GDBBM – Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: “Intoxicated Lotus (3)”

“…………” Jun Wu Xie was stunned.

She had only one contractual spirit…..

The black beast stared in wide eyed wonder at the silver haired youth.

[Chub….. Chubby?] He was not certain.

The silver haired youth cringed .

“You are the chubby one! I look absolutely magnificent! Which part of me is even remotely chubby!?”

[…………….] The black beast was at a loss for words.

Who can tell him what is going on here!?

How? How did that soft and cuddly chubby transform into this suave youth!?

Did he mutate!?

“I am the Imperial Blue Snow Lotus, or you can call me Drunk Lotus. Do not associate me with that little lump of chubbiness.” The silver haired youth said with his arms crossed, in indignation.

He grew quite a bit in arrogance as well! The black beast looked at him in a different light.

“All right, let’s get down to business. You have often bullied me, did you enjoy it? Come! It’s time to settle some scores!” Drunk Lotus narrowed his eyes.

Just as Drunk Lotus and the black beast were about to move, Jun Wu Xie stood up.

“You are my keeper and in turn, my Mistress. I will not attack you, but this fellow here has bullied me for the last time! I will show him!” Drunk Lotus did not dare to show Jun Wu Xie any disrespect.

“Where is the basin for the lotus?” Jun Wu Xie asked calmly of Drunk Lotus.

“…..” Drunk Lotus hesitated.

“Give” Jun Wu Xie said simply.

“In the water…..” Drunk Lotus gulped, irrationally afraid of the cold tone Jun Wu Xie was using on him.

“Bring it here.” Jun Wu Xie glared. Drunk Lotus quivered, and in the next moment, he plunged into the pond, with a big splash.

Moments later, the handsome youth stood dripping wet, holding out the basin in front of Jun Wu Xie.

“You can transform?” Jun Wu Xie asked, looking at Drunk Lotus from head to toe.

Drunk Lotus replied: “I was one with the Imperial Blue Snow Lotus, but there was an accident during my cultivation, and I had been trapped within that little body ever since. If I am soaked in alcohol, I can revert temporarily.”

“It was you who bit the Little Black ?” Jun Wu Xie was puzzled, as Little Lotus would never get aggressive with the little black cat.

“Yes.” Getting scratched everyday, anyone would be mad!

“The amount you poured into the lotus pond everyday was too little for me to revert, but allowed me to take over the consciousness of Chub….. Tsk, I mean the little one.” Drunk Lotus gritted his teeth, staring angrily at the beast sitting by Jun Wu Xie.

The beast tried to hold it in but burst out laughing uncontrollably.

Drunk Lotus lost it. A sleek blur streaked onto the massive beast.


POOF! A mist enveloped the body.

The beast felt something soft, squishy, and dripping wet clinging upon its face…..

When the mist dispersed, a whimpering and terrified Little Lotus clung on its snout, big teary eyes looking right into its own in fright.

The next moment…..

“WAHHHHHH!!!” Little Lotus wailed as he clambered off the face of the beast and scampered with his tiny legs to hide behind Jun Wu Xie, and staring at the frightful black beast.

How did he end up on that beast!? It was so scary!

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