GDBBM – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: “Uninvited Guests (3)”

[That scoundrel!] The little black cat echoed in Jun Wu Xie’s mind.

In front of his fiancée, he was actually flirting with another woman!

Jun Wu Xie who had been silent the entire time finally spoke.

“There’s no need.”

This world’s doctors have tormented her enough.

Jun Wu Xie refusal had caused Mo Xuan Fei and his companion’s smiling face to crumble.

Mo Xuan Fei voiced his displeasure and said: “Yun Xian is the direct disciple of Qing Yun Clan’s Sovereign.”

Qing Yun Clan?

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrow slightly, even Jun Qing’s face bore a hint of surprise.

There were several major powers outside Kingdom of Qi, one of which was the Qing Yun Clan. They are well renowned through the continents and had remained undisputed in the field of medicine for generations.

They have a long history of producing geniuses, each whose name had fame that could shake the entire continent. The most famed was their Sovereign who has the ability akin to a saint, garnering  every kingdoms’ respect. The Kingdom of Qi will definitely be on the losing end if they angered the Qing Yun Clan.

Bai Yun Xian was the Sovereign’s disciple which meant that her status in the clan was quite high .

After Mo Xuan Fei had introduced her, Bai Yun Xian lifted her chin up slightly and her features could be seen clearer and it was of an otherworldly appearance.

“I spent a lot of effort to invite Yun Xian over. Furthermore, Wu Xie has no contractual spirit. If she doesn’t heal well, what will become of her? Although we are not destined for each other, no matter what, as an acquaintance or even a friend, I should also help her. “Mo Xuan Fei finally conveyed his intentions.

Jun Qing’s face was black as coal.

Previously Mo Xuan Fei had taken Jun Wu Xie as his fiancee, entirely due to Lin Palace’s military power, but now he had nothing to fear as he found an even stronger backing.

Even Jun Xian’s military power, no matter how big, is not Qing Yun Clan’s opponent.

Mo Xuan Fei’s purpose was very clear, he wanted to break this marriage engagement!

“Does this mean that Second Prince wants to break your engagement with our Wu Xie?” Jun Qing was gripping the wheelchair so hard, his knuckles turned white.

“This is quite upsetting, although I have no feelings towards Wu Xie, since I had gained her affection, I wanted to try to get along and see if we could progress further. But it’s been so long, I really do not harbour any feelings towards her and it’s been determined that she has no contractual spirit. We are not destined for each other. ” Mo Xuan Fei patiently explained.

How can he marry such a spoiled and haughty girl who did not even have a contractual spirit? No matter what he was was a Prince of a nation! How could he marry a waste and become a laughing stock?

He did not care about Jun Wu Xie and had thoroughly humiliated her by bringing out her infatuation with him as well as her status as a waste.

He had completely pushed the blame to her and wiped his slate clean.

Jun Qing’s already ashen face, silently cursed himself and blamed own uselessness. Due to his disability, others are bullying his niece in his own home yet he could do nothing at all to protect what’s precious to him.

Has Lin Palace declined so much?

Jun Qing could not bear to see Wu Xie’s forlorn expression. Knowing how much she was smitten with Mo Xuan Fei, with her arrogant temper, and now she was insulted by that very man she had pinned for, how she can stand it?

However, what he saw left him stunned.

Instead of a drama unfolding before his eyes, what he saw was entirely different from his expectations.  Jun Wu Xie with an aloft and indifferent aura, casually glanced at Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian.

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