Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 647

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Chapter 647: Heart dug out (Part 1)

This was……sand?


Ye Yu Xi noticed that among the sand, there were a few grains of black sand.

“This should be sand and as for the black grains, it should be dyed with poison.”  Long Xiao Pang rubbed the black sand with his fingers and they were dyed a faint black colour.

With a flash of green light, the black colour quickly faded.

“Come, we should be there soon.”  Long Xiao Pang threw the sand to the ground.

This time the fatty and Shi Qing were in front, protecting Long Xiao Pang.

Although Long Xiao Pang knew many things, he didn’t have any attack abilities.  Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t place Long Xiao Pang in any danger.

After walking for less than ten minutes.

“Boss!  There’s someone down there!”  The fatty climbed over a sand dune and looked down.


Ye Yu Xi and the others took a few steps forward.

Under the sand dune, there were over a dozen people sprawled there.

After seeing that there was no one around, their group went down.

“This should be the mercenaries the waiter from the inn found.”  The fatty had sharp eyes, recognizing the clothes of these people.

The inn?

Ye Yu Xi remembered that after their group had left, they didn’t stop anywhere along the way.  She never thought that this group of people actually ran ahead of them.

Looking around, she didn’t see a trace of the ash grey cloak.

“Boss, look.”  The fatty turned over the body of a mercenary.

On that mercenary’s face, his eyes were bulging out and his mouth was wide open, looking like he was shocked.  What surprised the fatty was his death state. His entire body seemed like it had been sucked dry of any moisture, turning into a dry corpse!

“It seems like these mercenaries sent themselves to the King of Hell.”  Ye Yu Xi looked over them and the mercenaries had all died the same way.

“That person is in front.”  Bai Jin Yi suddenly said.

That person?

Ye Yu Xi looked in the direction Bai Jin Yi was pointing in.

There was a large sand dune in front.

“Come, let’s take a look.”  Ye Yu Xi waved her hand and everyone moved towards the sand dune.

This…..this is…..

The fatty and the others saw the scene in front of them and were shocked again.

Was this really a desert?!

Sand was yellow, but in front of everyone right now, the sand was black!

It was like it had been dyed with ink.  This entire large area of sand had turned black!

In the center of the area of black, there was a person lying there……

Ash grey cloak!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold and her mental energy instantly came out.

There was no sign of life.

“Fatty!”  Ye Yu Xi shouted.

“Boss, I’m here.”

“Go and look over the mercenaries from before, look at the wounds on their bodies.”  Ye Yu Xi’s brows slightly knit.

The fatty ran off in the opposite direction of the others.

“Don’t move.”  Ye Yu Xi ordered, as she moved towards the ash grey cloak.

Bai Jin Yi’s eyes slightly trembled as he followed behind Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi used her Soul Devourer Blade to open a corner of the ash grey cloak.


“Open your mouth!”  Bai Jin Yi ordered.

Without saying anything, he grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s chin and forced a pill into her mouth.

“You!”  Ye Yu Xi glared at Bai Jin Yi.

“There’s poison.”  Bai Jin Yi softly said.  There was already a golden pair of gloves around his hands.

Pulling away the ash grey cloak, that person’s true appearance was revealed to the two of them.

A person as skinny as a branch who was around fort years old had his hands on his chest.

Where his hands were, his flesh was mashed.  This person, he had actually dug out his own heart.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold!  Such a ruthless method!

Before this person died, he must have been in incredible pain!

Bai Jin Yi let out a sigh, “Let’s go.  There is nothing here, he killed himself.”

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