Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 486

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Chapter 486: Bai Jin Yi’s task

Capital city, General’s Manor.

Ji Chao Yuan was sitting in the main seat in a full set of armour.  There was a heavy sword in hand and his helmet was to the side.

Inside the hall, there were three vice commanders sitting there.

The entire hall was filled with killing intent.


A guard quickly came in.

“Reporting to the general, there is smoke to the southwest of the city.”

Ji Chao Yuan’s eyes lit up and he waved his hand to let this guard retreat.  Looking at the three people in the hall, he said in a low voice, “Who knows what’s in the southwest?”

A vice commander stood up and cupped his hand, “Reporting to the general, this subordinate knows.  Seventy miles to the southwest, there are several villages. One of them is the Feather Wing headquarters.”

“Feather Wing…..It seems like the information from the seventh prince is true.  Send my order, the fifty thousand troops of the city guards will leave the city when it’s dark and surround Feather Wing!”



Two vice commander sent to send the orders.  There was one person who sat there without moving.

Only when the two other vice commanders left did this person stand up.

“General, this matter…..should it be reported to the seventh prince?  If the city guards are moved…..this crime could be punishable……”

“Punishable?  I have already sent people to the Spiritualist Guild to investigate.  Blood Enchantress is an assassin mercenary group, each one of them could be punished.  Feather Wing has made deals with the third prince, so even if we force them, the seventh prince will interfere.  There is no need to panic.”

Ji Chao Yuan’s heart was burning with the flames of rage, but he didn’t completely lost his reason.

“This is bad.  Fifty thousand city guards, the village is in danger!”

Ye Wen secretly listening on the roof was shocked.  Fifty thousand city guards, that was enough to take care of ten Feather Wing Mercenaries!


Ye Wen’s foot unconsciously stepped down and broke a roof tile.


The vice commander inside had sharp senses.  When the strange noise came from the roof, with a roar, he immediately chased after it.

Jumping on the roof, it was completely empty, not having a single shadow.

That vice commander leaned over and saw the broken roof tile.  He turned around and returned into the hall.

“General, someone was secretly listening to us.  It’s an expert, there was no trace left when I went out.”

The vice commander came back in with several broken roof tile pieces in hand.

“Humph!  Who cares if someone was listening!  Today, I will definitely wipe out Blood Enchantress!”  An aura was released from Ji Chao Yuan, forcing the vice commander back two steps before he could stabilize.

When Ye Wen knew that she had been found, she didn’t listen any longer.  She immediately used the Purple Lightning Technique and escaped the General’s Manor.

She flew out of the city.


The Feather Wing headquarters.

“Shi Qing, go and meet Ye Wen.  She’s not strong enough to fight General Ji yet.”

Ye Yu Xi thought about it before giving Shi Qing his task.


Shi Qing nodded in acknowledgement before heading out the door with an expressionless face.

“You’re very suited to becoming a general.”  Bai Jin Yi sat in a chair as he watched Ye Yu Xi giving orders in a calm manner before praising her.

“You’ve eaten free meals in Feather Wing for a few days, shouldn’t you help a bit?”  Ye Yu Xi stood by the door, asking without even turning around.

“Oh?  You need me to do something?”  Bai Jin Yi was a little surprised.  With this girl’s personality, she wouldn’t let him help.

Ye Yu Xi had her back to Bai Jin Yi as she revealed a smile, “Father Wing’s people are limited.  Something might happen to the old people or children, you should go and guard them.”

Bai Ji Yi: ……

Having the young valley master of the respected Medicine King Valley guard some normal people, only Ye Yu Xi could do something like this.

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