Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 487

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Chapter 487: Huo Ling’s Motley Army (Part 1)

After a while, Bai Jin Yi gave a sigh.

“Alright.”  After that, Bai Jin Yi’s body disappeared from the chair.

In the hall, it suddenly became silent.

She could hear the sounds of wind and bugs coming from outside.

Ye Yu Xi stood at the door for a while.  The sky gradually darkened before she walked out the door.

Looking into the night sky, there were layers of clouds in the sky.  There seemed to be an unspeakable pressure in the air.

“A storm is rising…..”  Ye Yu Xi stood by the door alone, muttering to herself as she looked into the night sky.

In that moment, it was very silent.


The capital city’s military camp.

Hong, hong, hong!

The torches blazed as the light shined down on their armour.  It cast a layer of red light over everyone’s faces.

“General, the fifty thousand troops have been gathered.”

A vice commander cupped his hands as he reported to Ji Chao Yuan.

“Good!  Send my order, set off.  The target is the Feather Wing headquarters!”


The fifty thousand swelled out of the royal capital military camp.

Ji Chao Yuan saw the wave of troops and a rage flashed in his eyes.  The veins on his large hands holding his sword popped out.


Feather Wing Mercenaries headquarters.

“Young miss!”

Ye Wen was panting as she jumped over the wall, falling into the yard.

“Ye Wen?”

Ye Yu Xi and Nangong Ying Xue sitting in the hall looked up and turned their gazes outside.

Ye Wen took a few steps to enter the room.  She had been using all her strength to run over, so her clothes were covered in sweat.

“Ye Wen, where’s Shi Qing?  He wasn’t with you?”

Ye Yu Xi knit her brows as she saw only Ye Wen coming in.

“Shi Qing?  He came back first with the fatty!”  Ye Wen was stunned.

“It’s fine.  What did you find following that person?”  Ye Yu Xi gave Ye Wen a cup of tea.

Ye Wen took a large mouthful to wet her throat.

“Young miss, it’s bad.  Ji Chao Yuan has moved the fifty thousand city guards, saying they’ll surround this village.  They are already on their way.” Ye Wen’s expression was very worried.

Fifty thousand city guards!

When Ye Yu Xi and Nangong Yun heard this number, their faces changed at the same time.

They never expected Ji Chao Yuan to be this daring.  Moving all these city guards without the emperor’s orders, this was already an offense he could be killed over!

“Ye Wen, rest up first.  There will be a battle to fight later.”

Ye Yu Xi saw that Ye Wen was still panting, so she threw two pills to her to let her recover her spiritual energy.

Ye Wen left.

“Big sister Yu Xi, with our bit of people, we can’t resist at all.”

Nangong Ying Xue’s eyes were filled with a deep worry.

Ye Yu Xi pursed her lips, standing there with ice cold eyes, not saying a single thing.

“Ying Xue, gather all the people who can write in the manor.  How many copies can you make of Ji Chao Yuan’s offenses?” Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes lit up.  Now that it had reached this point, they could only try recruiting soldiers.

Nangong Ying Xue nodded.  Although she didn’t understand why her big sister Yu Xi was doing this, since big sister Yu Xi said this, it must have some use.

“Huo Ling.”

Ye Yu Xi sent a message into the chaotic space inside her, but Huo Ling’s figure didn’t appear.

“Dragon master?”

Since Huo Ling didn’t answer, Ye Yu Xi called Long Xiao Pang instead.

With a wave of spiritual energy, Long Xiao Pang’s figure slowly appeared.

“Little girl, why are you calling me this late?”  Long Xiao Pang had a happy look on his face.

“Dragon master, where’s Huo Ling?”

“Huo Ling?  He left when you came back.  Before he left, I think he said he discovered a new ability?”  Long Xiao Pang shrugged his shoulders. He was filled with disdain over Huo Ling’s so called new ability.

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