GDBBM – Chapter 424

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Chapter 424: “Beast Spirit Faculty (3)”

In regards to Jun Wu Xie’s disappearing act, Qian Yuan He had gone to the Headmaster’s to complain a few times. But all of it was suppressed by Gu Li Sheng. Having known that Jun Xie did not turn up at the Beast Spirit faculty and had even moved out of the dormitory altogether brought a sense of great relief to Gu Li Sheng instead.

Jun Wu Xie stayed within the bamboo grove’s little yard and focused on her research of the Spirit Healing technique.

Having realised that the training of ring spirits for the other species were of no use to her, she had put all her energies into taking on the challenge of confronting the Spirit Healing technique. She wanted to complete the technique as soon as possible in order for the Snow Lotus to recover to its former glory.

Her life regressed back into a closed door affair, making her feel as if she had gone back to the days she was in the Lin Palace. In those days, she had not stepped through the pharmacy’s doors and had only stayed inside to cultivate her elixirs.

Jun Xie might have “disappeared” from sight in the Zephyr Academy, but the rumours and slander surrounding her had not dissipated one bit and continued to swirl.

The set rules in the Zephyr Academy did not allow disciples to skip classes with a good reason and Jun Xie had not appeared in class for almost half a month. Qian Yuan He’s trips to the Headmaster’s had increased in frequency but had still been to no avail. Nevertheless, news on the matter suddenly spread among the disciples and no one knew from where the rumours had started from.

First, he had tried to steal the position in the Spirit Healer faculty from others, then he had seen himself so self important that he totally disregarded the Teacher in his Beast Spirit faculty class, and now he had broken the academy rules, but Jun Xie was still not expelled from the Zephyr Academy.

The infractions that Jun Xie had committed were getting from bad to worse. Jun Wu Xie herself did not realise it, but the infamy that the name, Jun Xie, carried within the Zephyr Academy at that moment, made her an undisputed “celebrity” throughout the whole campus.

And that infamy had dragged Fan Jin into the mud together, along with Jun Xie.

It was because of Fan Jin’s protectiveness of Jun Xie on all those occasions in the past that led everyone to think it was all due to Fan Jin influence that Jun Xie was able to still remain a disciple of the Zephyr Academy despite all her grave transgressions. Everyone accused Fan Jin of exerting undue influence onto the Headmaster with his unique position, forcing the academy of retaining Jun Xie. Although all the disciples did not dare to get into a direct confrontation with Fan Jin, but behind him, they had lost the adoration and respect for him, and when speaking of Fan Jin, they would only clamp their mouths tightly shut and refuse to comment anything about him.

Fan Jin was aware but he never mentioned it to anyone. He went to the bamboo glade for his meals as usual and occasionally share interesting stories on the things happening within the academy with Jun Xie and Fan Zhuo, but he never spoke about himself, shouldering the whole burden by himself secretly.

On this day, Fan Jin had just finished with his training and he made himself forget all the unfriendly stares directed at him, smiling to himself as he left.

A short distance away, Senior Ning walked out from behind some trees, and standing beside her was the gloomy Yin Yan.

“Have you managed to find out where Jun Xie has disappeared to?” Senior Ning asked with a frown on her face. She had intended to make use of Jun Xie to take down Fan Jin, but Jun Xie had only appeared in the Beast Spirit faculty for half a day and had completely disappeared thereafter, making it impossible to carry out her plan.

Yin Yan made an agonized face and shook his head.

Senior Ning showed her displeasure on her face and asked: “Has there been any situations with that Li Zi Mu?”

Yin Yan replied: “Li Zi Mu, he….. isn’t doing well in the Spirit Healer faculty.”

“How can it be?” Senior Ning asked in surprise. Li Zi Mu was the only disciple that Gu Li Sheng accepted this year, how could he be doing badly?

“It is not Master’s fault. Master has been very patient with him and often carries out a one on one instruction with him. Master has even given Li Zi Mu books that we have never seen before to revise but Li Zi Mu does not seem to have the aptitude for Spirit Healing. It has been two weeks and he can’t even perform a spiritual power transformation.” As Yin Yan shared his observations, his eyes somehow seemed to shine.

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