Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 627

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Chapter 627: Locked up, can’t run (Part 2)


Tang Jun Ai’s body was fiercely trembling and his face was covered in tears.

However, Tang Jun Ai’s chin had been destroyed by Ye Yu Xi.  He didn’t even have a chance to call for help, there was no need to mention answering the questions.

Ye Yu Xi kept wiping the blood off her blade on Tang Jun Ai’s clothes.

In just a short five minutes, Tang Jun Ai had been asked over ten questions already.

Each question’s response was pretty much the same.  Tang Jun Ai’s foot had already been sliced clean by Ye Yu Xi.

What was most terrifying was that with each slash from Ye Yu Xi, she used her flames to burn the wound, making sure this kid couldn’t die from blood loss.


Ye Yu Xi raised her hand and Tang Jun Ai’s chin was reconnected.

“Ah, hu!  Hu!” Tang Jun Ai took large breaths one after another.

“If you dare scream for help, I promise you will die immediately.”  Ye Yu Xi stroked her blade, speaking in a soft voice.

“I, I won’t scream.  I know my mistakes, spare, spare me.”  Tang Jun Ai’s head was leaning against the bed.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile before asking another question, “How many girls have you harmed with this method?”

“I, I didn’t……”


Before he could even finish, Ye Yu Xi’s blade slashed across his leg.

“Ah!  Si!  Si!”  Tang Jun Ai began panting even faster.


In the main hall.

The people eating heard this pitiful cry and they all looked up together.

“Ai!  That seems to be Tang Jun Ai’s voice.”

“Shh!  Perhaps you will become like last time!”

“That brat probably had some bad luck.  Last time he played with a girl, she kicked him down there and it was just a few days ago.”

“Is that true?  Then this time wouldn’t that grandson’s grandson be broken?”

The guests in the hall heard this pitiful cry and they were secretly overjoyed.  There were even a few tables that ordered a few more dishes in celebration.


Hei Sha was standing on the side.  Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s method, her scalp was tingling.

This was her first time seeing this kind of torture!

Ye Yu Xi noticed Hei Sha’s actions.  Ye Yu Xi could directly kill this brat, but doing this had another use!

When Hei Sha killed that pack of wolves, there was ash grey spiritual energy that appeared in her hands.  Since that time, Ye Yu Xi had never seen it again.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the half dead Tang Jun Ai on the ground.  She had already asked everything she should ask, so leaving him here was no use.


She cut off his head with one slash and wrapped it up.


She could use this to give the county magistrate a large present!

His son was already this disgusting.

One could already imagined what kind of character the parent had.


A trace of fine ash grey energy came out of Tang Jun Ai’s corpse and silently went to Hei Sha’s hand.

Ye Yu Xi saw this and didn’t say anything.

Hei Sha, she really did have a physique suited to being an assassin!

“Let’s go, those two are still in prison.”  Ye Yu Xi said to Hei Sha.

Hei Sha’s face was a bit pale.  When she came back to her senses, she looked at the corpse on the ground, “Young miss, this corpse…..”


Throwing out a turquoise flame, Ye Yu Xi used her flame to turn Tang Jun Ai’s body into ashes without burning the building.

The two of them jumped out the window.


Inside the Rich Stone Town’s prison.

Bai Jin Yi and Hei Feng Tian Zong had been locked inside a damp cell.

The two had already been here for two hours.

Hei Feng Tian Zong could sit here at first, but after two hours, his heart was already out of patience.

“Young master, let’s just head out of here.  These guards will only take a single breath.”

Bai Jin Yi stood in the center of the cell and revealed a smile, “They’re here.”

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