GDBBM – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 “Lin Palace (3)”

Jun Wu Xie looked calmly at the charming man who was exuding a dangerous aura – the man who claimed to be her ‘Brother’. Lin Palace never had a Jun Wu Yao in the family registrar. That man sitting in the chair was that very man she had saved from the cave that day but the only difference was that pair of deep purple eyes were now black as obsidian.

“What did you do?” She asked with a frosty expression as she stared menacingly into his eyes.

Jun Wu Yao gave her a casual side glance as he propped his chin, raised his eyebrows slightly and curled his lips upwards in a teasing fashion as he stared back at this presumptuous girl.

“Repaying my gratitude.” He replied.

“No need.” She retorted.

“Unfortunately, the choice is not yours.” he threw her an enigmatic smile.

Jun Wu Xie furrowed her eyebrows. This man is dangerous! What method he did he use to make even the great Lin Wang acknowledge him as his own grandson?

“What did you do to the people of my Lin Palace?”

Jun Wu Yao faintly smiled at her and lifted his hands to reveal a small hair-like snake coiled around his finger tips. “Don’t be afraid, I just let these little things into their body and temporarily tweaked a little of their memory. I will not hurt anybody here, you can rest assured.”

The little black cat was completely shocked.

What kind of demon did its master save this time? Also those black hair-like snake creatures had its instincts on high alert! They were not to be trifled with! They can enter a human’s body and can even alter people’s memories?

“Is this kitten your contracted spirit?” He asked as he looked on amusingly while studying the various expressions on the black cat.

“That has nothing to do with you.” She sneered.

“Why are you so cold towards me, my dear Sister?” He chuckled.

“This place is not for you, it’s time for you to leave.” She stated. Her inner thoughts were in turmoil. This man was too dangerous. Nothing good will happen with him staying on in the Lin Palace.

Just as Jun Wu Yao lowered his voice and smiled, a sudden surge of power could be felt as those black hair-like snakes started dancing wildly on his fingertips. “Don’t be so heartless , you saved me, all I want is to exact vengeance on my enemies. If you can’t even accede to this humble little request of mine, then I can only destroy these little things in the body of those of your Lin Palace. It’s just that… If these were forcibly destroyed from within, I’m afraid they may suffer…I wonder what will become of the Lin Palace?”

“Are you threatening me?” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes.

“Nope, this is a request.” he replied as he curled his lips upwards.

Request? If she did not agree, he would kill everyone? This is considered a request?

“Don’t be so nervous, it’s just that I have temporarily nowhere to go to, when the time comes, I will naturally leave. Before leaving I would also like to repay your kindness. I can assure you, I won’t hurt anyone here.” Jun Wu Yao said with a smile.

“Won’t you kill everyone off when you leave?” She asked in a chilling voice.

“I won’t, when it’s time to leave, I can promise you that I won’t harm anyone.” He patiently replied.

“It’s not as if I have a choice” she icily said as she gritted her teeth.

Jun Wu Yao shrugged.

Knowing that she can’t get rid of this dangerous man for the time being, she simply closed her eyes to rest and no longer paid him any attention.

The little black cat was assured that no harm will come upon its master for the moment. It let out a small sigh of relief as it nimbly leaped onto the bed and curled up at the edge of Wu Xie’s pillow, but it maintained it’s vigilance as its pair of watchful eyes never once left the man sitting on the chair.

This man is very very dangerous. He’s the most dangerous person it has ever encountered.

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