Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 555

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Chapter 555: Five year appointment (Part 2)

“I’ve long heard that the Blue Jade Peak’s sect master hasn’t been well lately, how is the sect master?  Why don’t we see them?” Li Peng Pu acted like he didn’t know anything as he looked at the elders in front of him.

“The sect master indeed hasn’t been well lately, it’s not convenient for them to meet guests.”  The fourth elder looked at Li Peng Pu in front of him with a faint smile on his face.

Li Peng Pu saw the other side’s face and his heart became more complacent.  He looked at the Mingyue Sect disciples standing behind him, “I forgot to introduce everyone.  The ones behind me are some of the juniors our Mingyue Sect has cultivated over the past few years.  Qiong’er, Leng Qing, Xiu Cheng, why aren’t you greeting the elders?”

“Jia Qiong greets the elders.”

“Fang Leng Qing greets the elders.”

“Song Xiu Cheng greets the elders.”

The three spoke at the same time.  After they spoke, they stood behind Li Peng Pu without making a sound.

“Jia Qiong…….”  The fourth elder used his spiritual energy to check Jia Qiong’s cultivation and he was a bit surprised.  That Jia Qiong’s cultivation was actually in the seventh spiritual level! Although it was in the early 7th spiritual level, with her age…..

Four years ago, Jia Qiong still had no fame, but in a short few under the training of the Mingyue Sect, she firmly sat in the position of the Ice Mist Country’s number one genius.

“These elders, we have already had our tea, isn’t it time to adhere to our five year appointment?”  Li Peng Pu looked at the Blue Jade Peak people in front of him. Although this was the Blue Jade Peak, the feel Li Peng Pu gave was like he was in the Mingyue Sect!


Ye Yu Xi looked over the situation with Bing Ya’s master’s body again and gave a sigh, “Bing Ya, your master has been poisoned.  It’s already been several days, so the poison has accumulated in her body.”

“It’s done from the inside?”  Dongfang Bing Ya looked at her.

The meaning in Ye Yu Xi’s words were very clear……

“Senior sister Bing Ya!  Senior sister Bing Ya! The elders want you to quickly head to the training field!”  An outer sect disciple shouted from outside.

“Did something happen?”  Dongfang Bing Ya looked at the junior brother in front of her.

“The Mingyue Sect, the Mingyue Sect is here for the five year appointment.  There’s disciples with high cultivations like Jia Qiong and Fang Leng Qing.”  The outer sect disciple quickly said.

“You go first, I’ll come soon.”  Dongfang Bing Ya waved her hand, letting the junior brother leave first.

“Bing Ya, what is the five year appointment he just mentioned?”  Ye Yu Xi took out a Detoxification Pill and gave it to Bing Ya’s master.  The black lines on her head faded a bit, but they didn’t completely disappear.  It seemed like only a higher grade pill would work.

“I’ll come with you.”  Ye Yu Xi remembered Jia Qiong and Fang Leng Qing’s names, deciding that she wanted to see these two geniuses!


Dongfang Bing Ya led the way while talking to Ye Yu Xi, “The sect has many of our own businesses.  Other than the mercenary groups and outside shops I’ve mentioned before, there are some even more important ones which are mines.  There are iron mines, gold mines, silver minds, and some gem mines. Most of them are controlled by the royal family and the large sects.”

“Oh?  Then you’re saying the Mingyue Sect is here to steal things?”  Ye Yu Xi raised one brow. In her heart, she felt that things weren’t this simple.

“That isn’t everything.  In order to avoid large scale war between the large sects, a long time ago, everyone had already discussed this.  They would use competition to decide how the mines are divided and there would be one competition every five years.  The side that wins will receive more mining rights.”

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