Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 721

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Chapter 721: Dual Coloured Heavenly Thunder (Part 1)

“Un, what is it?”  Long Xiao Pang looked over at the fatty.

“Now, why, why is it blue?”  The fatty said in an uncertain voice.

A serious looked flashed in Long Xiao Pang’s eyes and he looked up at the clouds.

It was still purple.


A blue chain of lightning flashed in the clouds before the entire layer of clouds turned silent.

A touch of blue light appeared in the center and gradually the blue light became thicker and thicker.

“This is bad, Heavenly Thunder!”  Long Xiao Pang’s face fell, “Quickly run!”


The first to move was the Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx.  The little minx even gave up the Purple Crystal and as soon as the blue light appeared, it was the first to run off the mountain.

Ye Yu Xi!

Bai Jin Yi’s eyes widened and he wanted to swallow the Extreme Ice Grass in his hand.

“She has the Thunder Flame’s protection!  Xiao Bai, run!” Long Xiao Pang grabbed Bai Jin Yi’s wrist.

Shua, shua, shua.

They all ran at full speed and the fastest was Long Xiao Pang.

In just a single minute, they had left this mountain.

In the air, half the purple thunder clouds had turned blue.

Two different colours interlocked in the clouds.

In the flat area, other than the purple flame dragon making sound, everything else was strangely silent.  The wind and the leaves all became still.

Long Xiao Pang’s group stood in trees and they were panting as they looked into the distance.

A flash of blue light fell and hit the peak of the mountain.

There was no boom and there was no pressure, it was strangely silent.

“Dragon master, Ye Yu Xi…..”  Bai Jin Yi was slightly panting.

“The little girl is inside the Burning Sea Thunder Flame, she is safer than us.”  Long Xiao Pang looked into the distance.

Just what had happened!  There was even Heavenly Thunder formed!

It was a good thing it was only dual coloured.  If it had three colours, they might not even have a chance to escape!


Inside the purple flame dragon.

Ye Yu Xi had already pulled out the “dragon tendon”.


Losing its dragon tendon, the sea blue flame dragon seemed to have lost its soul.  It scattered and turned into a pool of “sea water”.

This was the Flame Seed?

Ye Yu Xi looked at the flame releasing a faint purple glow in her hand.

She thought of what Long Xiao Pang said.  After she found the Flame Seed, she should use her swallowing cultivation technique to refine it.

Sitting down cross legged, the wings on Ye Yu Xi’s back scattered.

She caught her breath and focused her mind.  The small amount of spiritual energy inside her began to revolve.

A suction force came from Ye Yu Xi’s palm.

So hot!

Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.  Even with the effect of the Extreme Ice Grass, the temperature of this Strange Flame had exceeded what Ye Yu Xi was prepared for.

It was different from when she swallowed the Beast Flame.  Swallowing the Strange Flame this time, it was like she was burning inside a flame.

The purple flame in her hand kept getting smaller as bit by bit of it entered Ye Yu Xi’s body.

Outside the purple flame dragon.

The blue and purple lightning alternated as it kept falling onto the hundred meter long purple flame dragon.

Each time it was hit by lightning, the purple flame dragon would shrink a bit.

After several hundred bolts, the purple flame dragon had shrunk by ten times, reaching a size of around ten meters.

Long Xiao Pang saw this and his heart finally relaxed, “It’s fine, the little girl has already begun refining the Burning Sea Thunder Flame’s Flame Seed.”

“Dragon master, it’s a success?”  The fatty looked into the distance in a daze.

It didn’t seem as difficult as he imagined!

Long Xiao Pang glared at the fatty, “If it isn’t a success, the little girl wouldn’t be able to live.”

Bai Jin Yi on the side finally relaxed.

The hundred meter long purple flame dragon had completely disappeared and it turned into a flame several meters wide.

Ye Yu Xi was sitting cross legged in the middle of the flame as the spiritual energy around her churned.

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