Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Boss, you’re not lowkey at all

Ye Yu Xi walked past Li Zhi Han kneeling on the ground and did not look at her at all.  She kicked the fatty who stood there with a look of pride, “Let’s go.”

“Oh, oh.”  The fatty reacted and quickly followed Ye Yu Xi.  He said in a mysterious voice, “Boss, your words were too great.  How about I apologize again and you do that again?”

Ye Yu Xi suddenly stopped and stared at the fatty, reprimanding him, “Be more lowkey from now on, cause less trouble for me!”

The fatty rubbed his nose and complained in his heart.  Boss, you’re not lowkey at all.

But in this moment, the fatty began to recognize Ye Yu Xi, this boss who clearly separated grudges and kindness.

When Ye Yu Xi’s group left, the kneeling Li Zhi Han was helped up by the two maids.  She gritted her teeth as she looked in the direction Ye Yu Xi left in and she said in trembling voice, “I want her to die——”

Qing’er walked beside Ye Yu Xi, “Young miss, weren’t we going to the Spiritualist Guild?  Why are we going back?”

“The less people who know the things we do, the better.”  After the fatty created a mess, if they went to the Spiritualist Guild again, their goal would be too clear.

Ye Yu Xi led the others to find a place to eat lunch.

The five of them were dressed up in the afternoon with each person wearing a black cloak.  Under the curious gazes of the passersby, they walked into the Spiritualist Guild.

They arrived at the mercenary group registration desk.

“I want to register a mercenary group.”  Ye Yu Xi said to the worker in a hoarse voice.

The worker looked up and saw the five mysterious people with black cloaks.  Their brows knitted, “Spiritual levels, real names, and take off the cloaks.”

“The kind of mercenary group I’m applying for does not need real information.”  Ye Yu Xi had already investigated it, otherwise she would have dressed up like this.

The worker slapped the table and said in a sharp voice, “Stop messing around.  All the mercenaries want to be protected by the guild, so they must register with their real information!”

“I don’t need your protection!”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice had a trace of impatience.

“Don’t require our protection…..”  Before the worker finished, they suddenly thought of something.  It was a kind of mercenary group no one had dared register as for several dozen years in Ningyuan City.  Their voice became weak, “You want to register as an assassin mercenary group?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.

The worker swallowed a mouthful of saliva and tried to explain with difficulty, “Assassin mercenary groups do not receive the guild’s protection.  If you register as an assassin mercenary group, anyone can attack you wherever. Do you still want to register?”

“Yes.  The mercenary group’s name is, Blood Enchantress.”

“When do you want to announce the formation of your mercenary group?”  The worker said in a careful voice. After all, people who dared form this kind of mercenaries were all ruthless people.

“A month from now.”  Ye Yu Xi handed over the fees and an assassin mercenary group named the Blood Enchantress was officially formed.

Ye Yu Xi’s group left the Spiritualist Guild’s main hall in front of many people.  Everyone was wondering what the five of them were doing, acting so mysterious.


Bai Jin Yi was left alone in the yard.  His hands were behind him as he stood in front of the window, listening to the report of the secret guard behind him.

“Young master, we have some initial results.  The young miss back then was bought by the Zhao Family.”

Bai Jin Yi’s voice was calm, but his slightly clenched palm was showing a bit of nervousness, “The Zhao Family, is it the Zhao Manor Ye Yu Xi annihilated?”

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