GDBBM – Chapter 420

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Chapter 420: “Gu Li Sheng’s Rage (1)”

After leaving the bamboo forest, Fan Jin made his way hurriedly to the Spirit Healer faculty. In front of Fan Zhuo and Jun Wu Xie, he had appeared to be his usual self, but the incident in the dining hall had greatly perplexed him.

How did Jun Xie get kicked out of the Spirit Healer faculty?

And just who was Li Zi Mu to stir up such a ruckus?

In the Spirit Healer faculty campus, Gu Li Sheng was checking on the disciples’ progress in their training when the door into his office was pushed open. He was startled a moment before he looked up to see Fan Jin panting heavily at his door, and his face broke into a smile.

“What brought you all the way here to see me today?”

Fan Jin entered the office, and closed the door. He asked immediately: “It’s regarding Jun Xie. What is really going on? Where did that Li Zi Mu sprout up from? Uncle Gu, have you made a mistake here?”

While he was making his way here, Fan Jin had compared that Li Zi Mu to Jun Wu Xie hundreds of times in his mind. No matter which way he looked at it, that cowardly Li Zi Mu had only gained direct entry into the main division based on a not too shabby ring spirit. That weakling had absolutely no innate talent to even speak of, so how had Li Zi Mu managed to drive Jun Xie out of the Spirit Healer faculty and taken his position?

Gu Li Sheng was taken by surprise. He had not expected Fan Jin to have come see him regarding this matter.

“It was a mistake, haven’t I already said it?” Gu Li Sheng asked.

“Uncle Gu, what is so great about Li Zi Mu? If you really had no intention of accepting Jun Xie as your disciple from the start, why did you give him hope in the first place? Do you know how badly all the other disciples in the academy are cursing and scolding Jun Xie now?” Fan Jin had always respected Gu Li Sheng and had developed a fondness for this elder who did not put on any airs. But in regards to the matter with Jun Xie this time, Gu Li Sheng had really lapsed in his consideration of the parties involved.

To Gu Li Sheng, it might be seen as a matter of little consequences, but to a new disciple who had just been admitted, it was a catastrophe.

If he had not chanced upon them today, he did not know how badly the youths with Li Zi Mu would have tormented Jun Xie.

Hearing Fan Jin’s accusatory tone, Gu Li Sheng was feeling rather confused.

“What are you talking about? Cursed and scolded? What is going on?” Gu Li Sheng felt that there was more than what he was hearing from Fan Jin and he hurriedly tried to ask more about it.

“What else could it be? It was your beloved newly accepted disciple, Li Zi Mu, who brought along a gang of his to make things difficult for Jun Xie. Accusing Jun Xie of stealing his position in the Spirit Healer faculty, and that you had never fancied Jun Xie. It was Jun Xie who came running to you on his own and got thrown out of here by you personally.” Fan Jin said, a little exasperated.

Gu Li Sheng’s face turned white. “Nonsense! When did I ever say that! ?”

Never fancied Jun Xie? How would he miss such gift! ?

He had set his sights on that little kid the moment he laid eyes on him. And the facts had shown him that he had a good eye for talent. Jun Xie had fully understood everything about his Spirit Healing technique within the extremely short period of time to burn an incense stick without practical practice and was even able to point out its inadequacies. However, it was precisely because of that that Gu Li Sheng was afraid that Jun Xie would waste away his time here in the Spirit Healer faculty and allowed him to go learn how to train and develop his ring spirit in the Beast Spirit faculty while researching on ways to improve on the Spirit Healing technique.

That would allow Jun Xie to pick up more knowledge and also shield him from prying eyes and ears while the technique was still under research and development.

But his considerations for the little kid had backfired badly and that was something Gu Li Sheng had not expected.

Fan Jin felt that things were not as they seemed after seeing Gu Li Sheng’s reactions and he forced himself to calm down and related the incident in the dining hall today in detail to Gu Li Sheng.

Gu Li Sheng’s face contorted with rage after hearing what Fan Jin said!

“Those were the exact words from Li Zi Mu?” His face darkened and his voice turned low.

Fan Jin nodded.

Gu Li Sheng’s face turned dark as thunder.

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