GDBBM – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: “Uninvited Guests (4)”

She…She did not get angry?

“Is that all?” Jun Wu Xie looked at them indifferently.

Her calmness had made not only Jun Qing but Mo Xuan Fei shocked speechless. This was beyond their expectations.

When she wanted the engagement, she desperately did every single thing in her power, even to the extent of abusing her grandfather’s position to corner him into agreeing. However now that he himself had announced the annulment, she acted as though it had nothing to do with her.

“Jun Wu Xie, let’s go our separate ways. Let Yun Xian heal you and we’ll owe each other nothing henceforth.” Mo Xuan Fei furrowed his eyes as he couldn’t read her. What was she scheming this time round?

Jun Wu Xie cast a glance at Yun Xian and she looked at her from head to toe as if appraising an item and her lips curved into a gentle smile.

“The world is a vast place, why don’t you go out and have a look?” Jun Wu Xie asked in a playful tone.

“What do you mean?” Mo Xuan Fei was puzzled.

Jun Wu Yao simply chuckled. “I think she meant it’s time for you to scram.” his eyes slightly teary, trying hard to hold back his laughter as he very ‘kindly’ offered them her explanation.

Mo Xuan Fei’s face instantly became livid. “Jun Wu Xie, even if you do not agree to the annulment of our engagement you have to. Imperial Father has already prepared the edict and it would be announced to the whole world tomorrow.”

Bai Yun Xian who was quiet all this time finally spoke out in a gentle and soft voice: “Miss Jun, my master once said that all life will eventually end. Some things can’t be forced. In your current predicament, it is not wise for you to further pursue this marriage.” She ‘kindly’ offered her advice guised with an undertone of arrogance.

In short, do not be shameless and stick to Mo Xuan Fei.

[How dare she! Mistress! This woman is berating you!] Little black cat was fuming at this adulterous couple.

“I’m tired.” Jun Wu Xie gave an exaggerated look of fatigue and didn’t to even bother to cast her glance at the couple although they were directly in her line of sight. She turned and looked over at Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao stood up naturally, stretched his hands out as he scooped Wu Xie’s petite body into his arms and left the hall without looking back.

Mo Xuan Fei’s face got uglier by each second. Jun Wu Xie had never ignored him before but today, she practically ignored his existence.

“It’s getting late already, dear guests, please return.” Jun Qing said coldly. If not for their special identities, he would have kicked them out long ago!

Mo Xuan Fei was about to say something but Bai Yun Xian stood up with a hint of dissatisfaction. He swallowed whatever he was about to say and could only follow quietly as she stormed out.

In the quiet hall, Jun Qing’s face was as white as sheet. When did Lin Palace need to tolerate such insults? Looking at how things are progressing, with his aging father and no suitable successor to the Rui Lin Army, the Royal family is starting to act out their thoughts. From Mo Xuan Fei’s actions today, it can be seen that the Royal family no longer held the Lin palace in any regards.


Whilst carrying Wu Xie in his arms, Wu Yao had on a playful smile.

“You’re not angry?” He lowered his gaze and looked at her. It was clear as day that the Second Prince had purposely brought his new love to visit with bad intentions.

However not a trace of anger could be seen.

She raised her head slightly. Staring at him was a pair of eyes as calm as night filled with question marks.

Jun Wu Yao could not help but his smiled deepened as his crescent eyes revealed a faint glint. No one could fathom what he was on his mind.

“Wu Xie, you really have a good temper.”

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