Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: It’s already lucky it didn’t explode

Oh?  Bronze cauldron?

Bai Jin Yi knit his brows.  It was actually a bronze cauldron.  Using a bronze cauldron for alchemy, the success rate was less than half of the success rate of other cauldrons.  It could be said that bronze cauldrons were the lowest grade cauldrons and other than outer sect disciples, very few people used bronze cauldrons for alchemy.

This is fine, let this girl suffer a bit.  Otherwise with Ye Yu Xi’s talent, like most of the other talents on the continent, they would become arrogant because they had a bit of success at a young age.

“Do others know that you’re an alchemist?”  Bai Jin Yi asked an irrelevant question.

“I’m not silly.”  Ye Yu Xi rolled her eyes at him.

“It’s good that they don’t.  On the Purple Cloud Continent, there is no shortage of talent, but what is lacking is a safe environment for talent to grow up in.”  Bai Jin Yi said something that Ye Yu Xi couldn’t understand at all. These words were not just said for Ye Yu Xi, Bai Jin Yi was saying it to himself as well.

Ye Yu Xi gathered spiritual energy in her hand which turned into flames that entered the bronze cauldron.

Bai Jin Yi secretly shook his head as if he was dissatisfied with the flame formed from Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy.

Herbs were thrown into the cauldron by Ye Yu Xi one by one.

Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s actions, Bai Jin Yi rubbed his forehead.  With a hopeless expression he secretly thought: Does this girl not know alchemy or is she just teasing me!  I really don’t know how she refined those half finished products from before. There is a sequence even in cooking, not to mention that refining medicine is several times harder.

As expected, in less than two seconds.


The bronze cauldron slightly shook as the spiritual energy within the herbs lost control.  Without the protection of the chaotic space, this was the first time Ye Yu Xi’s refining had ended in complete failure!

Ye Yu Xi looked angry, clearly she was very dissatisfied with her own refining!  She had thought that without the protection of the chaotic space, she wouldn’t be that lacking, but it seems that she was wrong!

She looked over at Bai Jin Yi leaning against a tree, looking like he was watching a good play with his evil expression, “Teach me.”

“Try refining the herbs one by one before trying to combine them.  With your method of alchemy, it’s already lucky that the pill didn’t explode.”  Bai Jin Yi had a leaf in his mouth. He gave a few simple instructions and did not plan on personally teaching her.

Ye Yu Xi followed Bai Jin Yi’s instructions, refining the herbs one by one before combining them.  As expected, she did not immediately fail like before. When she placed the final herb in, Ye Yu Xi’s controlled flame slightly danced and an instability appeared in the cauldron’s temperature.  From this instability, the spiritual energy leaked out and Ye Yu Xi failed again.

For the entire afternoon, Ye Yu Xi continued to refine.  When early night came, she finally succeeded. The colour was not milky white like the waste before, but rather it was a faint lavender colour.

Bai Jin Yi walked behind Ye Yu Xi and was about to reach out his hand.

“You’re not allowed to touch me”!  Ye Yu Xi’s slender brows knit.

You can’t do whatever you want just because I can’t beat you!  This was Ye Yu Xi’s true thoughts.

“Alright.  Let’s head back.”  Bai Jin Yi finally no longer had a leaf in his mouth and had a blade of grass instead.

Silently walking with Ye Yu Xi, Bai Jin Yi’s heart was slightly surprised.  Although he kept calling Ye Yu Xi very dumb, he was very clear in his heart that Ye Yu Xi was a genius.  Alchemist, the most expensive occupation on the continent, not only because of the harsh conditions on becoming an alchemist, it was also because it was very difficult to refine pills.  For most people, if they could succeed once every month when they began learning how to refine pills was already considered very good!

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