Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: I quit!

Even Bai Jin Yi himself under the patient teachings of that group of old men had taken an entire two days to form his first pill.  Those old men had called him a genius seen once in a hundred years. Back then, he had used the best cauldron. If he were to use the worst bronze cauldron like Ye Yu Xi, he would have taken a week before succeeding.  Ye Yu Xi only taking half a day was enough to demonstrate her innate talent.

It was already night time when they returned to the yard.  Qing’er came over to say that she had already bought everything before going to sleep.

Ye Wen and the others all knew that beginning tomorrow, they would began their true cultivation lives.

Ye Yu Xi sat on the bed and looked around.  After making sure that no one was around, she entered the chaotic space with a thought.

“Master, you’re here.”  Huo Ling was standing on a pile of Spirit Grass, from time to time picking up some Spirit Grass with its feet and swallowing it.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the intact Huo Lin and asked, “Do you not need to sleep?”

“I’m not sleepy.  Master, you wasted a lot of herbs today.”  When Ye Yu Xi left, Huo Ling followed her to the barren hill and personally watched Ye Yu Xi fail again and again.  If he didn’t feel that Bai Jin Yi watching from the side was too dangerous, he would have flown down to his master and said, “Master, it’s a shame to waste this much……”

“Eat your things.”  Being ridiculed by a bird, Ye Yu Xi turned and ignored Huo Ling.

In front of the bronze cauldron, Ye Yu Xi began to refine another set of pills.  With the blessing of the chaotic space this time, there was no need to talk about the success rate.  Most of the pills turned out a lavender colour and there was one set that was a normal purple colour.

After refining the pills, Ye Yu Xi grabbed two of them and threw them into her mouth like sugar beans, beginning to cultivate.

After a few hours and swallowing several pills, Ye Yu Xi could feel the spiritual energy surging within her.  Her eyes lit up and she reached the peak fifth spiritual level!

This time Ye Yu Xi did not directly break through, but she could clearly feel it!  She was only a bit from breaking through and if she cultivated for another night, she could do so!  Of course, that was under the pretense there were enough Purple Spirit Pills.

When day came, Ye Yu Xi could not absorb spiritual energy if she didn’t use pills.  She only absorbed a tiny amount of spiritual energy that wasn’t even enough to fill the gaps in the teeth of her damn dantian!  That sea of energy was like a bottomless hole, swallowing all of the spiritual energy Ye Yu Xi absorbed. Ye Yu Xi could only use this method to cultivate right now.

Ye Yu Xi exited the chaotic space.  Today was the first day of official day of training for Ye Wen and the others.

When she arrived in the yard, Ye Wen and the others were already waiting for her.

“You can still quit now if you want, this is your final chance.  Once the training begins, you either complete it or die.” Ye Yu Xi had no expressions on her face.

The fatty’s eyes rolled as he raised his hand, “I quit!”

“You’re not allowed!”  Ye Yu Xi looked at him.  She already expected the fatty to say this.

The fatty looked reluctant as he opened his mouth again, “I want to protest!  Why can they quit!”

“They were found by me and you are here to pay off your crime!  Are there any other questions!” Ye Yu Xi glared at the fatty. Her meaning was that if he said anything else, she wouldn’t mind immediately making a move.

“No, no.”  The fatty quickly waved his hand, he didn’t want to experience Ye Yu Xi’s fist and feet again.

“I won’t quit!”  The three of them shouted together.

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