GDBBM – Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: “Intoxicated Lotus (2)”

Jun Wu Xie watched calmly as the tiny duo continued squabbling. She lifted the little black cat onto the table, and turned to remove the lotus from the basin it was kept in and handed the basin to Little Lotus.

“Throw the wine in there away.” It was recorded in the ancient book that when cultivating an Imperial Blue Snow Lotus, do not reuse the Jade Nectar leftover in the basin. When the wine falls to a level that does not cover the roots, it must be changed as soon as possible. Hence, she had always poured the excess Jade Nectar into the lotus pond.

Little Lotus nodded and toddled to the pond hugging the basin tightly.

As he moved as fast as his tiny legs can carry him towards the pond, the pungent aroma from the basin filled his nostrils and his cheeks grew rosy. He turned around to peek, he saw Jun Wu Xie staring intently at the lotus, he involuntarily gulped down his saliva and wiped off the excess that was about to dribble down the side of his lips.

This was all unwanted…right? 

Hence, it was alright to drink a little…?

Little Lotus shifted the basin closer to his mouth…..

[What are you doing!?] The little black cat suddenly screamed.

Little Lotus panicked upon hearing the scream and got rid of the Jade Nectar by pouring it all down his throat. He choked and coughed till he turned red, and turned to look at the little black cat in fear.

“No….. nothing….. ” Little Lotus stammered.

The little black cat jumped off the table in a flash and walked over to Little Lotus.

Little Lotus backed away from little black cat, his tiny feet bringing him to the edge of the pond.

“Do….. do not come closer…..”

“You drank the wine in secret.” The little black cat narrowed its eyes and looked at Little Lotus in the eye.

“I….. I did not….. ARGHHH!!”

Following Little Lotus’s scream, he fell into the lotus pond.


Little Lotus fell in with a big splash.

The little black cat sat there stunned. It just wanted to scare the little guy, and he panicked and fell into the water?

“Stop the nonsense.” Jun Wu Xie looked helplessly at the noisy duo holding the lotus in her hand.

The little black cat shrugged, waiting for Little Lotus to surface.

After a while, it still did not see the chubby figure anywhere.

Will water plants….. drown? The little black cat wondered as he walked to the water’s edge, a hint of worry was felt.

Just as he reached the pond’s edge, a dark shadow grew in the water, rising fast to the surface.

A drizzle of water droplets trailed from the white figure that flew out of the water and scattered across the ground.

It was a handsome silver haired youth, his clothes of silver and white were coated with a thin layer of mist. As he descended towards the ground, the scattered water caught the sunlight and scintillated like scattered diamonds.

“MEOW!!” The little black cat had transformed into its black beast form and loped to stand between Jun Wu Xie and this stranger.

The silver haired youth descended gently, his bare feet stepping lightly on the wet stones, his wet hair swept to the back, a handsome face glowed.

“It was you, who was always bullying me? The silver haired youth asked, brows furrowed, his strikingly blue eyes staring at the black beast.

“How useless, bullied by a mangy cat….. Tsk!” The silver haired scowled, anger apparent in his eyes.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes at the youth who suddenly appeared in her courtyard.

“Who are you?”

The silver haired youth’s face was flushed red as he looked at Jun Wu Xie and asked: “You can’t even recognise your own contractual spirit?”

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