help her make a bit of money and lessen her burden.

Oho! Looks like she can find a way to get Xiao Yun good items in-game to sell for real cash and help her indirectly!

Haha! She’s so smart!

“Come on, let’s go back!” Hua Fei Fei said happily. Mu Xiao Yun thought it a bit odd that her friend was suddenly acting all cheery but couldn’t understand why.

… … …

“You have +4 Speed Shoes?” Chen Mo looked at the two pretty girls before him. They looked like high-schoolers – one quiet and shy and the other with a guarded but aggressive gaze.

“Yes. This is the pair.” Hua Fei Fei sent the item attributes to Chen Mo.

Shoes of the Storm

Description: Wearing these shoes will let you run like the wind.

Equipment quality: Green

Limit: Level 5 and above


Physical defence +15

Magic defence +20

Movement speed +4

Green quality Shoes! Movement speed +4 and two additional defences!

Chen Mo’s heart skipped with glee. Hanging around for two hours had been worth it.

“The shoes aren’t too shabby. How much do you want for them?” Chen Mo asked immediately.

“H-How about 1000?” Mu Xiao Yun squeaked out a price.

“Xiao Yun! That’s too little!” Hua Fei Fei pulled Xiao Yun aside when she heard her friend’s price. “What she said just now didn’t count. She doesn’t know about prices. You’d better quote us a price that matches the item quality, you geezer. If you dare cheat us, I’ll kill and chase you to the ends of the Earth!”

“What geezer? I’m like your big brother! I’m not much older than you two!” Chen Mo was outraged. He wasn’t just a hacker – he was also a young man in his prime. He was just 21! Being called an old man out of the blue was unbearable.

“Big brother? Ha! Don’t try to cheat us! You’re an old geezer! Name your price, old geezer. We won’t sell if we don’t like the offer!” Hua Fei Fei completely ignored Chen Mo’s protests and called him a geezer again.

Chen Mo gritted his teeth in anger. This little wench was just asking to get hit. Chen Mo cursed the girl. She’ll never get married, get left on the shelf and become an old spinster!

Hmm. This curse might be a bit too harsh.

Whatever. With this kid’s attitude, if curses worked then one more curse from him won’t make a difference.

“5000. Any higher wouldn’t be worth it for me. These are just Level 5 shoes anyway.” Chen Mo did not quibble with Hua Fei Fei. He’d rather complete the transaction peacefully. If he offended her and she refused to sell, he would be in trouble.

“Is it really only worth 5000?” Hua Fei Fei glared at Chen Mo in suspicion. Was this guy lying?

“It’s enough, Fei Fei.” Mu Xiao Yun tugged excitedly at her friend’s sleeve.

These Level 5 shoes could actually be sold for 5000 RMB!* Expenses for this month won’t be a problem now!

“If you feel like I’ve cheated you, then you’re welcome to hound me.” Chen Mo shot a look at the little wench.

“Hah! I’ll really do it!”

Hua Fei Fei snorted in derision and handed the shoes to Mu Xiao Yun to trade to Chen Mo.

In GENESIS, it was inevitable that real-money trades would happen so the game had incorporated a system that supported real-money transactions. The amount had to be a minimum of 1000 though. The system also charged a 5% transaction tax that would go towards charity.

“Okay, the money has been transferred to your account.”

It was the first time dealing in real-money for both Mu Xiao Yun and Chen Mo so they took a while to complete the transaction.

“Thank you.” Mu Xiao Yun thanked Chen Mo.

“Hey, geezer. Don’t forget what I said. If you dare cheat Xiao Yun, I’ll chase you to the ends of the Earth!”

Chen Mo turned to leave after completing the transaction and started sprinting towards Wild Wolf Valley but Hua Fei Fei’s voice could still be heard behind him.

Chen Mo gritted his teeth. He really wanted to hit that girl.

* 5000RMB = 693.6 EUR = 787.8 USD = 2927 PLN

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