GDBBM – Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: “Insidious Woman (3)”

Mo Xuan Fei deployed the fifty Yu Lin Army soldiers to various locations in the Imperial City, spreaded out with none in close proximity under instructions from Bai Yun Xian.

Mo Xuan Fei had been uncertain of Bai Yun Xian’s intentions. But, with her explanation, he finally understood.

Bai Yun Xian wanted the poison to spread to the commoners. Once the people are infected with the poison, the chain of bodily explosions will spread quickly and thickly into the air, and will in turn infect the Rui Lin Army no matter where they are in the Imperial City!

Even the vicious Mo Xuan Fei was chilled at the insidious methods of Bai Yun Xian.

She had dragged the people of the entire Imperial City into their graves!

“Yun Xian, you…..” Mo Xuan Fei stepped back in horror, and colour drained from his face.

He had always perceived Bai Yun Xian to be a haughty girl to be spoilt by his excesses, and although she appears cold, she was not a complicated girl.

Seeing her today, he realised he did not even know the girl!

Hundreds of thousand people in the Imperial City, and she intends to kill them all without batting an eyelid!

Bai Yun Xian looked at Mo Xuan Fei coldly and accused : “If it was not for your incompetence, would you have asked me to step in? Are you developing a conscience and worrying for those wretched commoners now?”

It dawned on Mo Xuan Fei.

She was right. I persuaded her to help, didn’t I?

But he had never expected, Bai Yun Xian to be so terrifying.

If Jun Wu Xie was deemed vicious, at least all the people she killed had schemed against the Lin Palace and she did not point her blade at anyone innocent. As for Yun Xian? In order to achieve her goals, she disregards everything at all costs, even when the lives of innocents numbering in the hundreds of thousand were at stake, and were to be sacrificed.

“Rest assured,I have the antidote on hand, just have the people in the Imperial Palace consume it beforehand. If you are concerned for the wretched commoners, I will hand you the antidote after the Rui Lin Army has been poisoned and you can become the Prince that saved the people from the poison. Wouldn’t that be better?” Bai Yun Xian replied.

Mo Xuan Fei considered that prospect, and the fear melted away. He stepped up to stand beside Bai Yun Xian and held her hand.

“You think of everything, Yun Xian.”

If they can rid themselves of the Rui Lin Army and the Jun Family, what’s the harm in sacrificing a bunch of commoners? After the Rui Lin Army gets poisoned, he can show up as the people’s saviour with the antidote, saving them from the poison, elevating greatly his standing as the preferred Prince for the people.

Bai Yun Xian laughed gently, leaning into the embrace of Mo Xuan Fei. “What you covet, I will bring to you. But remember, after the Rui Lin Army is poisoned, let nobody lay a finger on Jun Wu Xie.”

“Leave her alone?” Mo Xuan Fei was confused.

Bai Yun Xian lifted her eyes, her eyes full of venom.

“Killing her off just like that is letting her off too easy. I will dismember her, cut off her tongue, gorge her eyes out, and stuff her in a barrel of poison in pure torment before it can appease the affront she has inflicted on me.” Anyone who goes against her will taste death like never before.

Mo Xuan Fei laughed warily, his fear creeping back into him after hearing those words. He could not help but gulped his saliva as he felt chills running down his spine.

Comparing it to Jun Wu Xie’s massacre, Bai Yun Xian’s scheme was truly insidious. He could not help but wonder who was the true devil?

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