God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 2

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Oh, one thing, when I say ‘Dozen’ in the text, don’t assume it’s 12, because Chinese people like to say 10+, and it looks weird in English if I were to put ’10+’ in text, so I use dozen as a substitute, is there a better way though, or you guys don’t mind if I use 10+?

Oh, and I’m changing the thing where like originally I use Huo Lun Attribute, now I’m using Fire Lun Attribute, sorry I didn’t do that earlier. Also, Lun Chang space is now Hidden Lun space, Chang = hide.

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Book 4 Chapter 2: Coercion (2)

Tai Lang laughed bitterly, words were useless, they would only be satisfied after Lei Bao attacked. They were like candles who refused to burn unless you lit them.

Lei Bao spoke, “Pang, you stay here and settle this, remember…..if you’re unsatisfied, tell me! Understand?”

One word described what Jin Da Pang felt, satisfied, he was satisfied to the bone, there were seven True Masters, who did not even have the courage to fight, this sight made him rub his eyes, it was too exaggerated. The True Masters he had seen were all proud to no ends, he had never thought there would be a time where they would act like weaklings.

“Ai, yes, old master….” He excitedly charged.

The old man Lei Bao then said, “Let’s go, let’s return,”

The matter was resolved through Lei Bao’s suppressing power and it did not attract attention.

Tang Shi and his men all sincerely apologized, they even compensated a good amount of gold rings. Jin Da Pang also did not bully them, he understood that despite it being a misunderstanding, they had after all killed. He did not wish to complicate the matter further and halfheartedly put an end to this matter.

The old man Lei Bao and everyone else temporally stayed at Stellar Night Fortress.

XinFeng loved that umbrella like structure at the Night Fortress, he only understood at night why it was called Night Fortress, the glow of the stars and the candlelight of the Night Fortress joined together to form an splendid glow, it was a rare and beautiful sight. As he was the grandchild of Lei Bao, he had the right to stay at the wooden floor in the middle of the Night Fortress, it was a room at the highest floor, the third floor.

As for Xinyao, she stayed where A Silan was, perhaps as Xinyao had never received such considerate and doting care, she who was doted on by A Silan had caused her to feel uncomfortable at first, but now she enjoyed it and quickly started to call A Silan her master. After all, she was only a small girl who hadn’t experienced such deliberate yet pleasing pampering, now that she did, she quickly grew close to A Silan.

As Xinyao loved to be together with XinFeng, she always goes to her brother’s room, causing A Silan to followe her as well, within these few days, not only did the relationship between Xinyao and A Silan grow, even the relationship between XinFeng and A Silan grew, the two of them would occasionally chat with each other.

Using this chance, XinFeng learnt about a few questions he had concerning practicing, every expert at the level of True master would have their own set of skills, knowledge and their experience outside, situations revolving around each place and also the famous practitioners sects and clans, each area of influence, these were the contents of XinFeng’s questions.

A Silan also noticed the impact XinFeng had on Xinyao and the attachment the little lady had for her brother, only afterwards did she learn that Xinyao was brought up by XinFeng, ever since she stopped drinking milk, he would bring her wherever he went, they were extremely close, XinFeng had taken up the position of the little lady’s parents.

After learning of this fact, she became kinder to XinFeng, with Xinfeng’s mature personality as well as his cautious thinking, A Silan had a good impression of the siblings.

A Silan had a proficient medicine production, she had reached a master’s level in her knowledge of the uses of all kinds of plants, blood essence of animals and also minerals, for some unknown reason, she started to impart this knowledge, to of course attract Xinyao’s interest, but in the end, XinFeng was much more interested.

Xinyao was a child and it was hard for her to have interest in these sorts of things, but XinFeng was different, he knew clearly the importance of such knowledge, so upon learning of it, he asked her to teach him. It was a pity that he did not have the Green Lun attribute, even if he acquired the knowledge of making medicine, he would not be able to reach the standard of a master. However, even so, XinFeng kept learning nonstop, shocking A Silan, she had seen many  children around his age who only knew how to play, but refused to seriously learn, there were only a few children like XinFeng who were willing to take the initiative to learn a new type of knowledge.

(Puttty: Green Lun attribute was originally the Lv attribute, the one that Xinyao had.)

The knowledge of crafting medicine opened XinFeng’s eyes, it was entirely different from the medicine from his past life, although he was unable to make high graded medicine, he was capable of making simple medicine. The most important knowledge to him was to be able to discern useful plants, minerals, animals, blood and also all sorts of weird things, without knowledge, many useful things would be overlooked and classified as useless.

He especially wanted knowledge regarding rare plants, animal blood and precious minerals, as well as high grade purification methods, to be able to learn about those was already worth it.

A Silan taught diligently, she even gave a Star Python Record that had her own recorded list of all sorts of ingredients to XinFeng, she wished to let Xinyao see the effort she put in, and that she did not only treat the little lady well. But her brother too.

Xinyao was very smart and had a pure child’s mind, she could discern between those that treated her well and those who harbored malicious intent, A Silan’s efforts did not go down the drain, Xinyao had gradually accepted her, which elated A Silan.

For ten days, neither Xinyao nor XinFeng left the house, mostly it was XinFeng who did not want to go out, he had been diligently absorbing the new knowledge, which pleased the old man Lei Bao, he even specially came to thank A Silan.

A Silan also gave XinFeng a dozen high grade medicines, which were mainly used for healing this sort of medicine was very precious, in key moments, it could be used to save a life.

Within this period of time, Stellar Night Fortress also invited a few True masters, all of them were the old man Lei Bao’s friends. One of them was actually a True Yin Master that had condensed a True Ring Body. The fire attribute was the most common attribute in this world, but the amount of people that had the fire attribute and reached the level of a True Yin Master were small, the Fire Lun attribute’s attacks were very strong, and with the rise to the higher levels, it becomes capable of unleashing its ultimate effect.

This man called Gelu was a burly, red faced man with the rarely seen red hair on his head, it was said that he had black hair like normal humans in the past, but ever since he condensed four True Ring bodies, his hair started to change, from brown to red, after condensing a True Ring body, even this fellow’s eyebrows became brown.

There was also two experts with four True Ring Bodies, their age was enough for them to be classified as old women, one of them was called An Yadan, the other was called Tai Popo.

(Puttty: Author is cruel, he named Jin Da Pang and Tai Po Po with no effort, Jin Da Pang is literally gold fatty, gold being a part of the city’s name while the old lady is literally Great Grandma.)

Although An Yadan seemed old, she had dressed herself to be extremely flirtatious, thick white powder covering her face. This was Xinyao’s first time seeing such a sight and she immediately hid in A Silan’s embrace without even daring to peek, this woman had flashed her a smile, her large red lips scaring the little lady.

Tai Popo also dressed strangely, on a hot day, she wore an expensive fur, it was said that she came from an extremely cold place, her body carried a chill with her, even in a place near the desert, the chill could not be eradicated.

The three of them were all weirdos, XinFeng felt curious, out of all the friends grandpa had, there isn’t a normal person, it was just Tai Lang, Yan Wu and A Silan that seemed rather normal.

In these few days, XinFeng caught the eye of An Yadan, ever since she noticed that he had a single attribute, Lightning Lun, she started to pester Leo Bao, wanting to take XinFeng away, that made the old man angry but this woman was thick skinned and did not care in the slightest. She would also go to XinFeng and speak nonstop, flaunting all sorts of weird items in an attempt to attract XinFeng’s attention.

It even scared XinFeng and caused him to stay next to A Silan, in his eyes, An Yadan was a crazy woman, she isn’t even a Lightning Lun practitioner, it was said that one of her masters was a Lightning Lun expert, forcing Lei Bao to warn An Yadan to not harass XinFeng.

An Yadan could not beat the old man Lei Bao and could only temporarily stop her harassment, according to her XinFeng would one day learn of her Master’s mightiness, and at that moment he would come and plead her to learn.

XinFeng could not care less about this woman, he made good use of his time and stayed at A Silan’s side, diligently learning. It was as if Xinyao also knew about her brother’s urgency and started to please A Silan adorably, wrapping her in the little lady’s fingers. A Silan taught all that she could and all that she couldn’t, as for how much XinFeng could learn and understand, it was left up to his own comprehensive ability.

On this day, Tai Lang gathered everyone at the wooden house in the middle of the Night Fortress.

XinFeng and Xinyao also followed A Silan. In the large living room were two rows of tables and chairs, the crowd all sat down and XinFeng sat behind the old man Lei Bao, Xinyao sat in A Silan’s embrace as usual, within this period of time she had already became accustomed to A Silan’s hugs.

Tai Lang spoke, “There’s news, we need to discuss when we will depart.”

The old man Lei Bao spoke, “Has the Hidden Lun space appeared?”

Tai Lang spoke, “It has already revealed its image, there is already people rushing there, however, until now, an acceptable expert hasn’t appeared.”

The old man Lei Bao spoke, “The experts will appear, it’ll all depend on the value of this Hidden Lun space, hehe, I hope it’s an ancient one, only then will good stuff appear, it really is worth the wait, it’s been a long while since the last acceptable Hidden Lun space.”

Tai Lang spoke, “That’s right, for dozens of years, a few Hidden Lun spaces have appeared, but they weren’t much, let’s hope for a surprise this time round.”

The crowd discussed among themselves. The value of an ancient Hidden Lun space was something everyone knew, if they were to find some special items, it would greatly benefit them.

There wasn’t a practitioner capable of resisting the temptation of a Hidden Lun space, there were too many strange things in it that did not belong to this time,  as well as practicing methods of the past, it may not be suitable, but nothing stopped them from absorbing useful knowledge, the only downside was that with an ancient Hidden Lun space’s appearance, it would attract large amounts of high leveled practitioners, if there wasn’t a strong practitioner leading, then the low leveled practitioners would not be able to get anything, and may even lose their lives.

Tai Lang spoke, “I also received a piece of news, perhaps it would be interesting to everyone.”

The old man Lei Bao asked, “What news?”

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