God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 1

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Book 4 Chapter 1: Coercion

The corners of Lei Bao’s smile curled up, a surge of his tyrannical aura spread in the surroundings while Tai Lang complained in his heart, he walked forward and grabbed hold of Lei Bao, softly speaking, “Old brother Lei. This matter…..let me take care of it, hehe, if I were to do it…..and you found my actions unsatisfactory, then you’ll step in, how’s that plan?” He looked worriedly at Lei Bao, if he still had the same temper as the past him, then he would definitely reject this notion.

This time, Lei Bao did not persist and after thinking for a while, he nodded, “Alright, I’ll wait here for you, remember, do not let my men suffer!”

Yan Wu glanced at the old man with a slightly astonished expression, in this meeting, he had noticed that the old man had gone through some obvious changes, even A Silan found it strange, she also obviously knew of the old man’s temper and did not expect him to actually be able to suppress his anger.

Tai Lang made a decision almost instantly, even if the old man Lei Bao’s team had killed, he would take his side and suppress these small sects, which was why he said, “Who, among all of you, saw them kill?”

The seven true masters were speechless, they tracked with their desert hunting dogs here, they could only prove that this team walked this route and that the disciples on it disappeared, but they did not see them kill.

If the strength of this team was ordinary, then they did not even need to prove anything, they would just massacre them all as revenge, but this group was at Stellar Night Fortress, they did not dare to kill, they could only capture this team that had stayed outside, but they did not expect that this team had men in Stellar Night Fortress and that Tai along would appear among them, which prevented them from extorting an confession.

Tai Lang spoke, “If you did not see them kill, why would you capture them, immediately release them!”

Lei Bao slightly checked the opponents, noticing that the strongest among them was only a true master with three true ring bodies, their strength was terrifying for normal practitioners, but to him, it was not even worth a mention, however this was already the strongest force in this group of 20 small sects, with the sudden appearance of seven true masters, it showed the importance of this matter.

This true master that had three true ring bodies was Tang Shi of the Great Eagle Sect, the elder of the inner sect within the Great Eagle sect, he was the leader this time.

Tang Shi felt something was off, he was actually on good terms with Tai Lang and was considered his friend, of course there is different types of treatment for the varying amount of intimacy with different people, his relationship with Tai Lang was incomparable to Tai Long and the old man Lei Bao’s. He spoke, “Tai Lang…..senior…..” He originally wanted to call him Old Brother Tai Lang, but seeing the stern expression on Tai Lang, he changed it to Tai Lang senior.

“Tai Lang senior, I cannot free them……..I need to interrogate them, if they have no relations with the murders, then I will take responsibility for the compensation required as an apology.”

Tai Lang scolded, “Bullshit!”

For them to interrogate, not only will Lei Bao refuse, even he would refuse, he knew the other sides methods, even if they didn’t kill, they would let them admit to it, no one could withstand the interrogations of a practitioners, it was an experience that left the victims wishing for death.

Tang Shi straightened his back and spoke while staring at Tai Lang, “Senior!”

Tai Lang waved his hand, “Don’t f*cking speak about interrogation! They are not people you can interrogate, if you bring out proof of their killings, I can negotiate, but if you want to do things recklessly, I will stop you!”

Tang Shi felt a surge of impatience, if he could not find the killer, then the entire alliance of the small sects will collapse, he needed to find the killer, only then will he quell the rage of the crowd, but Stellar Night Fortress was not something he could offend, he felt extremely helpless, after thinking for a while, he spoke, “We need to discuss something for a moment.”

Tai Lang nodded, “Alright, you all do that, however, I hope that we can quickly have a satisfactory end to this.”

Tang Shi led the other True masters and retreated to the other end of the small bridge, the seven of them engaged in a discussion and it quickly caused a verbal fight among them.

Lei Bao hugged his elbows and looked on with a cold expression.

Jin Da Pang and Qi Xuan similarly had cold expression, but XinFeng noticed that there was a glint flashing in Jin Da Pang’s eyes, revealing his anger. Jin Da Pang was very clever, in the presence of powerful experts, he knew that he was not strong enough, if the old man Lei Bao and the others weren’t here, he would be unable to resist, even if he were the officer of Xi Rong nation, he still would not be able to do anything.

XinFeng deeply experienced the absolute benefits of strength in this world at that moment, it was power of suppression.

The seven of them quarreled for less than ten minutes before they returned, Tang Shi spoke, “We have to interrogate them!”

Tai Lang sighed in his heart and spoke, “The men in this team, belongs to my senior, do you really want to interrogate them, hehe. Then as the landlord, I shouldn’t intervene too much, with that, I will stop.” He suddenly could not care anymore and turned his head, “Old brother, do as you please.”

The old man nodded, “No problem, let me.”

Tang Shi suddenly felt a chill, he gritted his teeth and spoke, “Senior, if we had made a mistake, we will take responsibility and compensate you!”

Lei Bao spoke, ignoring him, “A Silan, you take care of Yao Yao and Feng, is that alright?”

A Silan smiled, “Do not worry, I will take care of their safety.” As she spoke, she waved her hand for XinFeng to come closer, hugging XinYao, she retreated a few steps backwards,

Lei Bao spoke again, “Yan Wu, you need not do anything, just take care of my men, they are weak, en, Qi Xuan, Du Hong Chen, the both of you also need not do anything, just help Yan Wu.”

Yan Wu smiled, “Old Uncle, don’t worry, I don’t have any problems.”

Lei Bao nodded, “Great!” He then turned to Tang Shi, “Little fellow, don’t say that I’m tyrannical, I give you another chance to let my men go.

Tang Shi’s face became green, this was too tyrannical, they did not even attempt to negotiate and directly asked for them to free their men, Tang Shi gritted his teeth and replied, “Without an answer, we cannot let them go!” He was determined to see this to the end, thinking that the old man Lei Bao would not dare to do anything against the alliance of 20 small sects, he believed that even if Lei Bao was his senior, he wouldn’t do anything easily. A pity that he did not know about Lei Bao’s temper and his strength.

The old man Lei Bao laughed, “Interesting, if I spoke these words ten years ago, not a single person would even make a single noise. After ten years, not only does someone dare to make a noise, they even asked again with patience, ai, I’m old, I’m old….”

The surroundings were completely silent, the crowd looked speechlessly at the old man Lei Bao who was loudly sighing, only Tai Lang, A Silan and Yan Wu felt worried, even though they were experts with four or five true ring bodies, they still felt the same hair-raising fear.

This was XinFeng’s first time seeing this appearance on his grandpa, he felt curious, it made him lament, he could not keep up with the changes of this world.

Tang Shi seemed as though he wanted to say something, but he suddenly noticed that the old man Lei Bao had already risen into the skies and his heart almost stopped, he suddenly understood something and could not help but shout loudly, “Stop!”

His shout was too late, the old man who was like lightning that struck into the river from the skies, collided with the group of practitioners, and in that instant, countless lightning strikes danced around them, ‘pi pa’ sounds filling the area, causing hundreds of men to fall limp onto the ground instantly.

The scariest thing was not the convulsing men on the ground, but the fact that the bundled prisoners were completely unscathed, though they were tied up, they continued to stand straight. The leaping lighting formed arc spread speedily, the men on the small bridge could only feel an eye piercing light before them as pitiful cries sounded.

Tang Shi led the other true masters and rushed forward along the small bridge, a surge of cold flashed past his heart, before the old man Lei Bao attacked, he felt that this old man was far too strong, but as the old man attacked, he suddenly felt shocked, the action of taking to the skies meant that this old man was at least an expert that had condensed something stronger than true ring bodies, this sort of expert who may not even appear in large sects, terrified him.

True masters with 6 True Ring bodies were called Yin masters, if it was seven True Ring bodies, then it was a Wild True Yin master, both of them were terrifying existences. The old man Lei Bao was at least a Yin master, or perhaps even a Wild True Yin master, how would they even dare against him? His face turned white with regret, he actually irked such a powerful expert, this was called seeking death, no wonder Tai Lang tried his best to stop him, not only was Tang Shi unable to block the attacks, even Tai Lang couldn’t.

Tang Shi felt ashamed, he shouted loudly, “Senior stop, we surrender! Stop!”

The old man shouted in reply, “Why should I stop when you tell me to?” As he pounced towards the seven of them.

Tang Shi did not dare to resist, they stood motionless. At that moment, Tai Lang had to come forward to stop him, “Old brother, old brother…..they already surrendered!”

Only then did Lei Bao stop, he spoke, “These fools, only will they surrender after I attack, they are just a group of idiots!”

Tang Shi’s forehead was drenched with sweat while he cried without tears, this old man was too abnormal, who knew he had such a terrifying amount of strength, he saw that thick lightning strike reaching his body, but with Tai Lang’s shout, it disappeared.

On the ground was twitching practitioners, the old man Lei Bao had shown mercy this time and did not take any lives, all of them were merely struck with lightning. After all he knew, because of the past misunderstanding, they killed so many of their men and that if he were to mercilessly massacre them this time again, he would be going overboard.

Tang Shi had great eyes, with only a glance, he knew that the opponent had been merciful. The opponent could have killed them all and would not even have to fear that Tang Shi would exact revenge, the opponent was too strong, it made other’s feel hopeless.

The seven of them understood that even if this group was related in the deaths of their disciples, they are powerless to exact revenge. This was their first time hoping that they weren’t involved, and even if this group was involved, they would deny that fact and say these men were innocent, even if they killed, they must pretend they didn’t.

Lei Bao looked down on these men, according to his temper, these men were all f*cking soft boiled eggs, he spoke, “Remember, give my underlings an apology and also compensation!”

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