Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Uninvited guest

The surrounding monkeys left after placing down their rabbit.  Perhaps they were going to play in the forest or they were looking for fruits.

There were a few patiently waiting not that far from the fatty, looking at the fatty skin the rabbit with a curious gaze.  It was clear that it was their first time seeing the fatty’s technique, so they watched without blinking.

When the fatty was focused on cleaning the rabbit meat, a pair of jade like hands entered the fatty’s line of sight and picked up an unskinned rabbit to help.

The fatty looked at the owner of the hands in surprise.

Qing’er turned her neck and looked in another direction, “Humph, damn fatty, don’t think too much.  This miss’ mood is good today and want to make some food,

The fatty rolled his little eyes and laughed, “Qing’er is the best.”

“Only thanking Qing’er and not thanking us, could it be you’re interested in Qing’er?”  Ye Wen and Ye Man walked over, hearing the fatty and Qing’er’s words on time, beginning to tease him.

The fatty saw more people coming and the depression in his heart largely disappeared, “How could that be?  Beautiful girls, eh and having boss’ help, this is an honour to this fatty.”

They worked together and with the support of their spiritual energy, their rabbit cleaning efficiency far surpassed that of ordinary people, but it still took them four hours to finish.  The sky was already dark and they set up several bonfires, roasting several rabbits at the same time.

Most beasts were afraid of fire and spirit beasts were the same.  When these Purple Thunder Monkey saw the bonfires, they moved far away and some of the more cowardly ones jumped into the trees.

When the fragrance of cooked meat wafted out, a group of brave monkeys finally couldn’t wait any longer as they slowly approached the bonfires.

The fatty kept handing out brown and tender rabbit meat, and the Purple Thunder Monkeys who received the meat first couldn’t wait to eat it.  When the fragrant meat entered their mouths, they immediately let out cries of joy, making those Purple Thunder Monkeys who hadn’t received any meat yet feel more anxious.

If it wasn’t for the monkey elders here deterring them, these monkeys would have begun to fight over the rabbit meat.

It was not just the fatty working the flames, even Ye Yu Xi had joined in on roasting the meat.  There was no choice…..there were too many monkeys waiting to eat meat. A single person could not roast several hundred rabbits by themselves.  In the end, when they finished roasting a rabbit, there was a Purple Thunder Monkey on the side that took it.

Even like this, there were still a large group of monkeys anxiously waiting.

The roasted meat was very attractive.  Not only the Purple Thunder Monkeys, there were several uninvited guests that came when they smelled the scent of the roasted meat.

Ao, ao!

Two mighty tiger roars came from the forest and an old tiger with a pair of green eyes walked out of the forest.  This was a magnificent looking tiger and it had a strong aura like the king of the forest.

Roar, roar!

With another two tiger roars, trying to deter them.


There were over a hundred drooling Purple Thunder Monkeys with upset looks in their eyes, coming to steal food at this time.  They all turned to look at the old tiger in the forest and they all looked like hungry wolves who had reached their limit as if saying: If you take another step forward, these monkey masters will tear you up and cook you like the rabbits!

The collective screams of several hundred monkeys made the old tiger react.  The tiger was currently thinking in its mind: I didn’t come to the wrong place, I am this forest’s boss!

A prestigious monkey among the monkeys saw the tiger still standing there, so it made a strange scream.  It was like they had received the order to attack and in the next instant, all the monkeys raised their upper body, looking like they were preparing to attack.

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