Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 488

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Chapter 488: Huo Ling’s Motley Army (Part 2)

“Un?  New ability?”

Ye Yu Xi’s mind was moved.  Other than coming back at night, Huo Ling had been out all morning for the past few days.  He even ate less herbs.

“Huo Ling.”

Ye Yu Xi used her detection technique in her mind.  This ability could find Huo Ling and she strangely knew it.

“Master?  What is it~~This treasure is busy.”

Huo Ling’s voice was actually a bit more mature!

“Where are you?  I have something for you to do.”  Ye Yu Xi said in her mind.

“This treasure is in the sky.  I’m teaching my little brothers.”  Huo Ling cutely replied.

“Little brother?  What little brothers?”  Huo Ling’s reply piqued Ye Yu Xi’s interest.

When did Huo Ling take in little brothers?

“Wu…..Master, wait in the yard, I’ll bring my little brothers over.”  Huo Ling said this and said nothing else.

Ye Yu Xi walked into the yard.

After a while, there were chirping sounds from above.

Ye Yu Xi looked up and Huo Ling fell from the sky, landing on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

Behind Huo Ling, there were hundreds of birds flying in the air.

“Un?  Huo Ling, these birds are your little brothers?”

Ye Yu Xi’s pupils became a bit bigger.

“That’s right.  They will listen to what Huo Ling says.  Master, I’ll demonstrate for you.” Huo Ling flapped his wings in a profound manner.

Ji, ji, cha, cha!

Huo Ling called out into the sky.

Those birds hovered for a while before coming down and standing relatively far from Ye Yu Xi.

Although the birds listened to Huo Ling, this was still a bit terrifying for humans.

When these birds fell, Ye Yu Xi saw what kind of birds they were……

Sparrows, magpies, swallows, and golden orioles…..There were even a few pigeons in there.

There wasn’t a single one that was a spirit beast!

“Huo Ling, these are the little brothers you were talking about…..”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the group of birds in front of her…..She was speechless in her heart.  This…..What was there to train!

“That’s right, master.  Look at how many kinds there are!  I’ve given them a beautiful name, they are called the Motley Army!”  Huo Ling said in a show off voice, “Master, how about it? This treasure is so smart, thinking of such an appropriate name.”

Ye Yu Xi: ……

“Little dumb bird, you’ve been busy with this lately?”

Long Xiao Pang’s voice came from behind Ye Yu Xi.

Long Xiao Pang came out of the hall and looked at the group of birds, pursing his lips.

“Humph!  What about it!  They are very obedient!”  Huo Ling heard Long Xiao Pang’s tone and was immediately dissatisfied.

“What use is there if they’re obedient, do they have any battle strength!”  Long Xiao Pang was unwilling to show any weakness.

“They can fly.  Master, let me show you.”  Huo Ling angrily flew off Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

Ji, ji, cha, cha.

With a few calls from Huo Ling, the several hundred birds flew together with Huo Ling, tightly following behind him.

Ji, ji, cha, cha.

Huo Ling called out a few times in the air before turning a corner.  The several hundred birds followed behind Huo Ling.

Ye Yu Xi looked up at this scene and a thought filled light flashed in her eyes.

“Huo Ling, come down.  Let me ask you something.”  Ye Yu Xi said in her mind to Huo Ling in a serious voice.

Huo Ling gave a sound of acknowledgement before falling down from the sky with the other birds.

“Huo Ling, these birds listen to you?”  Ye Yu Xi asked.

“That’s right, they listen to this treasure!”

“Can you make them not fear people?”

“Of course!  With this treasure here, they won’t fly away.”  Huo Ling confidently promised.

Long Xiao Pang looked at Huo Ling’s proud appearance and his heart was filled with dissatisfaction.  He said in a taunting voice, “Humph, it’s just a bunch of birds. They don’t know anything else other than flying.”

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