GDBBM – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 “Uninvited Guests (1)”

Jun Wu Yao saw that she had already settled back in bed and knew that she had acceded to this ‘request’ of his.

By some stroke of luck he had regained his freedom. Since the heavens had blessed him, he would definitely regain all that was lost. Before he exacted this vengeance of his, he needed to rebuild his strength back to its peak. Meeting this interesting little girl along the way might relieve his boredom. She was unlike those other boring people. Staying here would be entertaining.

Over the next couple of days, all sorts of rare pills and potions were being sent into her room. While all the best doctors in the country were summoned for Jun Wu Xie’s treatment.

If she had a choice she would have treated herself.

Looking at the treatment those white-haired doctors were administering, Wu Xie was trembling with anger within. They were quacks! They were all quacks!

If it was her, such injuries would have been easily treated within 10 days but from the mouths of these ‘doctors’ all of them reported the healing period of not less than one month.

As her injuries were too serious for her to tend to herself, she didn’t have any choice but to patiently bear through the month.

During this period, her grandfather dropped by to visit her everyday to check on her recovery. Jun Wu Yao rarely visited.

When she had finally recovered enough to walk on her own, Jun Wu Yao appeared at the door.

“You are finally looking much better” he chortled as he leaned against the door and flashed her a devilish grin.

“I’m going to change clothes” Jun Wu Xie expressionlessly glanced at him – all with a single meaning. Scram.

Unfortunately…someone did not seem to get the hint.

Rather than going away, he actually strode over to Jun Wu Xie’s side and raised his hands and gently lifted her up.

The little black cat’s fur stood on ends.

Release it’s mistress you beast! It screamed out in it’s head.

“Sister has not completely healed yet, it’s very inconvenient for you. This kind of thing it’s natural for brother to help you.” When he finished, Jun Wu Yao completely ignored the black pair of flaming eyes as he carried his dear ‘sister’ to the bed and begin picking out a set of clean clothes for her and began changing Jun Wu Xie.

“……………………………………….” Jun Wu Xie’s brain crashed as she sat there dumbfounded while he removed her outer robes.

No matter be it past or present other than medical situations, Wu Xie never had any intimate contact with the opposite sex.

He simply helped himself?!

Jun Wu Xie gave him a death stare as she pursed her lips tightly.

The only one who was behaving correctly in this situation was the little black furball. It’s master was being taken of such a huge advantage! And yet she had no response? Now it’s not the time to be in a daze! SLAP HIM!!!!


Jun Wu Xie sat there petrified without any resistance as he changed her.

Her calm demeanor startled him and after changing her, he gave her a teasing smile as he carried her out towards the door.

“Where are we going?” Wu Xie finally choked out. She waved to the cat and it leaped up into the air and it turned into a black mist returning to her.

“We have a guest.” Jun Wu Yao replied as he gave her a dazzling smile.

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