Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 626

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Chapter 626: Locked up, can’t run (Part 1)

“Young master, we really didn’t steal anything.  Just let our two friends go already.” Ye Yu Xi casually replied.

In terms of acting, each assassin could be considered a part time actor.

“Naturally, but as long as you can make me feel comfort, no, as long as you don’t have anything on you.  Let me properly investigate first and naturally your friends will be released. This is a place with laws.”  The county magistrate’s son thought of the scene and he became more and more excited.

Ye Yu Xi’s back was to the young master.  There was an ice cold look in her eyes and her lips had an evil smile.

Ye Yu Xi’s expression surprised Hei Sha a bit.  A person could kill a person without a single expression on their face, but to kill someone with a faint smile.  Moreover…..with a smile that was this natural, Hei Sha admitted that she couldn’t do it!

They came to the private room.

When they came in, the county magistrate’s son was in a rush to lock the door from inside, like he was afraid the two beauties would run.

“Is it locked?”  Ye Yu Xi softly asked.

“It’s locked, you can’t run.”  The young master unconsciously responded.

“Un?  What do you mean?”  The young master finally realized that something was off.


With a turn from Ye Yu Xi, the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand was instantly placed in front of the young master’s head.

“Ah, ah!”


The young master wanted to call for help, but Ye Yu Xi made her move in an instant, instantly hitting him in his chin.

“Ah!  Ah!”

The young master that had a lewd look before now had a look filled with terror.  He already couldn’t say a single thing, he could only call out like a mute.

Peng, peng, peng!

The young master turned to run for the door and wanted to escape, but he had just tightly locked it up himself…..

This time, he really couldn’t escape.

Ye Yu Xi followed behind him, grabbing the back of his collar and threw him back.

The young master’s over a hundred pound body was swung by Ye Yu Xi like a windmill before he slammed down on the table.

The teapot and cups on the table were shattered to the ground.

The broken shards covered the young master’s face in blood.


In the hall, the customers could hear the faint sounds and they all shook their heads.

“Such beautiful girls are ruined like this.”

“Do you hear those movements.  This grandson Tang Jun Ai, he can’t even compare to dogs and pigs!”

“What is with this world.”

Everyone was discussing this as moans and groans came from the second floor.  Hearing the sounds and how pitiful they sounded, these people began to worry even more for the two beauties.


Inside the room.

The county magistrate’s son Tang Jun Ai had already been tied to the bed by Hei Sha.  He was sitting on the ground and couldn’t move at all.

“I am also a lawful person, as long as you answer my question, I will let you go.”  Ye Yu Xi played with the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand. The cold glow dazzling on the blade made Tang Jun shiver.

“What is your name?”  Ye Yu Xi softly asked.

“Ah!  Ah——”

Tang Jun Ai was struggling, twisting his body, trying to move away from the blade in Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

“Un?  Not talking?  Then don’t blame me.”  Ye Yu Xi spoke softly, but her voice suddenly turned cold.


One of Tang Jun Ai’s toes was cut off by Ye Yu Xi.

“How old are you this year?”  Ye Yu Xi wiped the blood on her blade on Tang Jun Ai’s clothes.

“Wu!  Ah! Ah!”

Tang Jun Ai’s eyes were wide open and he opened his mouth, but he could only make ah, ah sounds.

“Still not talking?”  Ye Yu Xi knit her brows again.


Another slash.

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