Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Some people you can’t afford to offend!

Dancing clown!

Ye Yu Xi watched Li Zhi Han dancing with the whip in front of her.  She did not move past, but rather exploded through! Her speed was more than five times faster and she turned into a flash.

“That waste, she’s actually not dodging!”  Li Zhi Han’s maids watched as Ye Yu Xi charged into the attack and they called out excitedly.

Li Zhi Han’s whip was like a fluttering ribbon in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes, not having any lethality at all.

Pa, pa, pa, pa!

The whip filled with spiritual energy slapped the ground, giving off pa, pa sound.  It lifted a lot of dust and the form of the whip could not be seen anymore.

Ye Yu Xi entered into the mass of whip afterimages.

The whip sound stopped and in the dust, one person fell to the ground and one person was standing up.

“Ai, the poor young miss Ye.”

“It really is worthy of being the Li Family’s cultivation technique.  The difference in strength is too much, it was settled in one move.”

“That Li Zhi Han is in the third spiritual level, Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation is far from hers.”

Everyone was speculating that Ye Yu Xi had fallen to the ground, which wasn’t strange.  Although Ye Yu Xi had taught Yang Wei a lesson in the Spiritualist Guild, this matter had only happened two-three days ago and some people have controlled it, so it didn’t spread too much.  Many people still felt that Ye Yu Xi was the waste young miss with the low cultivation.

When the dust fell, the figures inside slowly appeared in everyone’s line of sight.

“Ah!  Young miss!”  Li Zhi Han’s maids unconsciously covered their mouth!  Their young miss was actually being stepped onto the ground by Ye Yu Xi, unable to move at all.

“Ye Yu Xi, let me go!”  Li Zhi Han was lying on the ground, looking at Ye Yu Xi above her.  She struggled to stand up, but that foot standing on her was like a giant stone, completely suppressing her spiritual energy.  She could not use any strength at all.

“There are some people you can’t afford to offend!”  Ye Yu XI’s faint voice sounded. It was very overbearing and deterred everyone listening!

Li Zhi Han said with a grin, “Ye Yu Xi, what can you do to me?  If you kill anyone in front of the Spiritualist Guild, you can’t live either.”

Li Zhi Han was speaking the truth.  If she killed someone in front of the Spiritualist Guild, it would be challenging the authority of the Spiritualist Guild and she would become their enemy.

“Kneel and beg for forgiveness or be crippled, your choice.”  Ye Yu Xi said with an indifferent expression.

“Ye Yu Xi, don’t go too far!”


Ye Yu Xi’s foot went up and down as fast as lightning, breaking one of Li Zhi Han’s arm, “I’ll give you one more chance.”

Li Zhi Han was lying on the ground, feeling enough pain to wish for death.  She could not move at all from Ye Yu Xi standing on her, so she began begging for mercy, “I’ll apologize, I’ll apologize, just release me.”

Ye Yu Xi raised her foot and she kicked Li Zhi Han’s waist.

Li Zhi Han endured the pain and she stood up.  Choosing between kneeling to apologize and being crippled, she chose the former.

When Li Zhi Han was about to kneel.

Ye Yu Xi’s voice rang out, “Apologize to that fatty.”

Everyone was paying attention to Ye Yu Xi and Li Zhi Han.  They heard Ye Yu Xi’s words to not let Li Zhi Han apologize to her, but rather to apologize to the fatty from before!  Everyone looked over at the fatty.

The fatty felt everyone’s gaze and his heart filled with joy.  He was secretly saying: This place still also involves me~~

Li Zhi Han endured her pain as she walked in front of the fatty and kneeled down.  Tightly gritting her teeth, her eyes were filled with evil intentions.

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