Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Sleeping in the trees

The tiger was stunned.  Seeing the Purple Thunder Monkeys’ reaction, there were even some drooling as they looked at it.  It was the king of the forest, but its reaction was lowering its head and putting head almost on its paws.

When the Purple Thunder Monkeys were about to make their move, the old tiger moved, stunning them.

The old tiger had turned and ran!

It ran so fast~~

This was the fastest it had ever run in its life, but there was no choice.  The eyes of those monkeys were too scary, especially the way they were drooling while looking at it.!  The old tiger swore that it would never fight with those monkeys again in its life.

These people had rushed for around four hours before they finished roasting all the rabbits.  It was especially hard for the fatty since his body was so heavy. He laid down on a rock feeling exhausted and said in a mournful voice, “Boss!  Do you want to open a restaurant? Why do I feel like you’re taking us out just to exercise my cooking skills.”

Ye Yu Xi sat on a stone and had no expressions, feeling a bit helpless in her heart.  When she discussed this matter with the monkey elders, she had said that they would roast some meat for them.  However, Ye Yu Xi never thought that these monkeys would be able to catch several rabbits in just a few hours……

They couldn’t continue going on like this.  Although the rabbits and pheasants in the mountain were at the bottom of the food chain and there were many of them, something that all the predators ate, cooking several hundred rabbits everyday was something they couldn’t take even if the rabbits could take it.  If they continued like this, they couldn’t continue their cultivation like they planned. They had to think of another way!

All the Purple Thunder Monkeys received some rabbit meat, but there weren’t some who weren’t full and looked at the remaining rabbit meat.  However, under the “pressure” of the monkey elder, they could only obediently leave a few for Ye Yu Xi’s group.

Qing’er held her rabbit meat while saying to the young miss, “Young miss, where are we sleeping tonight?  In the tent?”

Ye Yu Xi swallowed the meat in her mouth and wiped her mouth.  Using the light of the bonfire, she looked around them, “We’ll sleep in the trees tonight.”

“Un?  Young miss, how do we sleep in the tree…..”  Qing’er clearly didn’t understand Ye Yu Xi’s intentions.  However, when she was glared at by Ye Yu Xi, she swallowed the other half of her words.

When the others heard this, the one most calm was actually the fatty.  When the fatty was a thief, he had stayed in all kinds of places. It wasn’t too difficult for the fatty to sleep in the trees or in a cave.

They had been working hard for an entire day, they extinguished the after finishing their rabbits.  Each of them found a “home” for themselves among the trees.

Ye Yu Xi leaned against a relatively stable tree trunk as the moonlight sprinkled down on her body and face, making her look like Chang’e under the moon.

Unconsciously, Bai Jin Yi’s sickly face appeared in front of Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.  Where was he and what was he doing?

A clear breeze cut through Ye Yu Xi’s thoughts and Ye Yu Xi came back to her senses.  What was I doing just now? Why did I think of that man for no reason! In front of her, there was the scene of Bai Jin Yi holding the large blade with his fingers.  That clear scene, it was not exaggerated at all. Her own strength had already surpassed the peak on earth, but when she thought of Bai Jin Yi’s simple move, there was a feeling of the unattainable and a sense of weakness in her heart!

Ye Yu Xi’s palm unconsciously broke a branch.  Become strong! I have to become strong! At least…..I need to catch his footsteps!

Ye Yu Xi gradually fell asleep in a kind of contradictory state.  Bai Jin Yi who she was thinking of was currently revealing a serious expression.  His eyes seemed a bit uncertain, like he had encountered a hard to solve matter.

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