GDBBM – Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: Poison (1)

Under the cover of night, fifty plainly dressed figures slipped out the back gates of the Imperial Palace. They  quickly dispersed to various parts of the city. If one were to observe carefully, their varied destinations were evenly spread out over the grounds in the Imperial City.

In silence, fifty doors were tightly latched, hiding the very source of the nightmare, unknown to the people in the Imperial City, that will soon engulf them all.

Days passed…..

Jun Wu Xie’s Rui Lin Army had been in the Imperial City for a week, in these seven days, Jun Wu Xie had been quietly hiding in the Lin Palace, training her spiritual powers. Jun Xian, under the meticulous care of Jun Wu Xie, had miraculously fully recovered.

Passing the Imperial Palace, he saw that it has been cleaned and had regained its regal grandeur. Under Jun Wu Xie’s instructions, he had in these seven days undergone a crash course, being forced to see the realities the commoners faced daily.

It has become his routine to walk the streets daily doing good deeds and dispensing favours as the Crown Prince of Qi.

As he was walking pass a residence with Rui Lin Army guards, the tightly latched door burst open suddenly and a figure rushed out, wailing in anguish, running in the street, seemingly gone mad.

As it was morning, the streets were crowded with people and the lunatic had knocked down a few passerby, with the initial outburst.

“Go see what is the matter!” Mo Qian Yuan seeing the uproar on the street, ordered the Rui Lin Army guards to investigate.

In the middle of the crowd, the man’s body was bloated and flushed in a shade of red. He was moaning in pain. His body continued to bloat freakishly and his clothes tore and his skin stretched. Blood gushed out where the skin and flesh stretched to its limits as the number of wounds multiplied.

His face had bloated to be beyond recognition and wounds started to open up and blood covered his face, it was a gruesome sight.

He rushed into the crowd, his hands clawing at his own body. The Rui Lin Army guards who went up to investigate wanted to suppress him but were thrown off with brute strength. That power he possessed, was abnormal for any man.

The lunatic’s actions, had driven the people into a frenzy, many screaming in terror, and fleeing in all directions.

Mo Qian Yuan saw the mayhem in front decided to see for himself. He summoned his contractual spirit, and it took the form of a long spear with a black tassel. He kicked off the ground and flew towards the lunatic, his spear point whipped out like a dragon’s strike through the man’s arm, pinning him to the ground and stopping his raging rush.

Despite being pinned to the ground by the spear, he struggled fiercely paying no heed to the pain, oblivious to the spearhead lodged in his arm. He roared like a beast, struggling to get up.

Mo Qian Yuan stood beside the man, deep in thought about the beast-like man. His weird antics made him very suspicious and he was about to ask…..

The raging lunatic suddenly let out a ear splitting roar, and his body suddenly expanded exponentially.

With a loud explosion, his body scattered in all directions and rained down in pieces. The blast had Mo Qian Yuan covered from head to toe, in blood and other remnants from the explosion.

The violent explosion in the city, caused a red rain of flesh and blood, like a devilish red lotus, that bloomed in the street.

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