Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 722

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Chapter 722: Dual Coloured Heavenly Thunder (Part 2)

Under Ye Yu Xi was a pool of sea blue “sea water”.  The purple flame wrapped around the sea water and it represented the name of Burning Sea Thunder Flame.

“The might to burn seas, it really does exist.”  Bai Jin Yi looked at the scene in the distance.

The very prominent Ye Yu Xi, her internal spiritual energy was rotating at high speeds.

Hong, hong, hong.

When she had begun swallowing, Ye Yu Xi’s consciousness was still inside the purple thunder flame.  As she swallowed more and more of the Flame Seed, the feeling inside Ye Yu Xi became stranger.

Ye Yu Xi could feel that the spiritual energy inside her was quickly increasing.  Her cultivation was like a rocket, climbing its way up.


This is?

Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.  The cultivation technique inside her, it could activate on its own?!

Ye Yu Xi felt the scene in front of her change as she entered a world filled with flames.

Imperial Flame Art!

What was going on?!

Why did she come here?

Ye Yu Xi looked around and it was the same as her first time coming here.

This Imperial Flame Art, after her first time cultivating it, Ye Yu Xi had never had another chance to come into the flame world.  She never thought that after swallowing the Strange Flame, the cultivation technique would pull her in.


When Ye Yu Xi appeared, the old voice from the first time sounded again.

Looking around, there was no one other than the flames.

“Who are you?”  Ye Yu Xi’s clear voice rang out.

No one replied.  Other than the flames silently burning around her, there were no other sounds.

Hong, hong, hong.

A dual coloured flame that was several times bigger than the turquoise Beast Flame appeared and attracted Ye Yu Xi’s attention.

The bottom of the flame was sea blue and the top half of the flame was a rich purple.

The Burning Sea Thunder Flame kept changing in front of Ye Yu Xi and the form it took the most was lightning!

After that was the blue “water ball” that didn’t seem to have any heat at all.

Having fought it before, Ye Yu Xi knew that the temperature of this “water ball” was even higher than the purple Thunder Flame.

A meridian inside Ye Yu Xi slightly heated up and echoed with the Burning Sea Thunder Flame.

When Ye Yu Xi was focusing on the changes of the Burning Sea Thunder Flame, the old voice rang out again.

“Earthly Spirit King, Burning Sea Thunder Flame.  The future is terrifying~~”

Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes widened.  There really was someone here!

“Who are you?!”  Ye Yu Xi became vigilant.

“Little doll, this old man will take this gift.”

Hong, hong, hong.

As soon as the voice fell, the Burning Sea Thunder Flame suddenly went wild.  At the same time, there was a strange empty feeling that filled Ye Yu Xi. The Burning Sea Thunder Flame in front of her was no longer under her control.


Ye Yu Xi felt her body tremble as she was sent out of the flame world!

Hong, hong, hong.

The purple flame around Ye Yu Xi kept burning intensely.  With the cultivation technique revolving around Ye Yu Xi, the Strange Flame kept being concentrated.

“It’s about done, we can go over now.”  Long Xiao Pang saw that the ten meter tall flame had gradually condensed to two meter tall.  He knew that the Strange Flame was in its final stage of being refined, so he told everyone that it was safe.

When everyone heard this, they let out a sigh of relief.  This pressure was just too big.

For the most part, the only thing the fatty’s group could do was watch from the side and pray for Ye Yu Xi.

They walked over to Ye Yu Xi.

When they approached her, everyone was even more shocked.

“God damn, boss destroyed half a mountain!”  The fatty looked at the large hole under his feet.

“If a mature Burning Sea Thunder Flame really went berserk, it could burn half a mountain range.”  Long Xiao Pang said in a voice filled with lingering fear.

To ask, a Strange Flame that could affect the ecosystem of an entire mountain range, how terrifying was the energy it contained?

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